Divine Perception Chapter 3414

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On the top of the 10000 gods, all the people who spurned Ye Han knelt down at this moment, they were like trivial ant, they dare not speak!

I can only kneel on the top of these 10000 gods tremblingly, because they are wrong, they are very wrong, and they are extremely stupid!

Now, it will be time for them to pay for their mistakes, for their stupidity!

This scene is extremely spectacular, but also dispelling.

There are 1000 to 10000 powerhouses on the Continent of Gods and Demons, kneeling down to Ye Han. Even in the face of Monster God and the evil spirits of the 3 clan, this group of people has never bowed down before!

“Hmph, a group of short-sighted ants, just your group of a frog in well, just your group of frog in well, 7 even if he kills you now, I feel dirty with my hands!” Lin 7 said coldly.

“Hehe, he is a man of ants, but he actually laughed at the people standing on the sky. Your courage is really big. Now, I want to know if you still have the face to live?” Chu Hui looked at the group with disdain Keep quiet out of fear, knelt down like ants, now, this group of ants should know how ignorant they are, so stupid!

Hearing this, all the people kneeling on the top of the 10000 gods blushed at this moment. Although they feel very humiliated now, they dare not have any resistance, even more how, they cannot refute it.

After all, they are the real ants, and they have done a stupid thing that made the world laugh!

“Hmph, the old saying goes; creatures with no power still unable to live without a purpose, but in the eyes of the emperor, you really don’t even have the qualifications to be ants, because ants know awe and gratitude, but you don’t, so From today onwards, the emperor will no longer guard you. Facing the alien race, whether you are dead or alive, are you implicated in the 9 races, or blood flowing into a river, none of this has anything to do with the emperor!”

Ye Han’s eyes were cold, and then he looked towards Crown Prince who was slapped into the earth by his palm like a dead dog; “Spiritual God, are you a Spiritual God? Why is your so-called Spiritual God so impossible to withstand A single blow? If you want me to kneel, who gave you such courage? If you want to kill me, who gave you such courage?”


Dominating Crown Prince felt the greatest humiliation in the history of life. He struggled to stand up, but the bones of his whole body, lying in the ground, were crushed by the palm of Ye Han just now. He was simply impossible to move.

“Hmph, humiliation? It seems that you are very happy to humiliate this emperor just now. Since you want to humiliate this emperor, then this emperor will return it to you, and you want to kill this emperor even more, then this emperor will kill you now! “

After speaking, Ye Han slowly raised his hand.

At this moment, all the people who were kneeling on the trembling Divine Soul on the top of the 10000 gods lifted the head. Is that terrifying young man about to slaughter the gods?

The faces of the monsters of the Monster God 3 clan have changed wildly, especially the powerhouses such as Monster Race. It is not easy for Monster Race to have an existence that can enter True God. If it is slaughtered by Ye Han, then all the hopes of Monster Race are Will be gone.

“Hmph, death cannot wipe out the crimes!” Ye Shendian Zhu Qiang was coldly snorted.

The giants of Divine Realm and South Divine Realm have not stopped. If Ye Han is not strong enough today, I am afraid that the person who has suffered humiliation now and is about to lose his life is Ye Han.

In the eyes of those who spurn Ye Han, it is enough to have 3 guardians of the Divine Realm, but for the giants of Divine Realm and South Divine Realm, Ye Han is enough for the Divine Realm and the other wild ambitions. The false gods do not need to exist.

Because of their existence, they will only bring disaster to the Divine and Demon Continent!

Ye Han used to let out of the Xuanmen world to enhance the strength of the beings on the Gods and Demons Continent, and made huge sacrifices to fight against the alien races, but how did these people return Ye Han?

To snatch the Xuanmen world, now it is even more fiercely to humiliate Ye Han, and even to kill Ye Han.

Without the generosity of Ye Han, can these people achieve such an achievement now?

Since it is a thankless wretch of wild ambition, what do you keep?

“Ye Han, stop!”

Suddenly, Monster Race Most Holy, and two newly promoted Monster Race giants of the Holy Path Realm stood up one after another, and they looked at Ye Han who slowly raised their hands with amazement.

“Stop it? Are you qualified to let the emperor stop?” Ye Han’s eyes were cold; “Just now you wanted to kill the emperor, but now the emperor wants to kill you but you are here to stop it. Really, the emperor is very patient to continue playing with you. Go down?”

“My Monster Race is wrong!” The Most Holy body trembled.

Ye Han said with a sneer; “Wrong, I wonder where is your Monster Race wrong?”

The sage trembling and closed his eyes; “Ye Shendian let go of the mysterious world, giving me Monster Race a chance to improve my strength. My Monster Race should not to forget favors and violate justice. This is a mistake, I am improving. After power, my Monster Race should not covet things from Ye Temple. This is 2 wrong. Today at the top of the 10000 gods, my Monster Race should not attack Ye Palace Lord. This is 3 wrong.”

“Hmph, since the 3 errors are superimposed, it is such a big mistake, then why do you want the emperor to stop?” Ye Han said coldly.

“I beg Ye Palace Lord for mercy, take care of the next life, this saint… I wish one life for another life!” Monster Race the holy sage said tremblingly, Monster Race is no match for Ye Han, and now he can only exchange it in this way Ye Han’s forgive me!

Hearing this, 10000 people on the summit of God are all moved!

“Hmph, one life for another.” Ye Han coldly smiled; “However, in the eyes of the emperor, your life is not as precious as his, so the emperor does not agree.”

“Ye Han, you don’t want to be bully intolerably, you and I are both standing on the top of the Gods and Demons Continent now, why bother to kill each other like this? I will join forces in the future to deal with foreign races, wouldn’t it be better? !”

Wang Chu said one after another with an ugly face.

Ye Han is going to kill the hegemon now, so Ye Han will definitely take them.

Now Wang Chuyi must find a way, even if he loses his face for this, he will not hesitate to lose face, it is more important than losing his life!

Hearing this, the giants in Divine Realm and South Divine Realm looked coldly towards Wang Chuyi, who is it bully intolerably? Who is going to kill each other?

Who is the one who caused the result today?

In the final analysis, it is because of these three false gods. If they hadn’t provoked the matter with one hand, the current gods and demons continent is still in the camp of unity of all living beings. How could it be all split up and in pieces as it is now?

“Hehe, bully intolerably? Killing each other?” Ye Han impudent smiled; “Wang Chuyi, your face is really thick enough. In order to improve your strength, this emperor does not hesitate to put aside prejudices, but in the end how did you return this emperor? Is it the emperor that is bully intolerably? Or do you group of ants think highly of yourself?”

“Ye Han, although we are wrong, do you really want to kill us all? Killing us, once Foreign Race Invasion, how can you contend with your own strength?” First Emperor coldly said.

“Hehe, why did the emperor fight against the alien race? Whom they want to kill when they invaded the land of the gods and demons, and how to kill it is related to the emperor? But you reminded the emperor that since this ant has paid the price, you still stand and do Oh, kneel down for the emperor!”

There was a roar, the clouds shook, and the infinite coercion moved towards the first emperor and Wang Chuyi 2 people shrouded.

At that moment, under everyone’s horrified gaze, the First Emperor and Wang Chuyi both knelt down without any resistance.

So far, the 3 gods have been completely suppressed by Ye Han!

Monster God 3 family expression horrified.

“Hmph, rubbish, just like your rubbish, dare you to hold a True God ceremony? Still dare to call yourself Spiritual God?” Ye Han waved, and the first emperor and Wang Chuyi immediately flew out, just like two rubbish. Not worth mentioning in front of Ye Han!

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