Divine Perception Chapter 3409

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On the summit of 10000 Gods, all the powers in the world began to cast aside Ye Han, as they had already regarded Spiritual God as their faith and believed in Spiritual God.

I don’t want to see anyone provoke the majesty of Spiritual God, let alone see anyone resist Spiritual God.

In the eyes of these people who believe in Spiritual God, Spiritual God is the future of the Gods and Demons Continent. Rebelling against the Spiritual God is to oppose the entire world and be trapped in the future and distress of the Gods and Demons Continent.

“Ye Han, acknowledge allegiance Spiritual God, today at the top of 10000 gods, you can’t fight Spiritual God, even more how, Spiritual God can protect my gods and demons continent. You can’t do this at all, you can’t Guard us, only Spiritual God can guard us!”

“Yes, if Spiritual God is able to Guardian God, we believe in Spiritual God. If someone resists Spiritual God, then they are enemies of the world!”

“Spiritual God takes things from your Ye Shen Temple. That is the glory of your Ye Shen Temple. For the people of the world, is it possible that your Ye Shen Temple is unwilling to pay for this?”

Listening to these voices spitting Ye Han from all directions on the top of the 10000 gods, the complexions of Ye Shendian Zhu Qiang have become increasingly ugly.

Ye Han has a heart for the world, but how does the world treat him now?

The giants of Divine Realm and South Divine Realm are silent. Although they are also angry at these guys who are in the heat, but now the Monster God Demon 3 clan has won the hearts of the people, and the general trend, even if it is justified, the tongue of the world is enough. Submerged.

The first emperor, Wang Chuyi, and Crown Prince sat high on the divine throne. They sneered at Ye Han who was cast aside by everyone.

Ye Han was once so dazzling. Almost everyone in the world regarded him as the hope for the future of the Gods and Demons Continent. At that time, Ye Han was pushed to an unattainable height by the world.

But the current Ye Han was pulled from the highest position by these people again. The higher he stood at the beginning, the heavier he fell now!

Except for those who still firmly choose to stand on Ye Han’s side in the entire 10000 Gods, almost everyone is spurning Ye Han, and the Monster God 3 giants are also sneered at the moment.

Facing the verbal criticism of the world, what can Ye Han do now?

“Oh!” Yun Family Old Ancestor and the others sighed, the sound coming from here also made them very unfair!

“A bunch of bastards!” Lin 7 and the others clenched their fists, wishing to kill.

“Today’s Continent of Gods and Demons is no longer worth his protection!” Zhuge Prajna glanced at Ye Han’s back. Ye Han once had his heart to fight for the Continent of Gods and Demons, but after today, I am afraid this belief Ye Han’s heart has already begun to shake.

“Are you finished?”

Ye Han expression was calm. Although there was an unpleasant sound hiding the sky and covering the earth, it still didn’t change Ye Han’s face.

Hearing this, the voice of spurning Ye Han on the summit of 10000 gods gradually stopped, and Ye Han was staring at 1000 to 10000 cold eyes. They appeared here today to criticize Ye Han. That is It represents the people’s view of Ye Han.

“Now that I’m finished, it’s my turn, right?” Ye Han glanced calmly across the 10000 God Summit.

“Hmph, Ye Han, what do you have to say now? Rebelling against Spiritual God? Do you have that ability? If you really have the ability to fight against Spiritual God, when the 3 gods came to you Ye Shen Temple to take away the mysterious world, why did you shrink Dare to show up?” Someone said disdainfully.

“Hehe, it really is a group of thankless wretches who are not well-bred, and a group of a frog in well viewing the sky from the bottom of a well. You believe in this so-called Spiritual God. Ye Han, I really don’t have any opinions, even more How, are you people worthy of Ye Han’s protection? Why should I, Ye Han, protect you?”

“I, Ye Han, owes you? Or should I, Ye Han, do this? A group of humble ants, always thinking about letting others guard you, do not want to make progress. Are people like you worthy of being guarded? What do you have? Qualified to let people guard you?”

“What Ye Han I want to protect is those who are worthy of Ye Han’s contribution. What are you guys? Why do you judge Ye Han? Are you stronger than Ye Han? Are you qualified to judge Ye Han?”

Ye Han’s voice was cold and tough, resounding through the entire 10000 summit.

The face of the person who spurned Ye Han just now turned red.

The giants of Divine Realm and South Divine Realm are now relieved. These selfish and selfish guys are not worthy of being guarded. Ye Han’s words are correct.

“Hmph, Ye Han, now the land of gods and demons does not need your protection. You don’t want to protect us, and there are 3 gods who are willing to protect us. We believe in 3 gods, not you, Ye Han. Now you are not qualified. Come to protect us, there is a Spiritual God, and my God and Demon Continent will be glorious for 10000 worlds!”

Someone said strongly.

“Hehe, the guardian of the 3 gods? I’m afraid the real danger will come, the so-called Spiritual God in your mouth, let alone guarding you, I am afraid that they can’t protect you, but now all of this has nothing to do with me, Ye Han. But, 10000000, don’t judge me Ye Han, because I’m Ye Han, not your group of ants can judge.”

“Hmph, ants, we are ants, then what are you Ye Han? When the 3 gods came to your Ye Shen Temple, you didn’t even have the courage to face the 3 gods. You are now in the eyes of the 3 gods, aren’t you ants?”

“Hmph, a group of a frog in well, if it weren’t for my Temple Lord, I went to the world for your future survival space for your group of ants a year ago, you think my Temple Lord would even face these 9 false gods Don’t you have courage?” Lin 3 looked towards the audience with disdain.

Hearing this, many people on the summit of the 10000 gods were shocked. Ye Han went to the 9 Lei world a year ago?

“Impossible, Ye Han is absolutely impossible to go to 9 Li world, this must be the excuse Ye Shendian is looking for.”

“Yes, it’s an excuse, Ye Han, you didn’t have the courage to face the three gods and that’s all, you even made up such a crude excuse.”

“Hmph, an excuse?” Holy Spirit Old Ancestor said with a sneer; “Now that there are 4 giants, who does not know that Ye Han went to the 9 Lebanon world a year ago? Ask the Spiritual God you believe in. What is this excuse? Or is it fact?”

Hearing this, many people on the summit of 10000 looked towards the first emperor 3 people.

“Hmph, excuse, if the emperor hadn’t personally gone to the 9th world to delay the time of Foreign Race Invasion, the land of the gods and demons had already acknowledged allegiance under the iron horse of the alien race six months ago, but for you group of ants , The emperor really disdains to explain anything.”

As soon as Ye Han said this, everyone on the top of the 10000 gods was shocked. Did Ye Han really make such a contribution to the land of the gods and demons?

However, now they are firmly on the side of the 3 gods, even if Ye Han said the truth, for their respective faces, they will continue to choose to believe in the 3 gods.

“Hmph, Ye Han, even so, you shouldn’t resist Spiritual God, even more how, we didn’t ask you Ye Han to enter the 9th world.”

“Yes, all of this is voluntary by you, so what do we have to do?”

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