Divine Perception Chapter 3419

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Ye Han knows that the preaching conference made by the holy feather god, the dark god, the undead god, and the undead god is not that simple. This preaching conference is definitely for him.

With the greedy personality of the Holy Feather God and the others, if they want to hold a preaching conference, so that the strong of the 9 Lei world have the opportunity to be promoted to God, they will have done the major event of the 9 Lei world a long time ago, why wait until just now?

The reason why this preaching conference is held now is absolutely purposeful, and they are also impossible to pass on their lifelong cultivation experience to the world.

And even if they want to teach, they will only be absolutely impossible to the people of their own clan.

Therefore, returning to the 9th Lebanon world this time, Ye Han is about to face a formidable war. He wants to see what preparations have been made by the 4 Holy Feathers to deal with him?

However, now Ye Han has not only upgraded his realm to Celestial Emperor Peak, but also merged his two rule powers to form a powerful attack force.

And now returning to the Gods and Demons Continent has also elevated Zhushen 9 to the ultimate point of Ninth Transformation. Once Ye Han erupts under the power of Celestial Emperor peak realm, Ye Han will not worry about the four Holy Feather Gods.

“Ye Han, do you want to return to 9 Lei world?”

Above the Palace Lord, the giants of Divine Realm and South Divine Realm stared at Ye Han with bright eyes.

The power Ye Han has now really makes them extremely excited, but once Ye Han enters the 9 Lei world again, they can’t help but feel a little worried.

Ye Han nodded, said, “I came back to the land of the gods and demons this time because the three guys made too much noise. I have to go to 3 Lei world again, and I have a strong opponent in 9 Lei world. I must find a way. Get rid of him.”

“Is there a more powerful existence than you in the 9th Lebanon world? A more powerful person than God?” Celestial Emperor Xi asked in shock.

Baidi looked at Ye Han and said, “9 Li world is respected by the 9 great gods, and the 9 great gods should be the most powerful force in 9 Li world. Is there someone who is stronger than them?”

“In the past, it was indeed impossible to have a more powerful existence than the 9 Great Gods, but today is different from the past.” Ye Han shook the head, pointing to the scene of the Lanling God beheading the Underworld God and the 3 Eyes God, and said; I should have seen that he can also easily slay God. His strength has actually surpassed God and is stronger than True God of the previous era.”

Regarding the scene of the Lanling God beheading the Underworld God and the 3 Eyes God, all the giants present could see that the opponent is indeed very powerful, but Ye Han’s current strength has surpassed True God, can it not kill this alien strong By?

“This person should be the newly promoted God of 9 Lei world.” The barbarian emperor said solemnly; “Able to behead the 3 Eyes God and the Hades God, in terms of strength, this person does surpass True God, but with you brat The current power, even if it can’t kill him, should be both equally excellent, right?”

“Theoretically, this is the case.” Ye Han said; “This person is the new god of evil Spirit Race, named Lanling, and entered the 9 Li world. After I killed the Asura god, I dealt with the other 8 gods. I borrowed this person’s hand to get rid of 3 eyes of God and Pluto. In the end, I wanted to borrow the hand of other gods to get rid of this Lan Ling, but the other party escaped. There is no news yet, and in his He has the Supreme Treasure that surpasses the power of God. Once he truly surpasses God, he will be an invincible existence. Therefore, he can be said to be the most powerful enemy that my God and Demon Continent needs to face!”

Hearing this, the more than 30 giants present were very shocked. Although Ye Han said casually, they could imagine how dangerous Ye Han was after entering the 9 Lebanon world. Not only did they have to deal with the major gods, but also borrow from them. It is very difficult to get rid of oneself by one’s own hands.

“Beyond the power of God, will 9 Li world be born such a terrifying existence?” Baidi and Barbarian emperor 2 had their eyes solemn, even in the last era, 9 Li world did not have such a terrifying power born.

And the power beyond God, if you really want to contend with it, only in the realm of the legendary 10000 ancestors in the continent of Gods and Demons can you match it!

As for True God, facing such a terrifying powerhouse, I am afraid that it will be annihilated in an instant!

“At present, this person does have such a precursor. Once he reappears in the future, he may already have the power to surpass God!” Ye Han continued; “So, 9 Li world I must go back, rest assured, 9 Li People in the world have not yet noticed my true identity. Even if he has power beyond God, I think it shouldn’t be a big problem to escape.”

Hearing this, Celestial Emperor Xi asked; “Ye Han, what is the current situation of the 9 Li world? Maybe we people can help?”

“With your current strength, it is difficult to contend with the 9 Lei world powerhouses. In 9 Lei world, the existence of equivalent to Celestial Emperor powerhouses is not everywhere, but it is definitely a terrifying number.” Ye Han said. “In the current 9 Lebanon world, apart from the escaped Lanling God, there are still 5 great gods left, one of which is me, and there are only 9 left in the 5 Lebanon world, but you can rest assured that in 9 Lei world I have Created a powerful Shang clan and used the power of 9 Li world to consume 9 Li world. We won’t lose this deal.”

“The existence of you brat in the Continent of Gods and Demons is really a blessing for my generation!”

Daozu sighed. Although Ye Han said all these things in one sentence, the giants knew very well that they wanted to a flip of the hand gather the clouds, another flip turns them to rain in the alien race, and the power of the alien race Weakening step by step, this is a more difficult thing than heavenly ascension, no one can do it except Ye Han out of the Continent of Gods and Demons!

The giants all deeply agreed, not to mention anything else, if the God and Demon Continent had no Ye Han, under the invasion of foreign pioneers, I am afraid that the God and Demon Continent would have completely fallen by then!

Now, Daozu and the others have completely left the matter of the first emperor and the others behind.

After knowing the strength of Ye Han, even if Ye Han gave the first emperor 3 chances, they will not be able to surpass Ye Han in the future by 10000. Even if they achieve True God in the future, they will still be rubbish in front of Ye Han.

Because Ye Han’s current strength is already stronger than True God, I can imagine how terrifying Ye Han’s future will become!

After the Ye Shendian giants had a discussion with Ye Han, they all left.

With Ye Han, a terrifying existence beyond True God, they can now move to the South Divine Realm without any worries.

After the other giants left, the powerhouses of Ye Shendian all looked at Ye Han expectantly. This Legendary, from start to finish, never let them down.

“Boss, right now all the giants of Divine Realm will relocate to the South Divine Realm. Where is our Ye Temple going to stand in the South Divine Realm?” Lin 7 asked with bright eyes.

Ye Han said with a smile; “From there, go back there!”

hearing this, Ye Shendian Zhu Qiang already has an answer in his heart!

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