Divine Perception Chapter 3407

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Cangtian Burial led the tycoons of the human race to come, and they appeared on the side of Ye Shendian without any hesitation.

Today, whether Cangtian Burial is for the Human Race, or for the Cang Clan’s future status in the Divine and Demon Continent, or for the sake of the entire Divine and Demon Continent, she must choose to stand on the side of the Ye Shen Temple and jointly resist the Monster God and Demon 3 Clan. .

Cangtian Burial is very clear, at first, she did not choose to stand on the side of the Monster God 3 clan. Once the True God ceremony is over, the first emperor, Wang Chuyi, and Crown Prince will break away from True God in half a step and become True God. .

Then, when the time comes, the first emperor 3 is afraid that she will be buried in heaven.

After all, in the eyes of the first emperor and the 3 people, there is only one Cangtian Burial that can pose a threat to them in the Divine Demon Continent today. Cangtian Burial is not on the side of the Monster God Demon 3 clan, it can only be destroyed!

Therefore, Cangtian Burial can only choose to stand on the side of Ye Shendian, with the power of the giants, to compete with the Monster God demons 3.

“The Terran Giants are here!”

Everyone on the summit of 10000 gods watched the burial of the heavens leading the human giants to come to the summit of 10000 gods.

At this moment, in terms of the human races of Divine Realm and South Divine Realm, the giants of these two regions have chosen to stand on the side of Ye Shendian, and there are more than 2 giants in total.

The monsters of the Monster God 3 clan giants have cold eyes, and now more than two-thirds of the giants have stood up against the 2 half-step True God in the Gods and Demons Continent. Such actions are completely trampling on the 3 half-step True God. The majesty.

“Hehe, it’s all here, great!”

On the summit of 10000 gods, the first emperor, Wang Chuyi, and Crown Prince wandered down the steps in front of the grand palace, looking at the more than 3 giants who stood up for the temple of Ye Shen on the summit of 10000 gods The strong, their faces have not changed much, but the divine might that covers the entire 30 gods’ summit has become more and more terrifying, even those strong who are not targeted by this divine might feel His soul was trembling.

“3 It seems that God is about to do it. There will be a turmoil in this True God ceremony today!”

“Hmph, the tycoons of Divine Realm and South Divine Realm are a bit too arrogant. Gods Vestige has appeared in this era. Even if they don’t want to be ruled by Spiritual God, they shouldn’t make trouble in this True God ceremony. Right now, Spiritual God is angry. Even if there are more than 30 giants in Divine Realm and South Divine Realm, they would never want to stop Spiritual God from getting angry!”

“Spiritual God is angry, when the time comes, they should know what price it will cost to provoke Spiritual God, huh, a group of old guys who are self-proclaimed cannot accept the advent of the new era. They should be eliminated. The mainland needs the protection of Spiritual Gods, not them.”

“A group of Old Antiques that can’t protect the living beings of my God and Demon Continent, they can’t even protect my God and Demon Continent, and they dare to provoke the majesty of Spiritual God, it’s act recklessly!”

The powerhouses on the top of the 10000 Gods express indifference. As they have made up their minds to support Spiritual God, they naturally can’t understand Divine Realm and South Divine Realm’s giants rebelling against Spiritual God.

“City Burial, do you really want to stand on the opposite side of the three of me?” The First Emperor said indifferently, staring at Cang Tian Burial.

“I’m sorry, people who walk different paths cannot make plans together!” Cangtian burial coldly said; “The three half-step True God, this matter is indeed a major event for the celebration of the whole world, but the original intention of the three is really for the gods and demons continent ?”

“Hehe, very good, in that case, today I am on the top of 10000 gods, then I, Wang Chuyi, will come to learn and teach you the power of this half-step True God!”

Wang Chuyi walked out with a smile, the horror divine might spreading from his body has enveloped the heavenly burial.

The entire sky has been shaken even more!

“My Cangtian Burial also has this intention!” Cangtian Burial slowly walked out, fearless, although today facing three and a half True Gods, but Cangtian Burial has no choice, and always face to face. Correct.

Seeing this, everyone on the summit of 10000 God stared at this scene nervously, half-step True God shot, it is bound to be heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, they represent the most powerful force under the sky!

“This is a bit of a mess!” Yun Family Old Ancestor and other powerful forces who used to be close to Ye Han have complicated eyes, but now this kind of scene, the collision between the giants and the half-step True God, they are even qualified to intervene. nothing.


Two horrible divine might collide. Under the gaze of everyone on the summit of 2 gods, Wang Chuyi and Cangtian Burial stood proudly above the clouds. Both of them had different divine lights erupting. There is no confrontation yet, just under the collision of this divine might, the void on the summit of 10000 gods has cracked a terrifying abyss!

The power of Spiritual God is terrifying!

The power possessed by the giants of the world cannot be compared with them at all!

“Then, you people who resist Spiritual God, let you feel the power of Spiritual God!”

At this time, the first emperor and the crown prince were confronted by more than 2 giants in Divine Realm and South Divine Realm. The terrifying divine might that spread from the two of them has already won the Divine Realm and South Divine Realm 30. Many giants are all over.

“Amitabha, it seems that I am really going to compete with Spiritual God today!”

The ancient Buddha sighed, and the compassionate face immediately turned into an angry Vajra, just like an angry Buddha, to let go of his compassion and slaughter the world.

At this moment, the giants of Divine Realm and South Divine Realm looked solemnly, one after another amazing mighty power has spread all over the void.

“Hmph, just rely on you, is it worthy to compete with Spiritual God?”

In an instant, the first emperor and the crown prince under the crown prince made two shots at the same time, and the palms of the two moved towards the sky, and then fell, suddenly, this sky seems to be coming down in an infinite oppression, in the middle of the suppression, Divine Realm and Nan The faces of more than 2 giants in Divine Realm changed, and they stepped back a few steps on the summit of 2 gods.

Within a single thought, more than 30 giants were suppressed. This scene was extremely shocking.

“Is this the power of Spiritual God?” Everyone on the summit of 10000 gods looked shocked. Spiritual God was furious and shocked more than 30 giants. This kind of power can indeed be called a god!

“Hmph, these guys who resist Spiritual God, finally know how far they are from Spiritual God!”

“Rebelling against Spiritual God, they are looking for a dead end!”

Above the sky, at this moment, he was fighting against Wang Chuyi’s Cangtian Burial’s cold eyes, and against the three and a half True Gods. With the power that Divine Realm and Southern Divine Realm have now, it is indeed a bit too reluctant.

At this moment, the faces of more than 30 giants in Divine Realm and South Divine Realm are extremely ugly, and their eyes are even more shocked. Only half the power of True God makes them feel a little desperate!

“Hmph, against Spiritual God, do you have that qualification? I am giving you a chance, acknowledge allegiance Spiritual God, wait for your life!” The First Emperor said coldly.

Hearing this, the giants in Divine Realm and South Divine Realm were silent.

“Hmph, don’t acknowledge allegiance, then destroy it!” Under the Crown Prince killing intent, the endless divine might grandiose was released, moving towards more than 30 giants once again shrouded.

At that moment, the entire top of 10000 Gods trembled crazily.

Everyone is indifferent and resists Spiritual God, which is the ending.

“Bang bang bang bang, bang, wonderful, really wonderful!”

However, just at this moment, a person who made everyone unexpected appeared.

The first emperor and the Crown Prince under the hegemony moved towards the distant Yundian at the same time. Their eyes narrowed into a line immediately. Why did he come?

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