Divine Perception Chapter 3415

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In an instant, both the First Emperor and Wang Chuyi were hit hard, spit blood flying upside down.

As Spiritual Gods, they represent the supreme power and the highest status of the gods and demons continent in the hearts of people all over the world.

However, in front of Ye Han, they are rubbish!

Trash still dare to call himself Spiritual God? Isn’t this ridiculous?

At this moment, seeing the three gods being suppressed by Ye Han in an all-round way, the last hope in the hearts of those who spurned Ye Han at first was also destroyed.

At first, Ye Han only crushed the Crown Prince. Although Ye Han has shown great power, there are still two spiritual gods, the first emperor and the first king.

Therefore, the people who spurned Ye Han at first still have a glimmer of illusion in their hearts. Once the first emperor and Wang Chuyi jointly stepped on Ye Han, they can still watch Ye Han as if they were looking down.

After all, they have completely offended Ye Han today, and they have also lost their face in front of the people of the world. If mountain road twists around each new peak, Ye Han would in turn be suppressed by the first emperor and the first day of the king. , Then, what happened today at the summit of 10000 gods can be rewritten.

But now, facing Ye Han, the first emperor and Wang Chuyi are still unable to withstand a single blow, so that the only thought in everyone’s heart on the summit of 2 gods is shattered!

After today, the historical records of the Continent of Gods and Demons will definitely record the scene that took place today on the summit of 10000 Gods in the annals of history, and future generations will laugh at them.

“Trash, people like you are also worthy of being called Spiritual God? And they are worthy of holding this True God ceremony?”

On the summit of 10000 God, Ye Han had a cold face, but compared with these ants, who could not compete with him in strength, Ye Han really couldn’t take much interest in the first emperor and three.

The higher you stand, there are now no opponents of Ye Han in the Continent of Gods and Demons. Only the gods of 9 Li world can be Ye Han’s opponents.

To Ye Han, the first emperor and the three are just a group of a frog in well viewing the sky from the bottom of a well. Their eyes are too short. Only when they step out of the land of the gods and demons can they know the vastness of this world. Only to know that Spiritual God is not the most powerful force in this World.

Seeing that the three Spiritual Gods believed in the Continent of Gods and Demons were so easily stepped on by Ye Han, the people on the top of the 3 Gods were already shocked and horrified.

However, everyone understands the fact that after today, even if there is a true True God born in the Gods and Demons Continent, they may not necessarily be the most powerful people in the Gods and Demons Continent.

Because Ye Han has not entered the realm of True God, he already has the strength to contend with the ancient gods and demons.

In the future, even if True God is born on the continent of Gods and Demons, there will be a special existence, Ye Han!

A perverted existence that can be compared with True God before entering True God!

“Hehe, this group of ants should understand now, who is the real strongest person in the Gods and Demons Continent, and who is the real master!”

Looking at the silent peak of the 10000 gods, the powers of Ye Shendian smiled coldly. After today, there will be Ye Han in Ye Shendian for one day, so no one can shake Ye Shendian’s position in the land of the gods and demons.

However, after today, Ye Shendian will no longer fight for the beings of the Gods and Demons Continent, because the sentient beings have abandoned Ye Han.

Abandoning Ye Han can be forgiven, but what they did is not only to abandon Ye Han, but also to humiliate, slander, and spurn Ye Han. What they did to this man who once made great contributions to the gods and demons continent is all Can’t be forgiven.

In the future Ye Shen Temple, there is only one goal, fight for Ye Han, live for Ye Han!

On the top of the 10000 gods, except for those who always chose to stand on Ye Han’s side, those who spurned Ye Han at first knelt on the ground, and everyone bowed their heads.

The three Spiritual Gods are so weak in Ye Han’s face, what qualifications do they have to cast aside and taunt Ye Han?

Now, Ye Han does not ask them to settle accounts, it is their only wish!

Seeing the first emperor and Wang Chuyi, who were seriously injured with a decadent face, stood up, the faces of the giants of both god and demon race were ugly to the extreme. Today, it was originally Monster God who surpassed the top of the gods and demons in one fell swoop. Day of Daqing.

However, it was the appearance of Ye Han that shattered the dream of Monster God!

“Why, dissatisfied?” Ye Han expression coldly, the deep unwillingness on the faces of the first emperor and Wang Chuyi 2 showed their dissatisfaction in their hearts.

“Ye Han…”

The faces of the first emperor and Wang Chuyi were distorted. They have worked very hard. Why? Why is it still not as good as Ye Han? Still have to be trampled by Ye Han? Are they destined to live in the shadow of Ye Han all their lives?

“Ye Han, why? Why don’t you enter True God, but you have the same power as True God, we…not accept it!” Wang Chuyi’s face was sullen and twisted.

“Hmph, dissatisfied?” Ye Han said with a sneer; “Since dissatisfied, then this emperor will give you a chance to be convinced, Monster God Demon 3 clan, let you go together, it is your ability to kill me Ye Han .”


At this moment, the Monster God 3 clan giants who have tolerated Ye Han for a long time roared out this way is full of endless killing and killing. Monster God 3 clan, more than ten giants moved towards Ye Han one after another.

Including the first emperor and Wang Chuyi with a hideous face.

In an instant, the terrifying aura that ruined Exterminating Heaven and Earth was surging on the entire top of the 10000 gods. This world-like power was all moved towards Ye Han.

“Hmph, a group of trash, no matter how many you have, it is still rubbish. In my Ye Han’s eyes, you are no different from rubbish!”

The icy voice fell, Ye Han also took action, facing the monster God more than ten giants, as well as the power of the first emperor and Wang Chuyi, two half-step True Gods, Ye Han stepped forward, and the shocking power fluctuation spread. Come.

Ye Han’s palm was held high, and then under the focal point of ten thousands, at the moment Ye Han’s palm fell, 3 giants of the Monster God 5 clan were killed instantly.

Others, as if was struck by lightning, spit blood flying upside down went out.

Facing Ye Han, they couldn’t even contend with a single move. Even if there were 2 half-step True Gods, they faced Ye Han as rubbish.

Seeing this scene, whether it was the person who spurned Ye Han at first, or the person who stood by Ye Han from start to finish, all expressed shock.

The power Ye Han has now is beyond words to describe!

“The 10000 ancestral realm, perhaps, this realm that no one can step into since ancient times, this kid can really achieve it!”

The expressions of Baidi and Mandi were shocked. Ye Han now possesses power comparable to True God, but they all know that Ye Han has not done his best. Once Ye Han does his best, he must surpass True God.

And beyond the power of True God, only the 10000 ancestors that no one has ever stepped into since ancient times!

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