Divine Perception Chapter 3413

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The Spiritual God knelt down to Ye Han, shocking the people on the summit of 10000 Gods.

That is Spiritual God. Although it is only Demi-God, it is also Spiritual God. They represent the power of the pinnacle of the gods and demons.

In today’s world, I don’t know how many people believe in Spiritual God and regard Spiritual God as the faith in mind.

However, at this moment, their belief in mind was actually in front of the world, kneeling down in front of Ye Han, without any resistance.

Even after Ye Han’s terrifying palm shot Crown Prince into the ground, the souls of everyone on the top of the 10000 gods, including the Central Divine Realm and South Divine Realm behind Ye Han, trembled. .

This trembling made their hearts beat fiercely unable to bear.

No one thought that the Spiritual God, the Crown Prince, would kneel in front of Ye Han like this, like a dead dog!

In this scene, is Spiritual God too weak? Or is Ye Han too strong?

“This… how is it possible? How could Spiritual God kneel to Ye Han? How could Spiritual God be inferior to Ye Han?”

“Impossible, this must be an illusion. Is Spiritual God comparable to Ye Han? Will Spiritual God kneel down to Ye Han?”

in a flash, one after another Unbelievable, the unbelievable voice resounded through the entire 10000 summit of the gods, everyone stood up and watched the incredible scene in their sights.

At this moment, the trembling breath has been connected to the top of the 10000 gods.

All beings are shocked!

“Is this true?” The Southern Divine Realm human race giant was also shocked. Ye Han, who did not achieve True God, or even half a step of True God, had such a divine might under a roar. Can a half-step True God be brutalized to such an extent?

“This… is it really real!” The Celestial Emperor was no longer able to bear, with a violent tremor in his heart, exploding with a foul language.

“Hehe, this kid, really gave all beings a huge surprise. Before entering True God, they already have the strength to contend with True God!” Daozu laughed bitterly, but they were totally worried about Ye Han for nothing.

With Ye Han’s unrivaled beneath the heavens, how could you be afraid of three false gods?

“It’s no wonder that this kid dared to participate in this True God ceremony. It seems that when he returned, he didn’t put these so-called Spiritual Gods in his eyes at all. With the power he showed at this moment, it was enough to be equivalent to True God. Up!”

Baidi and Mandi glanced at each other, and surprises appeared in their eyes.

Monster God, the demons of the 3 tribe of evildoers, their current half-step True God strength, has been equivalent to the 5 great divine envoys that once really divine throne had.

And Ye Han is stronger than them, comparable to the Spiritual God of the previous era!

“This man, his progress is so fast!” Cang Tian’s expression trembled and looked at Ye Han’s back walking out. Once again, she felt infinite pressure from Ye Han. No wonder the other party was indifferent just now!

“Anita Buddha is not a Spiritual God, but a Spiritual God. Ye Benefactor is really the blessing of my god and devil continent!” Gu Buddha looked relieved.

“Hehe, it should be those three false gods now, as well as this group of ants who tend to be inflamed, it’s time to tremble!” Holy Spirit Old Ancestor said with a look of relief.

“No wonder Palace Lord wants us to come to this True God ceremony, because these 3 false gods are like ants in his eyes!” Ye Shendian Zhu Qiang looked excited, and they were also very relieved.

Just now the 3 gods oppressed Ye Han and degraded Ye Han, and the group of ants who believed in True God humiliated Ye Han and trampled Ye Han’s dignity wanton. Now, do they dare?

Even the Spiritual God they believe in is impossible to withstand a single blow in front of Ye Han at this moment, just like an ant.

Now, who is the ant?

Who is the real Spiritual God?

The answer is self-evident!

“Why didn’t you say that this guy has such a powerful strength!” The Queen of Undead Bing was bitterly laughed, but at the moment the figure of the man really gave her a different feeling, and fascinated any woman on the top of 10000 gods. !

Monarch Overlooking The Whole World, just this!

“Ha ha ha ha, a group of ants, now, do you still dare to jump? Whoever is brave enough to stand up for Lao Tzu, today Master 7 must cut off his head!” Lin 7 laughed wildly up to the sky, suffocating just now. Qu, finally because of Ye Han’s counterattack, it was wiped out.

Hearing this, at the moment still on the summit of the 10000 gods in horror, those who spurned Ye Han and humiliated Ye Han were horrified.

Their bodies and souls were shaking violently.

Ye Han is even scarier than Spiritual God, but what did they do just now?

Cast aside someone stronger than Spiritual God!

Humiliate someone stronger than Spiritual God!

Do they have that qualification? No, not like 10000.

However, they did, and did a stupid thing that would be laughed at by posterity!

More importantly, they completely offended Ye Han in order to maintain the Spiritual God in their hearts. Once Ye Han asked them to settle accounts, the result would be a very scary thing to think about!

And even if Ye Han didn’t ask them to settle the accounts, in the future Foreign Race Invasion, there will be no Ye Han guardian stronger than Spiritual God, can they survive?

At this moment, infinite fear has occupied the depths of the hearts of all those who spurned Ye Han and humiliated Ye Han just now, making them completely not knowing what to do!

At this moment, the monsters of Monster God 3 clan giants were equally astonished. They had already achieved a half-step True God dominance under Crown Prince, and they were stepped on by Ye Han.

Humiliated Ye Han? Who humiliated whom?

The faces of the First Emperor and Wang Chuyi 2 were stiff. If you observe carefully, you will find that a trace of fear is already emerging in the depths of their eyes!

Because they did not expect that they, who have achieved half a step in True God, face Ye Han, still so impossible to withstand a single blow.

They regard Ye Han as an ant, think Ye Han is no longer worth their shots, and think Ye Han is already not in on the same level as them.

These words, thinking about it now, are something that makes the world laugh.

“Spiritual God, is this the so-called Spiritual God?”

At the summit of 10000 gods, Ye Han walked out, all beings trembled and shocked. At this moment, on the summit of 10000 gods, no one dared to speak.

Because that is a person more terrifying than Spiritual God, who has the courage to humiliate as before?

Now, it is not the three so-called Spiritual Gods that dominate the lives and deaths of the entire 10000 gods, but Ye Han, a god who is stronger than the Spiritual God!

“If this class of ants is the so-called Spiritual God, then, what is this emperor?” Ye Han’s eyes were extremely cold; “Just now you asked this emperor to kneel for this false god, is he qualified to let this emperor kneel for him? Are you qualified to order this emperor to kneel down? Now, do you want the emperor to kneel down yourself, or do you do it yourself!”

In a word, on the top of the 10000 gods, all the people who castigated Ye Han just now did not hesitate. They all moved towards Ye Han with horrified faces and knelt down. Their trembling bodies showed their inner fear at this moment. And uneasy!

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