Divine Perception Chapter 3408

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Why is he here?

The first emperor and the Crown Prince 2 looked at Yundian in the distance, and the appearance of the other party made them unexpected.

In an instant, I heard the sound of clapping hands and applause, and the sound of talking from Yundianzhi in the distance. Everyone on the entire 10000 Summit of Gods moved towards the place where the sound came from and looked over.

Including Cangtian Burial, Wang Chuyi, Monster God, the three giants, the Central Divine Realm and Southern Divine Realm all looked over.

At the next moment, when the white clothed youth appeared on the top of the cloud and walked towards the silhouette of the 10000 God’s summit and came into their sight, many people on the entire 10000 God’s summit were stunned.

Even the many giants in Divine Realm and South Divine Realm were stunned. They didn’t expect that at this time, Ye Han, who had gone to 9 Lei world, would magically appear on the top of this 10000 god!

“It’s Ye Han, he’s here!”

“It is indeed Ye Han, but is it useful for him to come to the summit of 10000 Gods now? Facing 3 half-step True Gods, even Ye Han has a strategic withdrawal today!”

“Yes, even more how, the Central Divine Realm and the South Divine Realm should not have resisted the rule of Spiritual God. The appearance of Ye Han can’t change this outcome. The era of Spiritual God has come, and everyone under Spiritual God should acknowledge allegiance. With Spiritual God, we believe in Spiritual God, so that we can reproduce the glory of the last epoch. Only Spiritual God can protect us!”

“Yes, and the last time the 3 gods came to Ye Shen Temple, Ye Han didn’t even have the courage to face the 3 gods. What’s the use of his appearance now?”

“The era belonging to Ye Han has long since passed. Now that Spiritual God appears, he should have abdicated. Even if he doesn’t want to, he is already on the side of the 3 and a half True Gods today, even more how, Can he protect us instead of Spiritual God?”

On the summit of 10000 God, the voice of discussion, with the appearance of Ye Han, one after another.

“Why did this fellow Ye Han come?” The human giants looked surprised.

“How come this kid is back at this time!” Daozu sighed. Right now, the Monster God demons 3 clan evildoers have entered the realm of True God, and all of them are not the opponents of these 3 half-step True Gods, Ye Han appears now. Once these three half-step True Gods are going to hit Ye Han ruthlessly, when the time comes, they can’t stop them.

“Hehe, it’s really time for this kid to come, but he really shouldn’t have appeared at the top of 10000 gods today!” Celestial Emperor and the others bitterly laughed.

Baidi and Mandi glanced at each other, their eyes were complicated. Today, they are at the top of the 2 gods, except for the demon Saint Race, Great Saint, and the powers of Ye Shendian. Only they know that Ye Han will come to this 10000 god today. The top.

And they know that since Ye Han has chosen to come, then this matter will definitely not stop easily!

However, with the half-step True God power of Monster God, the evil 3 monsters, how can Ye Han contend?

“Why did this guy come back, and he still appeared here?” Cang Tian Buried beautiful eyes was surprised. The senior leaders of the Divine and Demon Continent knew that Ye Han had gone to 9 Lei world. In everyone’s eyes, Ye Han went to 9 Lei world even if it was safe and sound. , It is absolutely impossible to return to the Divine Demon Continent in a short time.

“Come back!” Beautiful eyes flickered after Immortal Ice. She still remembers Ye Han’s gamble with her when she left the land of the gods and demons. Once Ye Han returns safely from 9 Lei world, then she will have to take the rest of her life , Leave it to him!

However, although Ye Han is back now, Immortal Ice is not happy, because today at the top of 10000 Gods, the terrifying 3 half-step True Gods are all Ye Han’s deadly opponents. Once they want to attack Ye Han , These 10000 gods will probably be the end of Ye Han Legendary’s life!

“Hmph, really is a big blessing, he went to the 9th Lebanon world, and he could come back alive!” The Monster God 3 giants looked cold, but what about Ye Han’s return? The 3 half-step True Gods are already on the top of the Gods and Demons Continent, and Ye Han has to step aside now.

“Hehe, it’s just right to come back. It’s better to take this opportunity to get rid of all the people who resist Spiritual God!” The Demon Race giant said with a cold laugh.

Above the clouds in the distance, Ye Han stepped towards the top of the 10000 gods.

At this moment, the terrifying divine might that enveloped the entire 10000 gods’ summit has gradually disappeared. Since Ye Han is here, then the first emperor, the first king of the first king, and the crown prince will certainly give Ye Han a chance. .

In the past, Ye Han stepped them under their feet. They have not recovered this shame.

And now, since Ye Han is here, it’s time for them to get everything back!

“Ye Han, didn’t expect that today, at the top of 10000 gods, you will come too!” The first emperor, Wang Chuyi, and Crown Prince descended on the three divine thrones, looking condescendingly. Ye Han who came here.

“A group of false gods of the immensity of heaven and earth dare to hold the True God ceremony. Your cheeks are really thick enough. However, how can such lively scenes be without Ye Han?”

Ye Han walked slowly in front of the giants of Divine Realm and South Divine Realm. His gaze scanned the audience, and finally fell on the three first emperors. Seriously, if it weren’t for the Xuanmen world to be killed by the three first emperors Take it away, Ye Han will never come here to waste time.

Although the achievements of the first emperor and the 3 people are very high, how can Ye Han look at him? Ye Han is not even afraid of God, will he be afraid of a few false gods who are inferior to God?

“Ye Han, you are impudent. Today is the major event of the 3 gods ascending to the throne. How can you make trouble here, facing the 3 gods, you should put away the arrogance in your heart, now this era, no longer It is the age of you Ye Han alone, but the age of Spiritual God. As a person under Spiritual God, you should bow your head!”

The Monster God 3 giants stood up with a cold face. The mighty power belonging to the giants had already enveloped Ye Han.

“Hmph, impudent? People under Spiritual God?” Ye Han smiled coldly; “A group of a frog in well, don’t you find it too ridiculous and pathetic to say this?”

“Hehe, they are ridiculous and sad?” Wang Chuyi sat high on the divine throne; “Ye Han, you are too ignorant of current affairs. Do you think you are stronger than Spiritual God today? You may ask the world. People, they now believe in Spiritual God? Or are you Ye Han?”

“Hehe, isn’t it? It’s just a bunch of ants. Who do they believe is related to Ye Han?” Ye Han faintly smiled.

Hearing this, these 10000 gods have already believed in Spiritual God at the moment, and the faces of all parties who regard Spiritual God as the future hope of the gods and demons are a little unsightly.

“Hmph, Ye Han, you used to be the Number One Person of my god and devil continent, but now the 3 gods are stronger than you, you should accept this fact.”

“Yes, Ye Han, 3 divine ability acknowledge allegiance in the future? Can you? The era that belonged to you is already over, now you should abdicate. Once, 3 divine ability acknowledge allegiance was under you, now, Why can’t you accept the acknowledge allegiance under the 3 gods?”

“Hmph, a person who can only live in the past glory, what qualifications does he have to compare with the 3 gods?”

“Ye Han, although the 3 gods took some things from your Ye Shen Temple, the 3 gods are also for the future of my gods and demons continent. 3 divine ability to take things from your Ye Shen Temple, you should feel honored!”

On the summit of 10000 Gods, all the powers in the world spoke one after another, spurned Ye Han, and even some forces that were close to Ye Shen Temple fell to the side of the 3 Gods, targeting Ye Han!

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