Divine Perception Chapter 3417

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“Disciple, be careful!”

Daozu spoke in a deep voice. In his opinion, even if Ye Han is strong in the future, he should not let the tiger returns to the mountains today.

Because of the future, no one knows what changes will happen?

The current first emperor and three people seem to have no chance to surpass Ye Han in the future, but who can tell this thing clearly, 3 one first emperor and three people will not only achieve True God in the future, but also surpass True God?

When the time comes, the dangerous person will be Ye Han!

“Teacher, it’s okay, just a bunch of ants, how about giving them a chance to grow?” Ye Han looked at the first emperor who rekindled hope and said with a sneer; “even more how, I really want to see the future Facing the Foreign Race Invasion, how should they deal with it? And this group of ants who believe in Spiritual God, I also want them to see the Spiritual God they believe in, and whether they can protect them in the future!”

Hearing this, the giants in Divine Realm and South Divine Realm were silent.

Although they still disagree with Ye Han doing this, Ye Han has already decided, and they have no choice!

“Ye Han, the gentleman said, I hope you don’t regret it!” The First Emperor said solemnly.

“Hmph, do you think Ye Han is the kind of villain who goes back on one’s word? Don’t compare it with you at 10000000, because you are not worthy, the opportunity, today I will give you Ye Han, and everything will become clear in the future!”

“However, if you don’t kill you, it doesn’t mean that Ye Han will just let it go. Moreover, in my opinion, you bunch of rubbish are really not worthy of hosting this True God ceremony.”

After the conversation, Ye Han’s sole stomped.

The next moment, The earth shook and the mountain quivered-like movement broke out in the entire 10000 gods summit, and everyone left the 10000 gods summit in horror at this moment.

Including the first emperor and the others as well as giants of various races.

Then, this magnificent 10000 gods’ pinnacle disappeared without a trace under the gaze of one after another’s astonishing gaze.

Only Ye Han, standing completely motionless in the wave of destruction, walked out step by step.

Accepting the gaze between Heaven and Earth.

“From today onwards, Ye Shendian will move out of Central Divine Realm and enter South Divine Realm. If you have this idea, I don’t think the masters of South Divine Realm will have any objections!”

Ye Han looked towards the giants in Divine Realm and South Divine Realm.

Ye Han has decided on this matter. In the future, the first battlefield of Foreign Race Invasion will be the Divine Realm. If Ye Shendian continues to persevere in the Divine Realm, he will undoubtedly face the foreign race.

Now that Ye Han has given the three ants a chance, they will naturally face the Foreign Race Invasion first in the future. Who makes people in the world believe in Spiritual God now?

Hearing this, the giants of South Divine Realm smiled at each other; “My South Divine Realm welcomes you!”

“Hehe, in that case, I will withdraw from Divine Realm from True Martial Academy today and establish a new True Martial Academy in South Divine Realm!” Holy Spirit Old Ancestor and True Martial Institute Head looked at each other and made a decision.

“From today, the 1000 Night Tower will withdraw from Divine Realm, and all branches will withdraw from North Divine Realm, West Divine Realm, East Divine Realm, and settle in South Divine Realm!” Undead Bing said coldly.

“Amitabha, Daozu, what do you think?” Ancient Buddha looked towards Daozu, Daomen and Buddhism are connected with Divine Realm 2 Old Daoist. Divine Realm has been persevering for 10000 years. Once a large migration, it’s not impossible. But it needs a settling time.

Dao Zu said: “The times will change after all. The future world will have the changes of Heaven and Earth turning upside down. This time, our Daomen will move from time to time and move out of Divine Realm!”

“Amitabha, this poor monk is too nostalgic!” Gu Buddha nodded slowly.

At this moment, these giants of Divine Realm, except for Dark God Palace, all chose to withdraw from Divine Realm.

You should know that if these giants choose to withdraw from the Divine Realm, the power of the Divine Realm will definitely drop sharply. On the contrary, the originally weak South Divine Realm will become the most powerful in the Five Great God Territories. local.

The world’s top powerhouse, more than 2/3 of the people will gather in the South Divine Realm!

Seeing this scene, the eyes of the people above the sky were shocked, and no one thought that the giants of Divine Realm would make this choice!

At this moment, some of the major Aristocratic families that had been close to Ye Han, such as the Yun Family in Sanzhou, have already begun to stir.

Even the big powers have chosen to move out of Divine Realm. As the person with the best relationship with Ye Han, they naturally have this idea now.

But none of this has anything to do with the Monster God 3 clan. Today they are able to survive under Ye Han’s hands is a very lucky thing.

In the Divine Realm, the giants withdrew. Divine Realm has little to do with them. Now Ye Han gives the first emperor 3 a chance to grow. They must seize this opportunity. In the future, they will not only step on Ye Han again, Let the world see that as Spiritual Gods, they are not only qualified for Guardian God.

More importantly, he will become the only Spiritual God believed in on the Gods and Demons Continent. As for Ye Han, he will be destined to be stepped on by them again!

Above the sky, Ye Han glanced at the first emperor and the others with a sneer, and then left straight away.

In the future, these idiots will know what a terrifying force they will face. By then, they should know how stupid they once were!

With the departure of Ye Han, the giants of Divine Realm and South Divine Realm have all left.

Now that they have decided to move out of Divine Realm, they naturally want to do this next.

“Ye Han, wait, you will definitely pay a heavy price for today in the future!” Wang Chuyi clenched his fists, the pair of vision was a little frightening.

Today, at the summit of these 10000 gods, it was supposed to be the day of Daqing when their 3 gods ascended to the throne and were believed by the world.

However, because of the appearance of Ye Han, their dreams were not only shattered.

3 Gods even lost their face in front of the people of the world, and even in order to survive, they used that vulgar way to arouse Ye Han. If they can’t stand on top of Ye Han’s head and rewrite this history, Then they will be laughed at by the world for 10000 years!

“The 3 gods, although Ye Han is strong today, I still believe in the 3 gods. Once the 3 gods become True God in the future, Ye Han will definitely be able to step on Ye Han, Yixue’s shame today!”

“Yes, Ye Han can be rampant for a while, but the impossible future of the Gods and Demons Continent is his own world, and I firmly believe that the 3 Gods will surpass Ye Han in the future and become the only Spiritual God in my Gods and Demons Continent!”

“We are willing to honor the 3 gods and serve the 3 gods. Please the 3 gods will step on Ye Han in the future!”

After Ye Han and the others left, these voices gradually sounded between Heaven and Earth. The people here now completely offend Ye Han. Now, they have only one way to go to the dark.

Moreover, Ye Han will no longer continue to guard them, their only hope is placed on the first emperor and the others.

Even more how, they also hope that the first emperor and the others can surpass Ye Han in the future and completely rewrite today’s history.

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