Divine Perception Chapter 3422

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The giants of the Chinese Divine Realm simultaneously moved south and entered the South Divine Realm.

This matter has attracted the attention of the world.

With the departure of these giants, the entire Divine Realm fell into a depression.

This originally magnificent land has gradually lost its vitality.

On the contrary, the South Divine Realm is in a state of being in a frenzy, which is in sharp contrast with the Xiaosuo Divine Realm.

“These giants have really moved south. Without them in Divine Realm, I am afraid they will be devastated!”

“Yeah, I blame Ye Han. If he hadn’t proposed to move the Ye Shen Temple to the South Divine Realm, how could these giants leave the Divine Realm.”

“Alas, we are missing these giants in Divine Realm. I don’t know what changes will happen in the future?”

“These giant forces have moved south, but now they have completed the South Divine Realm. Originally, the South Divine Realm was the weakest place in the Five Great God Territories, but now it has become the most powerful place of prosperity. This glory , Should belong to Divine Realm among us!”

Quite sour voice sounded everywhere in Divine Realm.

However, they have never thought about who has forced away the giants of Divine Realm in this group?

“Old Ancestor, are we really leaving?”

Yun Family, Yun Family Old Ancestor, after several days of struggling, has made a decision. Since they chose to stand on Ye Han’s side from the very beginning, they have never wavered in the middle, and now they can’t waver, and stay In Divine Realm, no one knows how heaven-shaking, earth-shattering will change in the future.

Yun Family many powerhouses brows tightly knit, everything of Yun Family is in Shengzhou. Now if you move south, although Yun Family is still strong, many things have to be started from scratch.

“This matter can no longer be delayed, don’t you understand? This time, the kid Ye Han has made up his mind, and his move is also forcing the people of the world to stand in line. If we stand wrong, we will have It may face brilliance or death, but I am more willing to believe in Ye Han, this is a person who constantly creates miracles, you can’t go wrong with him!” Yun Family Old Ancestor said affirmatively.

“I support Old Ancestor’s decision!” Yun Muqing said in agreement; “Now Divine Realm is just the move of major powers to the south. In the near future, people who once stood on Ye Han will also move to South Divine. Realm, because the current Ye Han is really as powerful as True God, and the first emperor and the 3 people are too strong to do things. Once they gain power, the future will not be a good thing for the Gods and Demons Continent. Compared with them, Ye Han is really more benevolent and righteous. Even if it is wrong to follow Ye Han, I am willing to follow him. He is more reliable than the first emperor.

“Hehe, did you hear what Mu Qing said?” Yun Family Old Ancestor said; “The first emperor and the three people do have some potential in the future and are worth investing in. However, they have not yet achieved True God. They are so domineering. It is true that True God is achieved, and it is no different from a tyrant, and once Ye Han gains power in the future, it will be a good thing for us and the world.”

“More importantly, Ye Han is about to form a sermon. I really want to listen to it. I think it’s not just me. Many people want to listen to it today, including the first emperor and 3 people. Unfortunately, Nowadays, most people in the world do not have this qualification!” Yun Muqing said with a smile.

hearing this, Yun Family many powerhouses nodded.

At the same time, many powerful Aristocratic families in Divine Realm are also discussing whether to move south. Of course, the people who discuss this matter are the big Aristocratic families who have been closer to Ye Han.

Such as the Aristocratic Family of the disciple under Ye Han, as well as some big Aristocratic families that once had the acknowledge allegiance under Ye Han.

“All-round southward move. Today’s Divine Realm is no longer in its former glory. But, do these guys really believe in Ye Han?”

Dark God Palace, the dark Celestial Emperor looked towards the sky above his head, he could feel the powerful luck belonging to the Divine Realm, and it was already moving south.

The future South Divine Realm will become lucky!

The strong of Dark God Palace said; “Palace Lord, wouldn’t it be okay for these giants to move south? They are gone. Today, the Divine Realm is the only one of our Dark God Palace family. We can just take advantage of this. The opportunity to grow my Dark God Palace, and firmly control the Divine Realm. In the future, even if these giants want to come back, they will not be able to ride on top of our Dark God Palace.”

Didn’t the Celestial Emperor know this darkness, but he was always a little uneasy. Is it right or wrong to choose the first emperor 3?

However, thinking of the past grievances with Ye Han, the bright light glittering in the eyes of the dark Celestial Emperor, even if his Dark God Palace chooses to stand on Ye Han’s side, it will be under the fence. In this way, his Dark God Palace would be better than Divine Realm. Give it a go.

“Go ahead!” The Dark Celestial Emperor made the final decision.

South Divine Realm.

The entry of the giants of Divine Realm in China has made the South Divine Realm lively.

Knowing that all the giants of Divine Realm will move south, the people of South Divine Realm have personally restored the Heavenly Jade and Divine Regions that were destroyed in the Great War. The sea is filled and the mountains are reshaped.

Let Heavenly Jade domain and Tianji domain become 2 areas for human survival.

Yaoguang domain, in a verdant hills and limpid water, where the mountains are towering and straight into the sky, a magnificent temple has been built here.

The temple is surrounded by clouds and mist, and it looks like Immortal Palace from a distance.

The whole temple is surrounded by ten or six peaks. Its structure is quite different from the Yeshen Temple in the Heavenly Dragon Holy City, but it looks more majestic than the Yeshen Temple in the Heavenly Dragon Holy City.

At this moment, between Heaven and Earth around this temple, there are already an unknown number of people in Yaoguang Domain, and they all stared at the magnificent temple with excitement.

In the future, there will be Ye Temple in the Yaoguang Realm, and its position will not only be in the South Divine Realm, but also in the entire Divine Realm.

Moreover, Ye Han was originally a peerless genius who walked out of the Yaoguang domain. Today, he returns, and he can be regarded as returning home!

“The people from Ye Shendian are here!”

At this time, in the distant sky, densely packed silhouettes broke through the air, carrying the breath of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, and the 1000000 disciples of Ye Shendian entered the magnificent temple under the leadership of Zhu Qiang. .

The Yeshen Temple’s discipline, already named shakes the whole world, at this moment, their arrival caused the people gathered around Yeshen Temple to make 4 uproars, and the lively sound spread over 100 miles!

Not long after the 1000000 disciple of Ye Shen Temple had all entered the magnificent temple.

In the distance, a white clothed youth came slowly with a group of outstanding women.

“The King of People, the King of People is here!”

With the arrival of Ye Han, the heated voice between Heaven and Earth became extremely enthusiastic.

Ye Han, this peerless genius who walked out of Yaoguang domain has finally returned!

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