Divine Perception Chapter 3418

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Because today is not only the day when the first emperor and 3 people lose face, but also the most shameful time for people in the world!

Therefore, this history must be rewritten, otherwise they will lift the head, and even future generations will be laughed at!

However, once the Foreign Race Invasion is defeated by the first emperor and the three players in the future, I am afraid that this group of clowns will not worry about their face!

Once the first emperor and the 3 people could not stop the Foreign Race Invasion and the massacre of foreign races, then these people who believed in Spiritual God would put all their hopes on Ye Han.

But what would Ye Han do at that time?

However, in the eyes of the giants of Divine Realm and South Divine Realm, stupid people, they did stupid things, even if they paid the price of consigned to eternal damnation, that is what they deserve!

A farce that made the world laughter ended like this.

What happened in 10000 God’s Summit also swept the entire Divine Race immediately, even if Divine Race tried to stop the spread of this kind of news, they could not stop it.

And this spread is spreading towards the entire continent of Gods and Demons.

In a few days, what happened on the summit of 10000 Gods will spread all over the world.

Although most of the people are on the side of the Monster God 3 clan today, this ridiculous farce is destined to shock and tremble the entire continent of Gods and Demons!

But all this has nothing to do with Ye Han and the others.

In Divine Realm, Heavenly Dragon Holy City, Ye Shen Temple!

At this moment, all the giants in Divine Realm and South Divine Realm are gathered here.

Looking at Ye Han sitting on the main seat, the giants smiled, but they were still a little shocked. What happened at the top of the 10000 gods today made them all feel like dreaming.

They really did not expect that after going to the 9th world for a year, Ye Han had already terrifying to this point after returning.

Originally Ye Han appeared in the True God ceremony, and the giants of Divine Realm and South Divine Realm were extremely worried.

After all, the first emperor and the three are half-step True God, and it is not an exaggeration to call them the Spiritual God of this era.

Even if Ye Han has made progress this year, at most he hit Celestial Emperor Peak. He who did not get True God inheritance is absolutely impossible to enter True God within a year, even if it is half a step True God is also impossible.

Therefore, Ye Han appeared in the True God Ceremony to face the first emperor and the three giants. Divine Realm and South Divine Realm were extremely worried, and they were even prepared. Once the first emperor and three people attack Ye Han, Then they must work together to resist the first emperor 3 for some time, so that Ye Han has a chance to escape.

Even if Ye Han escapes into 9 Lei world, he is safer than staying in the land of Gods and Demons.

But in the end, they all discovered that the so-called Spiritual God, in front of Ye Han, is so impossible to withstand a single blow.

It is not too much to describe them by ants and garbage!

It made them worry about Ye Han in vain.

“Disciple, are you really going to give those three people a chance?”

Above the Palace Lord of Ye God, Dao Ancestor spoke in a deep voice. Although Ye Han had already expressed his attitude at the summit of 10000 Gods, Dao Ancestor was still a little worried. If Ye Han regrets this decision now, it’s still too late, even if the world is jokes Ye Han. There is no belief in words, but if these 3 potential threats can be eliminated, what if they are laughed at by the world?

Hearing this, other giants looked towards Ye Han.

“Hehe, Teacher, don’t you know me? Even more how, I don’t want to be the villain who goes back on one’s word!” Ye Han said with a faint smile, after leaving the land of the gods and demons for a year, I am back now Seeing these people makes Ye Han feel very kind.

Being in the 9th Lebanon world, after all, Ye Han is always vigilant and dare not relax.

“Ye Han, tell us honestly, which step are you now? True God?” Celestial Emperor looked at Ye Han and asked expectantly. The giants present were quite curious about this question, although they guessed that Ye Han was already Has the power of True God, but this answer has to be verified by Ye Han himself.

“True God?” Ye Han thought for a while and said; “I should be stronger than the True God of the last era.”

Ye Han’s words shocked the faces of more than 30 giants on the top of the winner’s hall.

Only Celestial Emperor peak realm, the power is already stronger than True God!

“Boy, do you take this seriously?” Baidi and Mandi were equally shocked. When they saw Ye Han’s strength at the summit of 2 God, they guessed that Ye Han could already compete with True God, but now Ye Han actually said that his power is even stronger than the True God of the last era. How can this be surprising!

“Celestial Emperor Peak, possesses a strength that is even stronger than True God, discipline, is this possible?” Dao Zu asked in shock.

“Speaking of which, it is indeed impossible!” Ye Han slightly smiled, and then he waved his hand, and on the main hall, 3 pictures emerged.

These 3 scenes are all scenes of Ye Han clashing with 9 world gods.

Among them, there are scenes of Ye Han beheading the Asura God, and there are also the scenes of beheading the Buddha of the Buddha, and there are also the scenes of Ye Han and Lanling teaming up to kill the 2 eyes of the Lord and the Underworld!

The terrifying force in the picture breaks through the starry sky, makes the sun tremble, makes the stars dull, and the aftermath force can kill several millions of people, the terrifying power of 10000000 million people, the souls of the giants of Divine Realm and South Divine Realm are trembling. stand up.

The alien powerhouses in this picture are terrifying to the extreme, at least, no one of the giants present dares to say that they can fight against such a powerhouse.

“That is the Asura God of the 9 Lei world, and the Buddha of Buddha!” ​​Baidi said in amazement. As a strong man who survived from the previous era, he certainly saw these alien gods in the battle of the two worlds. Past, and the powerful memory of these gods is still fresh.

“There are also 3 Eyes of God, Underworld God!” The Man Emperor also said in amazement.

Immediately, both of them looked towards Ye Han together. At this moment, they could no longer conceal the shock and surprise in their hearts, and they stood up!

“Ye Han, you actually killed the Asura God and the Buddha!”

Hearing this, the people present had a huge shock. The two terrifying powerhouses killed by Ye Han in the screen turned out to be the Asura God and the Buddha God of 2 Lei world. They existed on the same level as True God in the last era!

At this moment, the giants of Divine Realm and South Divine Realm no longer have any doubts about Ye Han’s words.

The power Ye Han has is even stronger than True God of the last era!

Cang Tian Burial was bitterly laughed, she knew that she could no longer surpass Ye Han in her life.

Now, even if Ye Han gave the first emperor 3 chances? What about their three people becoming True God in the future?

Facing Ye Han, they still have no chance of winning!

“I did kill them, not only that, 9 of the 9 great gods in the world of Lebanon have already died, this time returns to the world of 4 Lebanon, and I am going to kill a few more!” Ye Han said with squinting eyes, preaching the conference, That group of guys should have been arranged almost!

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