Divine Perception Chapter 3420

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From there, go back there!

Where did Ye Shendian start? All the Qiangs in Ye Shendian knew this very well.

Yao Guangyu!

This is where the Yeshen Temple first started. Ye Han established Heavenly Dragon there, and grew from a weak Small Accomplishment step by step to the present day.

Afterwards, the Yeshen Temple moved up and down. Under the leadership of the Yeshen Temple Youth League, the hundred thousand Ye Shendian army had already rushed to the South Divine Realm first.

Since Ye Shendian wanted to start again in the Yaoguang domain, it was natural to re-establish a magnificent temple.

At least not worse than the Yeshen Temple in Heavenly Dragon Holy City.

And this hundred thousand army rushed to Yaoguang domain to build Ye Shen Temple first.

At the same time, the giants of Divine Realm in China have also begun to move. The major powers are sending people to the South Divine Realm in preparation for entering the South Divine Realm.

At this moment, what happened on the summit of 10000 God has completely swept the world.

The entire continent of Gods and Demons knows what happened on the summit of 10000 Gods.

“3 Gods were actually stepped on by Ye Han, how is this possible? They are the Spiritual Gods of my Gods and Demons Continent, representing the strongest power of my Gods and Demons Continent!”

“Does Ye Han have achieved True God? That’s why the 3 gods are not as good as Ye Han?”

“No, Ye Han has not achieved True God, and has not even entered the half-step True God, but his power has surpassed the three gods, and there are even rumors that Ye Han’s current power is already comparable to True God!”

“You can have power comparable to True God without entering True God? How could this be possible? 3 How could God be trampled on by Ye Han like this?”

“Although I don’t want to admit it, it is the fact that the 3 gods are simply not as good as Ye Han now. Even if they join hands, they are no match for the current Ye Han, but I believe that once the 3 gods achieve True God in the future, they will definitely be better than Ye Han. Strong, even if they can’t deal with Ye Han alone, if the 3 gods join forces, the world will be unstoppable. Ye Han now gives up protecting us, but we still have 3 gods guarding!”

“Yes, Ye Han gave up protecting us. We still have 3 gods guarding us. Compared with the 3 gods, Ye Han is too selfish. We just stood on the wrong team. He actually gave up on us.”

“Such a selfish person is really unworthy for me to wait and believe in it. Look at it. Under the leadership of the 3 gods, our land of the gods and demons will be glorious. In the future, Foreign Race Invasion, only the 3 gods can save the fate of my land of the gods and demons. Those who believe in Ye Han and give up the 3 gods will know who can be the Guardian God in the future, and they will definitely regret it in the future!”

Those who say these things are naturally the ones who still choose to believe in Spiritual God.

Is Ye Han selfish?

Even these people who believe in Spiritual God are very clear in their hearts whether Ye Han is selfish, but they have chosen to believe in Spiritual God, and they naturally want to discredit Ye Han.

Because they know very well that they can’t go back to Ye Han.

You can only continue to believe in the 3 gods and keep going on this path.

Of course, after the triumphant defeat of the first emperor and Ye Han, many people who believed in Spiritual God wavered and were in a state of uncertainty.

Of course, no matter how the Divine Realm and the South Divine Realm are boiling, the Heaven and Earth turning upside down changes are taking place in the Divine Realm and the South Divine Realm.

For the power of the giants of Divine Realm to migrate to the South Divine Realm, the South Divine Realm is naturally welcome. The addition of these giants will naturally greatly enhance the overall strength of the South Divine Realm.

The actions of the major powers in Divine Realm in China have also made many powers in Divine Realm people were alarmed.

Once Divine Realm loses the presence of these giants, let alone what changes will happen to Divine Realm in the future, once Foreign Race Invasion, Divine Realm will be the first battlefield and will definitely be shrouded in horrible war.

When the time comes, 3 divine ability is fine to block this war, but once it can’t be stopped?

“That man is already Peak in the Divine and Demon Continent, and in the future, even if I chase after him, it will be difficult to surpass!”

In Ye Shendian, Jiangshan Pavilion, Cangtian Burial and Zhuge Prajna sat looking at each other, listening to the laughter and laughter uploaded by Heavenly Dragon Peak. Although Cangtian Burial was calm on the surface, there were still fluctuations in his heart.

hearing this, Zhuge Prajna said with a smile; “I can understand that you are envious of me? Because I Zhuge Prajna is with the right person.”

“No need to envy, even if I can’t fight for World’s First, then my Cangtian Funeral is the second in the world!” Cangtian Funeral regained her confidence and no longer thought about surpassing Ye Han. She was confident to compete for the second place that day.

There is Ye Han in this era, it is not ashamed to be No. 2 in the world.

Zhuge Prajna said with a smile; “It’s a little self-aware, but unfortunately, those three guys don’t have this kind of consciousness. They still want to continue to be their so-called Spiritual God, but they don’t know that Spiritual God has already been surpassed by that man. What if they become True God in the future?”

“They are still chasing that man, if I don’t fully understand this man, maybe I will continue to chase him like them now, but now, it’s unnecessary, I can’t catch up!” Cang Tian Burial glanced at Heavenly Dragon Peak position, continue to say; “Now the giants of Divine Realm are migrating to the South Divine Realm. Where does Ye Shendian want to establish a foothold in the South Divine Realm?”

Zhuge Prajna said with a smile; “In the words of that man, go back to where everything started.”

“Yao Guangyu!” Cang Tianzang said these three words softly, and then she continued looking towards Heavenly Dragon Peak.

“Envy?” Zhuge Prajna looked at Cangtian’s funeral with a deep meaning; “However, with your matchless in the world charm, if you speak, I think even World’s First will bow down to you, the second in the world. Under the pomegranate skirt.”

Hearing this, the corners of Cang Tian’s mouth curled up, and a smile appeared; “This is a good idea, at least it can be regarded as conquering World’s First, but you are not afraid that I will snatch him from your group of women? “

Zhuge Prajna said with a smile; “Although your heavenly burial has the charm of being matched in the world, you still can’t do this step.”

“What conquered World’s First?”

At this moment, outside the Jiangshan Pavilion, Ye Han smiled and walked slowly, looking towards Cangtian Burial and Zhuge Prajna in doubt.

“Nothing, some people say you are World’s First.” Zhuge Prajna said with a smile.

Ye Han said with a smile; “This name is a bit big, and the pressure to be World’s First is too much, even more how, I am not World’s First either.”

For a day when the Lord of Lanling existed, Ye Han would not dare to say that he was World’s First.

Cangtian Burial said, “At least, for now, you are World’s First. No one in the Continent of Gods and Demons can surpass you. However, if I can’t be World’s First, I Cangtian Burial will also be World’s First!”

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