Divine Perception Chapter 3412

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“Are you looking down on me?”

Ye Han frowns, with cold eyes looking at Crown Prince walking out alone, alone, these guys are more than looking down on him, dominating Crown Prince alone, it really makes Ye Han not even interested in hands-on.

If the three guys shot together, Ye Han would still be interested.

“Ha ha ha ha, this ignorant guy is so arrogant. Today, he and the three gods are no longer on the same level. The crown prince’s shot is completely enough to give him face. It’s damned to be so arrogant!”

“Act recklessly thing, you are facing Spiritual God, Spiritual God, do you know?”

“He is dead, he will die miserably, and if Crown Prince is overlord, he will surely be broken into 10000 pieces!”

The people who spurned Ye Han on the top of the 10000 gods laughed wildly. The arrogance that Ye Han showed invisibly made them unbearable. The Spiritual God they believed in was so despised by Ye Han, and they all desperately want it now. See the scene where Crown Prince abused and killed Ye Han!

Shook the head, has this guy really become so ignorant?

Dominating Crown Prince was indeed inferior to Ye Han in the past, but now, the opponent is already half-step True God. With such terrifying power, should Ye Han underestimate it?

“This guy!” The giants in Divine Realm and South Divine Realm bitterly laughed.

However, the current Ye Han is the real Ye Han.

The reason why Ye Han has such a side!

However, the power of True God is really not so easy to deal with!

“Things that act recklessly, before you die, make you arrogant once!” Monster God 3 giants sneered.

The first emperor and Wang Chuyi looked at each other. The former opponent has become so unbearable, and he is so proud in the face of the power he cannot defeat. Why should they care about such a person?

Comparing with such ignorant people is completely degrading their own identity.

They are now Spiritual Gods, and ignorant mortals shouldn’t care too much!

“Hmph, act recklessly, I will look down on you when I waited, so what can you do? But since the two of them hate to kill you, let this Crown Prince do it today. However, this Crown Prince has now changed his mind. Before you kill you, you must lose your face in front of the world!”

Domineering Crown Prince stepped down from the divine throne. With every step he took, the surging divine might on the top of the sky was a bit of terror. The crazy and shaken sky had become extremely riot at this moment. Up.

At this moment, this divine might shrouded Ye Han without a bottom line, as if to crush Ye Han to pieces.

“Hehe, after waiting for so long, I can finally see the moment when this ant was trampled under the feet by Spiritual God!” The people on the top of the 10000 gods looked expectant, they are now eager to see Ye Han under the control Crown Prince stepped on his feet, letting the arrogant Ye Han pay the heaviest price.

“Your Majesty!”

In the twilight, a voice like Spiritual God’s anger spread across the clouds, carrying a terrifying coercion moved towards Ye Han.

Ka ka ka ka!

In an instant, the void became fragile under the coercion, one after another cracks were like spider webs all over the surrounding void, everyone only felt under the pressure of Crown Prince, this A piece of sky will be broken easily.

And Ye Han, without any resistance, will kneel in front of everyone.

Let the world take a look at the shameful scene when this legendary genius of the gods and demons land ended!

“Your Majesty!”

In an instant, as the crown prince overlord spoke, many people on the summit of 10000 gods spoke at the same time. Their eyes were cold to the extreme, and these two words knelt down and resounded above the clouds.

Spiritual God wants Ye Han to kneel down!

Now, people in this world also want Ye Han to kneel down!

In this scene, it was as if Ye Han did something wrong, and everyone in the world wanted him to kneel down and admit his mistake.

At this moment, the endless divine might shrouded, although it was only aimed at Ye Han.

However, at the moment, the giants standing behind Ye Han are all feeling under pressure. Under the cover of that divine might, they will all be able to bear backwards.

Only Ye Han and Cang Tian Burial stood completely motionless.

“bully intolerably !”

The faces of the giants in Divine Realm and South Divine Realm are extremely cold. Is Ye Han wrong? That’s right.

He even made many immeasurable contributions to the Divine and Demon Continent, but now, these people actually want Ye Han to kneel down, and let the Number One Person of the Divine and Demon Continent kneel down. What a humiliation!

Ye Han’s face is also extremely cold, his eyes slowly sweeping over all the people on the summit of 10000 gods.

Make him kneel? Even if God was in front of him, he would not dare to say such shocking words!

However, the pseudo-god in front of him, as well as the group of ants who are eager for flames, made him kneel down!

At this moment, Ye Han’s anger could not be suppressed.

“You want me to kneel down?” Ye Han looked towards slowly towards his overlord Crown Prince, and then looked towards those who spurned him on the 10000 summit; “You want me to kneel down for this false god?”

“Hmph, the god wants you to kneel down, can’t it?” The infinite divine might enveloped Ye Han, dominating the Crown Prince with a face of dominance and gazes like gods, and walked towards Ye Han.

“Hmph, Ye Han, it is your honor to kneel to the Spiritual God!” The eyes of the people on the summit of 10000 gods were cold.

Hearing this, Ye Han laughed, that cold laughter, heaven-shaking, earth-shattering laughter, dark clouds of laughter rolling, and even more laughter, the rules between Heaven and Earth all rioted, and it was devastating. The breath suddenly gathered above the top of the 10000 gods, as if the entire top of the 10000 gods could be destroyed at any time.

“If you want me to kneel, what the fuck are you? What are you ants?”

“Okay, you want this emperor to kneel down and humiliate this emperor, then you should kneel down for this emperor first!”

“Your Majesty!”

The last two words are shocking and thorough. With these two words roaring out, the divine might that enveloped Ye Han, disappeared in an instant, disappear without a trace, replaced by a more vast and more terrifying The coercion enveloped the entire 2 gods.

At this moment, as the pressure descended, and he was walking towards Ye Han, Crown Prince’s face changed suddenly with a sneer on his face.

Because the pressure came down, it made him feel as small as an ant, as if he would be wiped out by this pressure at any time.


Next moment, under the gaze of one after another incredible gaze on the top of the 10000 gods, the Crown Prince fell to his knees at a distance of 100 meters away from Ye Han. With such strength, the earth under his feet was covered. Shattered!

This scene horrified the four parties, and the first emperor and Wang Chuyi, who were sitting high on the divine throne, stood up in horror.

Everyone on the top of 10000 God is even more shocked. Not knowing what to do, Spiritual God, how can you kneel down to Ye Han?

“This is the so-called Spiritual God?”

Ye Han raised his head, those cold eyes scanned the audience, and then he took a palm in the air, and directly slapped Crown Prince into the earth with a palm. Under that palm, the entire 10000 Gods summit was shaking. Up!

This tremor includes the hearts of everyone on the summit of 10000 Gods!

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