Divine Perception Chapter 3423

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Ye Han rose in the Yaoguang domain, step by step from the small place of Desert City, and stood out in the competitions of various dynasties, but was rejected by Sword Sect, and even cut his arm by Sword Sect disciple.

If Qin Wudao hadn’t vowed to protect him to the death, I’m afraid Ye Han would have died in the land of Sword Sect by then.

But also since then, Ye Han began to wander through the Yaoguang domain, into the sword tower, and enter the 9th floor, thus rising to fame in the Yaoguang domain, and was known as one of the 4 great evildoers in the Yaoguang domain!

From then on, Ye Han’s road to rise has been like riding on a rocket, step by step.

Walking out of the Yaoguang realm, fighting against the geniuses of the Southern Divine Realm, and fighting for hegemony with the heroes, the rays of light on his body are as dazzling as the sun.

Now, this genius who has walked out of the small place of Yaoguang domain has stood at the Peak of this World and stepped Spiritual God under his feet, World’s First!

Now Ronggui’s hometown, this is a major event that the entire Yaoguang domain is celebrating!

“Welcome the return of the King of People!”

In an instant, the countless silhouettes gathered around Ye Shendian knelt down, moving towards the white clothed youth with excitement.

This neat voice resounded through Heaven and Earth, and Ye Han couldn’t help feeling a little excited. He finally returned to this place where he started!

The scenes that I experienced in the Yaoguang domain flashed through Ye Han’s mind like a movie.

Zhou Yun’er and the others stood beside Ye Han, watching this piece of silhouette between Heaven and Earth that sincerely greeted Ye Han. They looked happy and felt very proud. The man they like should be like this Monarch Overlooking The Whole World, let the world praise!

“How do you feel about returning to this place again?” Qin Wudao appeared beside Ye Han, and he said with a faint smile.

At the beginning of the Yaoguang domain, he watched Ye Han grow up step by step, and he also protected Ye Han to grow up step by step. This place has profound significance for their master and disciple 2 people!

“I miss it!” Ye Han took a deep breath greedily and said.

“I miss it very much!” Qin Wudao murmured.

The Yeshen Temple officially took a foothold in the Yao Light Realm. This matter made the entire Yao Light Realm celebrate with everyone. The lively atmosphere here has surpassed any region in the Divine Realm in Vietnam.

Around the Yeshen Temple, there are many people from Yaoguang Domain who come to pay tribute to the silhouette of King Ye Han.

Ye Han was not idle either. After the 1000000 disciple of Yeshen Temple came here one after another, Ye Han began to arrange the Mountain Protecting Great Array.

The one who used to guard the Ye Temple in Heavenly Dragon Holy City was the Jietian Formation from True Martial Academy, and this time, Ye Han personally arranged the formation, although it was still Jietian Formation.

However, Ye Han has improved this Sky Intercepting Formation, and the previous Sky Intercepting Formation can withstand the giant blow.

However, after passing the Ye Han Improved Heavenly Interruption Array, even if the three false gods of the First Emperor come, don’t even want to break Ye Han’s Improved Heavenly Interception Array.

After Ye Han’s improvement, the current interception formation can withstand the power of True God.

It can be said that the Defensive is World’s First Array, which guards the Yeshen Temple, and the entire Gods and Demons Continent cannot find an array that is more powerful than Yeshen Temple.

After half a day’s time, Ye Han finally completed the improved cut-out array, following the moment Formation opened.

Whether it is Ye Shendian’s powers or the people who gather around Ye Shendian, they feel that this piece of between Heaven and Earth seems to have an invisible barrier, which is as strong as this piece of Heaven and Earth, and can be as strong as Sun and Moon’s Splendor.

“The Formation set by the boss is very strong, at least, it’s as difficult as 10000 for me!”

Ye Shendian, Lin 7 said affirmatively.

This was felt by the powers of Ye Shendian, and the Heaven and Earth turning upside down had already taken place in the defensive aspect.

At the same time, in Heavenly Jade domain, Tianji domain, Tianquan domain and other regions, the giant forces of True Martial Academy, 1000 Night Tower, Buddhism, and Daomen are also beginning to arrange everything.

Of course, as far as Divine Realm is concerned, such as Shengzhou Yun Family, 100 Flower Valley, Wenqing Valley, Zhuozhou Public Loser, Qi Family, and the Aristocratic Family behind the disciple under Ye Han, many people are moving towards South Divine Realm migration.

They are just the beginning. In the follow-up, there are definitely many people who choose to move to South Divine Realm in Divine Realm.

However, after knowing the horror of Ye Han Improved’s Jitian Array, the giant forces that moved to the South Divine Realm all came to the door and asked Ye Han to take action to build the Mountain Protecting Great Array for their respective forces.

After all, the Jietian Formation that now guards Ye Shendian can block the power of True God. Of course, these giant forces are extremely tempting.

For this matter, Ye Han did not refuse. There is a powerful array guardian, which is of great benefit to these giants.

Therefore, in the next 3 days, Ye Han is building the Mountain Protecting Great Array for Daomen, Buddhism, True Martial Academy, and 1000 Night Tower.

Of course, Ye Han just improved their previous Mountain Protecting Great Array. The Mountain Protecting Great Array of the giant forces that moved to the South Divine Realm are all as powerful as the Jitian Array and can compete with the power of True God.

“This kind of Formation can be called invincible in the whole world array!”

Tianji Domain, in front of 1000 Night Tower Headquarters, Immortal Queen looked at the powerful Formation that enveloped the entire headquarters. Her beautiful eyes have a strong look of shock. Such a super powerful Defensive Array, I am afraid that even in the last era. Few people can arrange it!

Ye Han said with a smile; “I dare not say whether it is invincible in the whole world, but even if True God is here and God is here, they will be unable to succeed in breaking my Improved array!”

After hearing this, Immortal Bing turned his head and glanced at Ye Han’s profile; “Look at you beautifully, this powerful defensive Formation is indeed rare in the world.”

Ye Han shrugged, he said with a smile after looking at the immortal ice; “It’s been a year, and I seem to remember that someone promised me at the beginning. If I come back from 9 Lei world alive, she will give it to me. Now this promise is Shouldn’t it be done?”

Hearing Ye Han’s words, after Immortal Ice, the face of the beauty on the ice has a rare blush and panic.

She did agree to Ye Han in this way.

But that was just to give Ye Han a motivation to live.

However, now Ye Han wants her to fulfill this promise, she is a little panicked, some not knowing what to do.

Man, the emotional aspect, she was a blank sheet of paper, she didn’t understand at all, and now she doesn’t know how to face Ye Han.

However, for Ye Han, she is not disgusted, just a little embarrassed.

“Haha, rest assured, I won’t force you, even more how, I didn’t take it seriously!” Ye Han laughed twice, and then went away in an instant; “Tell them, tomorrow Yao Guangyu, I will preach, I want to come Come on!”

Hearing this, the beautiful eyes behind Immortal Ice shined, but Ye Han’s sentence I didn’t take it seriously, it also made an expression of resentment flash across his face after Immortal Ice.

He didn’t take it seriously, but she can take it seriously now!

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