Divine Perception Chapter 3421

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No. 2 in the world!

Ye Han laughed without saying a word. With the strength of Cang Tian Burial, she could say to be No. 2 in the world, but she can think of how hard she is now.

After all, this woman is until now but to be World’s First, this idea has never wavered, never changed.

But now, this goal has changed. All of this is because Ye Han is so powerful that Cang Tian Burial has no chance to surpass it.

“However, someone wants to conquer World’s First from the other side!” Zhuge Prajna said with a smile.

Hearing this, Ye Han immediately touched his nose. He didn’t know how to speak about Youruo God when he faced the girls on Heavenly Dragon Peak just now. As for the burial of the sky, he didn’t dare to provoke him again. Up!

Cang Tian Burial gave Ye Han a bold look, but rarely refuted Zhuge Prajna’s words.

But now that a decision has been made, she will do it with the personality of Cangtian Burial, she is not the kind of person who hesitates.

If it were in the past, Cangtian Burial might still be very resistant to conquering Ye Han in this way. She is Heaven’s Proud Daughter and is destined to Monarch Overlooking The Whole World in the future. No man in the world can match her.

Her perfect body is not worthy of any man.

But now, she is happy to conquer Ye Han in this way.

“Are you leaving?” Zhuge Prajna asked after turning off the subject, looking at Ye Han.

“Not yet.” Ye Han said; “After the Ye Temple is fully moved to the South Divine Realm, I will enter the 9 Li world again. There are still many things waiting for me to do, but we are here on the Divine Realm. Nor can it be taken lightly, and with regard to the existence of Xuanmen World, Ye Shendian should be more cautious now.”

Last time because of the profound door world, such a huge turbulence occurred in the Continent of Gods and Demons, this time Ye Han can no longer be in support.

People’s hearts are unpredictable. Ye Han chose to believe in the Monster God 3 family, but in the end?

If Ye Han did not return, Ye Shendian would have been poisoned by the Monster God 3 clan.

“You really should be cautious at this time.” In fact, Zhuge Prajna didn’t agree with him the last time Ye Han gave the world to the world to share, but Ye Han had already made a decision, and Zhuge Prajna was useless at that time.

“However, people who are willing to stand by Ye Shendian now don’t have to be too careful, are you right?” Cang Tian Burial looked at Ye Han.

Ye Han said with a smile; “Don’t worry, Xuanmen World still has your place to be buried in the sky, and I believe that you will become True God faster than those three guys. Now Ye Shen Temple has moved to the South Divine Realm, Middle Divine Realm giants have also moved to the South Divine Realm. A group of potential people can be selected from them to continue to enter the Xuanmen world for penance. However, after all the forces in the Divine Realm have moved to the South Divine Realm, I am going to give a sermon. , When the time comes, you all come and listen.”

Now that he has returned to the Continent of Gods and Demons, Ye Han does have this plan. It is the four gods who inspired Ye Han.

If Ye Han also preached on the Continent of Gods and Demons, perhaps something as powerful as True God would be born.

Of course, what Ye Han wants to preach is not the way to achieve True God, but the way of faith.

All living beings in the world have faith. People in the world have faith, and people in the land of Gods and Demons also have faith, but this faith has not been developed that’s all.

Once Ye Han develops this way of belief in the continent of Gods and Demons, it will be a major event of Changing the Heaven and Switching the Earth for the continent of Gods and Demons, an unprecedented path of cultivation.


Cangtian Burial and Zhuge Prajna both looked at Ye Han suspiciously.

Ye Han mysterious smiled; “When the time comes, you will understood. If this preaching is successful, then the future of my gods and demons continent will not only have True God, but will also open up a path that is as powerful as True God.”

Hearing this, Cangtian Burial and Zhuge Prajna were shocked.

If this is the case, then the Heaven and Earth turning upside down will be reformed in the future cultivation system of the Gods and Demons Continent!

And Ye Han, as a leader, will be praised by the 10000th world!

Soon, 3 days passed, Ye Shendian’s power to the South Divine Realm has re-established a new Ye Shendian in the Yaoguang domain, and the other giants of the Divine Realm in the Middle Divine Realm have also found a new foothold in the South Divine Realm. .

Many forces have gradually moved towards the South Divine Realm.

However, in these 3 days, Ye Han’s preparation for a sermon has been passed on among the giants of Divine Realm and South Divine Realm.

In the end, the news spread like wildfire, first spreading across the South Divine Realm, and then spreading throughout the entire Divine Realm.

“Preaching, opening up a new path of cultivation, and still the same path as True God, does this bastard have this qualification?”

Monster Race, after taking control of Crown Prince understood, his face was distorted, and their current achievements were unable to preach to people, let alone open up a new path of cultivation.

“The path of cultivation is the same as True God, huh, does this bastard really think that you have such qualifications if you step on it? Even if the True God of the last era wants to preach, it is only explaining the way of True God, and he actually Wanting to blaze a path equivalent to True God is just wishful thinking.”

Wang Chu gave a cold look, but as Wang Chuyi who knows Ye Han very well, he knew that Ye Han would not speak freely. In fact, he also wanted to know what Ye Han was going to preach?

Unfortunately, Ye Han preached, they were not qualified to participate, and Ye Han would not invite them to come and listen to his preaching.

Right now, the entire continent of Gods and Demons is talking about what Ye Han wants to preach. For this matter, most people in the world are snort disdainfully. What if Ye Han defeats the 3 gods?

Preaching, what qualifications does he have to preach to others?

And it’s still talking about a new path that is equivalent to True God, is it possible?

“Hehe, these guys really can’t hide anything!” Ye Han shook the head with a smile in Ye Shendian. He had only told the big titans about this, and the world had already known the trouble.

But what Ye Han didn’t know was that this incident was spread out under the signal of the giants. The world looked down upon Ye Han. They just wanted the world to see, choose the so-called Spiritual God and choose Ye Han, who has more potential? .

On this day, just as people in the world were discussing what Ye Han was about to preach, the giants of Divine Realm in China were all migrating.

All the disciplines in Ye Shendian left Heavenly Dragon Holy City under the leadership of Ye Shendian Zhu Qiang, and Ye Han also took his daughters to the South Divine Realm.

At the same time, such giant forces as True Martial Academy, 1000 Night Tower, Daomen, and Buddhism also left.

Their departure made the entire Divine Realm’s original vigorous luck weakened a lot. In the past, the Divine Realm gave people a magnificent and powerful atmosphere, but now, it is like a towering old tree. Is gradually falling into the general withered, losing strong vitality!

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