Divine Perception Chapter 3406

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“How about the confrontation between my Ye Temple and Spiritual God today?”

The indifferent voice resounded through the top of the 10000 gods. Although this voice was not loud, it had already shown Ye Shendian’s determination.

Even if Spiritual God snatched what belonged to them, Ye Shendian would go and get it back.

Hearing this, the first emperor, Wang Chuyi, and Crown Prince suddenly stopped, and their three people all moved towards Ye Shendian at the same time and looked over. This group of ants is really not worth seeing more .

However, this group of ants is really annoying!


The terrifying divine might, moved towards the place where everyone was in Ye Shendian shrouded in an instant.

When the divine might come, like heaven falls and earth rends, the complexions of the powerhouses in Deye Temple suddenly became extremely pale.

Ye Tianyi, Yu Great Desolate, Lin 7, and Sha Ben immediately stood in front of the powerhouses of Ye Shendian. As peerless powerhouses that have entered the ranks of giants, only they can barely resist the horror brought by True God. divine might.

But it was just barely enough, facing the half-step True God, they were still too far away!

However, despite the fact that Ye Tianyi and four people blocked this terrifying divine might in front, the other powerhouses in Ye Shendian still felt pressured, and the divine might came, making them impossible to move.


Suddenly, a mouthful of blood spit out from the mouths of the four Ye Tianyi at the same time, facing the True God for half a step. They couldn’t stop them just with this terrifying breath.

“3 people, too much!”

Dao Ancestor’s face was cold, and the terrifying aura was released, blocking the terrifying divine might and reducing the pressure on Ye Shendian.

The same is true for the 3 Great Dao who have entered the realm of Dao Emperor. For Ye Shen Temple, they must support!

“Hmph, even the real Spiritual God, shouldn’t be so overbearing!” The Immortal Queen also stood up, releasing the aura belonging to the Celestial Emperor.

For a time, giants such as Saint Race, Great Saint, Holy Spirit Old Ancestor, True Martial Institute Head, etc. also took action.

“Amitabha, Spiritual God should act for all living beings and be compassionate. It shouldn’t be so overbearing. How does this move differ from a tyrant?” The ancient Buddha brought the 4 Great Buddhas to the front, and at this moment was also supporting the Ye Shen Temple.

Seeing this scene, the eyes of Monster God 3 clan giants were extremely cold, but facing the giants who supported Ye Shendian, they disdainful smile, facing 3 half-step True Gods, even if these giants supported Ye Shendian, how about?

“Hehe, it seems that there are still many people in this world who want to provoke Spiritual God’s majesty!” Wang Chuyi faintly smiled, with a pair of god-like gazes looking around the entire top of the 10000 gods. Today, this place gathers the world. Qiang, he really wants to see how many people still want to jump out and fight Spiritual God?

“Is there anyone who wants to resist Spiritual God? Let’s stand up together!” Wang Chuyi’s god-like gaze was extremely cold.

“The two predecessors, since they have already arrived, why don’t you join me?” Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva’s immature face showed a smile, and he slowly took a step forward, already expressing his position.

Weng weng!

In an instant, above the clouds in the distance, Baidi and Mandi appeared.

As Celestial Emperor powerhouses who survived the last epoch, they have seen True God and heard preaching under the real divine throne. However, compared with the True God of the last epoch, the monster God of today’s monster 3 clan evildoers is 10000 So bad!

Even True God in the last era has never been so overbearing, and Monster God, who has not yet truly achieved True God, is so overbearing right now. Once they have achieved True God, they will treat all beings in the land of Gods and Demons. Is it really a good thing?

Seeing this, the Monster God Demon 3 giants are not surprised. These people who used to be close to Ye Han will now stand up to support Ye Shendian. They had already expected it!

At this moment, in terms of Divine Realm, in addition to the Four Great Giants of the Yeshen Temple, there are 12 giants in the Divine Realm that support Yeshen Temple.

There are also four giants such as the Great Demon Saint, Great Saint, Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva, Baidi, and Barbarian Emperor, and there are nineteen giants who support Ye Shendian.

With the addition of the Four Great Giants of the Yeshen Temple, a total of 23 giants stood on the same boat to fight Spiritual God together!

Such scenes would be extremely terrifying if there was no half-step True God born in the Continent of Gods and Demons!

“These giants seem to be determined to resist the rule of Spiritual God!”

“Hmph, in the past, this force may indeed be called unrivaled beneath the heavens, but now my gods and demons continent has born a half-step True God, even if they twist into a rope, but facing 3 half-step True God, is that useful?”

Everyone on the summit of 10000 God sneered at this scene, opposing Spiritual God, it was act recklessly!

“Hehe, do you still challenge True God?”

Crown Prince sneered and took a step. How about the 23 giants supporting Ye Shendian? How can they be afraid?

At this moment, the monsters of the Monster God 3 family of giants have amazing power surging. Once the three and a half True Gods choose to start, they will not be idle. Since these people have chosen to oppose the rule of Spiritual God, this is today. For the True God ceremony, let’s commemorate it with the blood of many giants!

Anyway, these people who oppose the rule of Spiritual God, they have to get rid of it sooner or later!

As for getting rid of these giants, how much turbulence will it bring to the Continent? Even facing the Foreign Race Invasion in the future, how big a crisis will God and Demon Continent face? Under the trend of interest, they have hardly considered the consequences!

“Amitabha, I am not waiting to rebel against the rule of Spiritual God. Since the three have entered the realm of True God, they should take all beings in the world as their responsibilities, and they should not be the work of Spiritual God!” He Shi, said earnestly.

“Hmph, this World, only the strong can make all the rules, and now, the three of me are Spiritual God, then the rules of this World are made by us, even if it is a force, what can you do? God Now that the three of me are allowed to enter the realm of Spiritual God, the three of me can represent the heavens and Heavenly Dao, and you, rebelling against the Spiritual God, are rebelling against Heavenly Dao. If so, then you group of ants should accept Spiritual God’s trial!” The Crown Prince said with a cold face.

“Now, are you giving you a chance to resist the rule of Spiritual God? Or conform to Heavenly Dao?” Wang Chuyi said lightly.

“Hehe, it’s a representative of Heaven and Heavenly Dao. It’s the first time I have seen such a thick-skinned person in Heavenly Burial. If the future of the Gods and Demons Continent really wants to survive under your rule, then this World will be far away from destruction Not far away!”

In the twilight, a cold laugh came from the distant clouds.

The eleven giants of the human race, under the leadership of the half-step True God, have arrived one after another.

The divine might belonging to the half-step True God was also released from Cangtian Burial, and the giants were like Spiritual God descended from the sky.

The first emperor, Wang Chuyi, and Crown Prince three people squinted their eyes. Today, the only person who makes them somewhat dreaded is Cangtian buried!

As for Ye Han, they are already not in their consideration!

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