Divine Perception Chapter 3410

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“You voluntarily entered the 9 Lebanon world. No one is forcing you at this point. What does it have to do with us?”

“Ye Han, even if you entered the 9th Lebanon world a year ago and delayed the time of Foreign Race Invasion, but you should not resist Spiritual God now. In the future, Foreign Race Invasion, my God and Demons continent can contend with foreign races. The only one who is strong is Spiritual God, don’t you know that?”

“Ye Han, now that you are rebelling against Spiritual God, you are opposing the people of the world. You have made contributions to the land of the gods and demons. Why can’t you contribute once, acknowledge allegiance 3 gods?”

On the top of the 10000 gods, various voices one after another.

At this moment, even Buddhism’s super temperament bosses can’t wait to slap those guys who tend to be inflamed to death.

Ye Han went through all the dangers for the Divine and Demon Continent, and bought precious time for the Divine and Demon Continent.

However, all of what Ye Han did was worthless being trampled on by these people.

“A bunch of ants, shut up to the emperor!”

Suddenly, a voice resembling Nine Heavens Divine Lightning resounded through the top of the 10000 gods. In this voice, there was infinite coercive aura, as if the sky was suppressed, making everyone feel infinite pressure.

Even the first emperor, Wang Chuyi, Crown Prince, and Cangtian Burial, who have entered the half-step True God realm, felt a strange aura. This coercion seems to be… no longer weaker than them. !

In an instant, with this terrifying voice, the voice on the top of the 10000 gods stopped instantly.

At this moment, Ye Han is angry like a murderous god. Those dark eyes make everyone who comes into contact feel that his Divine Soul is trembling. Ye Han at this moment is very terrifying, just like a Great Desolate beast about to get angry.

“Ye Han, you had enough trouble today, and it should be over now!”

At this time, on top of the three divine thrones, the first emperor, Wang Chuyi, and Crown Prince stood up.

After watching the play for so long, it’s time for them to come forward.

Regarding Ye Han, they must get rid of today. Whether it is because of past grudges or threats brought by Ye Han, they will not allow Ye Han to continue to live. Once Ye Han becomes True God in the future, then add a heaven Burial will pose a huge challenge to the status of their three people in the continent of Gods and Demons.

Therefore, Ye Han must die now, as today, the general trend is already on the side of their three people. Ye Han has been spurned by everyone. Now is the best time to get rid of Ye Han. Now that Ye Han is killed, everyone in the world will applaud. Applauded.

As the first emperor 3 stood up, the terrifying divine might spread out from them again, moving towards Ye Han.

Seeing this, more than 30 giants in Divine Realm and South Divine Realm have stepped forward at the same time. For Ye Han, they must support. In their view, Ye Han is the hope for the future of the Divine Demon Continent.

Moreover, the Continent of Gods and Demons cannot be controlled by the first emperor, Wang Chuyi, and Crown Prince. Let them control the Continent of Gods and Demons. Then this World is really not far from being destroyed.

Even if Ye Han is not as good as the first emperor, but in the eyes of more than 3 giants in Divine Realm and South Divine Realm, Ye Han will surpass the first emperor sooner or later.

“Ye Han, hurry up, we stop these three guys. In the future, when you step into the realm of True God, or even surpass True God, you will surely be able to step on these three guys under your feet!” Celestial Emperor said solemnly, he didn’t want to It’s not worth it to see Ye Han die on the top of the 3 gods today.

hearing this, Ye Han, calm down, go? Since he came today, he never thought of leaving!

“Disciple, let’s go, I believe that you can surpass them one day as a teacher, and now is not the time to be arrogant!” Dao Zu also followed.

The ancient Buddha put his hands together and said, “Amitabha, Ye Benefactor, the overall situation is the most important thing. These three gods and me can also contend with one or two together. You don’t have to worry about the future of the gods and demons. You still need to carry it.”

“Let’s go, you are too reckless to come today, don’t worry, the bet a year ago, I’m cold 1000 Wu will not break my promise!” After Immortal Ice walked to Ye Han’s side, she looked at the first emperor with cold eyes 3 people.

“Father!” Ji 1000 Qiu and Ji 1000 look for siblings 2 people staring at Ye Han’s back.

Listening to these giants talking one after another, some sneers gradually sounded on the top of the 10000 gods.

“Hmph, facing the 3 gods, does Ye Han have a chance to escape today at the top of the 10000 gods?”

“Hmph, in the final analysis, Ye Han is always inferior to the 3 gods. Now he wants to escape. It is too late. Today he came to the top of the 10000 gods and will be doomed to die under the hands of the 3 gods.”

“Yes, the era of Spiritual God has come, Ye Han, the era that belongs to you is long overdue. The moment the 3 gods entered the half-step True God, you had already lost, completely lost to the 3 gods. !”

The people on the top of 10000 God looked at Ye Han’s silhouette and said with disdain.

Although they do feel that they owe Ye Han a bit, in order to please the 3 gods and for their future living space, today they must trample on Ye Han without a bottom line. Only in this way can they satisfy the 3 gods. They have stood wrong. After a team, this time must be unwavering.

Ye Han expressionless, under this focal point of ten thousands, he spoke again; “Today I came to the top of the 10000 gods, and I did see the disgusting faces of a group of ants, but it’s okay. Ye Han doesn’t care, everyone They have their own pursuits and have their own choices. However, this group of ants shouldn’t judge Ye Han. Therefore, from now on, in the Continent of Gods and Demons, Ye Han will only protect those who are worthy of Ye Han’s protection, the world. The life and death of people will have nothing to do with Ye Han in the future!”

Hearing this, many people snort disdainfully on the summit of 10000 gods, now there are 3 gods in the land of gods and demons, do they still need Ye Han to guard it?

In their opinion, Ye Han is no longer qualified to guard them.

“Hehe, from now on, Ye Han, do you think you have a future?” Wang Chuyi said coldly with a smile.

Ye Han said in a tranquil voice; “I Ye Han said yes, then there must be, now, hand over the things that belong to my Ye Shen Temple, and I will leave immediately!”

“Ha ha ha ha, Ye Han, are you too whimsical? You made such a rude request.”

“Ye Han, why do you want the 3 gods to hand over? Do you have that qualification? even more how, 3 gods did not speak, can you leave the 10000 gods summit?” Many people looked at Ye Han with sarcasm. .

The first emperor 3 also laughed angrily because of Ye Han’s words.

Domination Crown Prince said coldly; “Ye Han, you want the three of us to hand over things, do you think you really have that qualification? Do you think you still used to be the Number One Person in the land of gods and demons?”

“Hehe, Ye Han, what will you do if we don’t make it?” Wang Chu teased one after another, saying with a smile.

“If you don’t, you have to die!” Ye Han slowly closed his eyes, but his words made the entire 10000 gods who spurned Ye Han laughed wildly.

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