Divine Perception Chapter 3416

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Under the palm of a palm, more than a dozen giants of the Monster God 3 clan were directly killed by a spike, and the rest were seriously injured.

The first emperor and the king of the first two people were hurt and hurt, and there was no more power to fight!

In the face of Ye Han, the strongest group of Monster God Demon 3 clan shot together, and they are all like ants in front of Ye Han.

Moreover, this is only Ye Han’s random shot, not at all using real Xeon power. Once Ye Han is a little serious, then just now there are more than ten giants in the Monster God 3 family, as well as the first emperor and the first day of the king. 2 people are already in hell!

“10000 ancestral realm, Ye Han, this kid definitely has a chance to make a breakthrough!” The shocked faces of Baidi and Mandi also flashed a touch of affirmation.

Ye Han is already terrifying at Celestial Emperor Peak, possessing the same powerful power as True God. Once Ye Han enters True God, that power is unimaginable!

“Now, are you served?”

Ye Han looked coldly towards the first emperor and the first two people who are no longer able to fight; “Spiritual God? Just a bunch of ants, just because you are also worthy to hold this True God ceremony? Don’t you think too much? Irony, is it too ridiculous?”

The first emperor and Wang Chuyi two people looked decadent.

“Now, do you hand over the things from my Yeshen Temple?” Ye Han took a step, an astonishing hostility enveloped the entire 10000 gods, making everyone tremble.

Once Ye Han gets angry again, as long as he is a single thought, everyone on the top of the 10000 gods today will be wiped out!

“Fin, Ye Han, let’s do it!”

The First Emperor said this sentence with difficulty, and was severely injured under Ye Han’s hands, making him feel like he was on the verge of death.

At the next moment, that picture of beauty had already separated from the body of the first emperor and appeared in front of Ye Han.

And the beauty on the portrait is naturally a thousand dances after being immortal!

Ye Han handed over the profound door world to the Ye Shendian powers, and then he coldly said with a smile; “A group of miserable wretch, if at first you handed over the things from my Ye Shendian, how could it be so troublesome? Are the things in my Yeshen Temple so easy to get? Now that this account is over, let’s calculate another account.”

Having said this, one after another amazing murderous intention surging out of Ye Han’s body, has formed a big net in the sky of 10000 God’s Summit, as if it can be accurate as long as Ye Han a single thought Kill anyone.

Feeling this, the faces of the Monster God 3 giants changed wildly.

A look of horror flashed across the faces of Wang Chuyi and the first emperor, because they all knew that with Ye Han’s personality, once he moved the killing mind, he would definitely kill!

And who is Ye Han going to kill? This is no longer a matter of guessing!

“Ye Han, are you really going to kill them all?” the first emperor said coldly. Although they all regret it now, they are now useless.

“Hmph, kill me?” Ye Han said with a sneer; “You all wanted to kill me just now, now I want to kill you, too much? Since you all want to kill me, you have to be prepared to be killed , And your group of ants, didn’t you just clamor to kill me?”

Ye Han’s gaze looked towards all those who were kneeling on the top of the 10000 god.

At this moment, these people’s bodies tremble more severely, and they have knocked their heads on the ground.

At this moment, they are also fearful and regretful.

But is regret and fear useful now?

If you did something wrong, you should have paid the price!

“Ye Han, you want to kill us now. Are you afraid that we will grow up and become stronger than you after half a step of True God? If so, you Ye Han will also only this, because you are afraid, you I’m afraid we will be stronger than you after we achieve True God!”

Wang Chuyi also coldly said at this time, and now in order to survive, he will do whatever it takes to find a way to survive.


The giants in Divine Realm and South Divine Realm looked at Wang Chu one after another with disdain. Will Ye Han be afraid? What if these people have achieved True God? After these people achieve True God, Ye Han is afraid that he has already entered the realm of True God.

At that time, Ye Han’s power will completely surpass True God. With such power, will Ye Han be afraid of True God?

“Hehe, it seems that in order to survive, these guys really don’t even have their faces!” Lin 7 sneered.

Ye Han also sneered and moved towards Wang Chuyi and looked over; “You said I am afraid, are you afraid of you? What are you? Even if you have achieved True God in front of my Ye Han, you are still ants, you are still Rubbish.”

“Hmph, since you think we are ants and rubbish, do you dare to gamble? Do you dare to give us a chance, if you do not dare, it means that you Ye Han is afraid of us, afraid that we will achieve True God in the future , Trample you under your feet!” Wang Chu continued to say bright light glittering in his eyes.

“Hehe, excite me, but it’s a pity that Ye Han doesn’t eat yours.” Ye Han sneered; “A group of a frog in well, have you seen power beyond True God? Have you defeated a foreign god? Have you killed an alien god?”

The first emperor said, “Ye Han, we really didn’t do what you said, but did you Ye Han?”

“Hmph, a group of idiots, were as famous as you at the beginning, now thinking about it, it is really Ye Han’s biggest shame, but if you want a chance, I can give you a group of ants a chance.” Ye Han looked towards those kneeling The people on the earth said, “Don’t they respect you as Spiritual Gods? Don’t they believe in you? Don’t they think that you can protect them in the future? Well, I will give you the opportunity. In the future Foreign Race Invasion, I want to see you. How do these so-called Spiritual Gods guard them?”

“Ye Han, do you really give us a chance?” The eyes of the first emperor and Wang Chuyi were bright.

At this moment, even those kneeling on the ground have lifted the head. If Ye Han really gives the first emperor 3 opportunities, even if the first emperor 3 enters the realm of True God in the future, it will still not be Ye Han’s opponent, but their If the three people join forces, wouldn’t the three True Gods still beat Ye Han?

More importantly, they completely offended Ye Han today, and in the future Foreign Race Invasion, Ye Han will no longer protect them, and their only hope is the first emperor 3!

“Yes, I give you a chance, because I really want to see, when the time comes, how desperate will you be when facing a foreign race?” Ye Han coldly said with a smile.

As soon as this statement came out, the eyes of the first emperor and the others burst out with a bright light of hope. As long as they can escape this catastrophe today, as long as they have the opportunity to advance to the realm of True God, they do not believe in the future 3 gods. Together, they are no match for Ye Han.

The complexion of the giants in Divine Realm and South Divine Realm has been slightly changed. Ye Han’s move is equivalent to let the tiger returns to the mountains!

Although the giants of Divine Realm and South Divine Realm know that Ye Han will definitely stand above the first emperor 3 in the future, the first emperor 3 is still not to be underestimated!

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