Divine Perception Chapter 3424

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Ye Han will preach in the Yaoguang domain tomorrow, and it spread all over the South Divine Realm.

After knowing this, not only the giants of South Divine Realm are excited, but those who have moved to South Divine Realm, as well as Yun Family, Wenqing Valley, and Sword Monarch Li Family who have already arrived in South Divine Realm. , Public losers, etc. Great Influence are also very excited.

Ye Han preached, this is definitely a major event that everyone is looking forward to!

“Hmph, just defeating the 3 gods, what qualifications do you have to preach to the world?”

“Yes, does Ye Han really think he is the most powerful master of this World? If he wants to explain a new path equivalent to True God, I think he is just talking about dreams.”

“Look, once Ye Han’s sermon is over, people who go to listen to Ye Han’s sermon will be very disappointed. When the time comes, Ye Han should be laughed at by the world.”

Although it has been reported that Ye Han is going to preach a few days ago, everyone in the world snort disdainfully, but of course their hearts are very yearning for this matter, but now they are all standing in the three of the first emperor. On the side of the false god, he couldn’t come to listen to Ye Han’s sermon.

Therefore, if you can’t eat grapes, you will of course say that grapes are sour and deliberately discredit Ye Han.

But in fact, they all yearn for Ye Han’s preaching.

After all, even if Ye Han preaches, the preaching is not a path equivalent to True God, but with Ye Han’s current strength, what he talks about is a treasure to the world’s cultivator.

Listening to Ye Han’s sermon is definitely better than ten years, or even 100 years of hard practice!

“Hehe, what is waiting for this guy to open up a path equivalent to True God, I really look forward to what kind of surprise that kid will give the world!”

Celestial Emperor and the others looked expectant. They believed that Ye Han would not aimlessly, so they all wanted to know if Ye Han’s teachings opened up a new path equivalent to True God, and whether they could benefit from it. ?

“Tomorrow, I hope that this day will be in the future, and the future will be a day that can be recorded in the annals of history. You brat has already spoken, but don’t let those who believe in you down!” Dao Zu looked relieved, Ye Han preached and opened. Universally present a new path of cultivation equivalent to True God. These actions are just like the ancestor who created the cultivation system of the Gods and Demons Continent, and are of great significance to future generations!

As a Teacher, Daozu is naturally very pleased that his own discipline can achieve such an achievement!

Not only are these giants looking forward to Ye Han’s preaching tomorrow, Qin Sheng Old Ancestor, Zhan Tian Old Ancestor, Brahma Old Ancestor, who once guarded Ye Han, also look forward to it.

Therefore, after the news of Ye Han’s preaching tomorrow, many people in the South Divine Realm 7 area have already rushed to the Yaoguang domain first.

It is conceivable that the Yaoguang domain of tomorrow, the weakest place in the South Divine Realm, will become a place that everyone will pay attention to.

Including Monster God and Demon 3 clan, the bright day will gather in Yaoguang domain.

“This bastard really wants to preach. If he wants to open up a new path equal to True God, does he think it is such an easy thing?” Crown Prince looked jealous. He didn’t believe that Ye Han could be so huge. achievement.

The first emperor squinted his eyes and said, “I don’t really believe it, but he has never done anything uncertain. If the preaching tomorrow cannot spread to the world a new path equivalent to True God, when the time comes Wouldn’t it be that people in the world read his jokes, so there may be something in this guy’s stomach.”

“The first emperor, so do you think he can really explain to the world a new path that is equivalent to True God tomorrow?” Crown Prince said in dissatisfaction.

“I didn’t say that, but it is possible.” First Emperor said.

Hearing this, Wang Chuyi said; “Whether people in the world can popularize a new path equivalent to True God? After he preached tomorrow, the world will have its own justice, but this guy does not aimlessly, but we will treat him But we can’t look too high. If we want to surpass him, we must achieve True God, so that those who choose to stand on his side can see how stupid it is to abandon us and choose Ye Han !”

2nd day, Yaoguang domain, in front of Ye Shendian.

A huge platform has been built here, standing horizontally, suspended in the sky, like a Dao Field.

And between Heaven and Earth around Dao Field, there is already a vast crowd, gathering many strong people from the South Divine Realm.

Powers such as Qin Sheng Old Ancestor and the others have arrived. They are already super powers in this piece of between Heaven and Earth. They are only one step away from entering the Celestial Emperor and entering the ranks of giants.

Yun Family Old Ancestor These big Aristocratic Family powerhouses who moved from Divine Realm to South Divine Realm have also arrived. Now everyone is waiting for Ye Han Ye Han to preach.

However, no one has entered the Dao Field for the time being, because everyone knows that those who are eligible to enter this Dao Field must be the giants, and only the world’s giants can enter this Dao. Field, listen to Ye Han’s sermon.

Although Ye Han preached this piece of “between Heaven and Earth”, everyone can hear it, but the rules must not be chaotic.

Even if there are many people here who are familiar with Ye Han, they can’t mess with the rules!

Buzz ~ Buzz ~!

At this time, on the ancient Dao Field suspended in midair, the Four Great Giants of Ye Shendian had already appeared.

The Four Great Giants such as Ye Tianyi, Yu Great Desolate, Lin 7 and Silly Ben appeared. They all chose a position to sit cross-legged and kept silent, even though the eyes between Heaven and Earth were watching them.

On top of the peaks of Ye Shendian, the 1000000 disciple of Ye Shendian has each chosen a position, sitting quietly cross-legged.

Even Zhuge Prajna and all the women sat quietly, waiting for the man in mind to teach the world!

“Hehe, this time I also came to listen to my son’s sermon.” Ji Kuangren grinned and sat with Ji Yanhuang and the others. Ji Kuangren was about to enter the Celestial Emperor.

However, because of the limitation of his reborn body, he wants to advance to the Celestial Emperor. It is much more difficult for people like Lin 7 to enter the Celestial Emperor.

After all, the body of Ji Kuangren’s rebirth is nothing but the bones of the Saint Emperor. Ji Kuangren’s rebirth through the bones of the Saint Emperor is naturally limited to the realm. Only by breaking this limitation can he become a Celestial Emperor. Otherwise, it was originally Billin 7 and The others powerful Ji Kuangren is afraid that he has already entered the realm of Celestial Emperor.

Not long after, the Celestial Emperor and the others from the Southern Divine Realm, including the Xi Celestial Emperor, the Yan Celestial Emperor, the Wild Celestial Emperor, the Cang Celestial Emperor, the Invincible Celestial Emperor, the Invincible Celestial Emperor, the Wushuang Celestial Emperor, the Li Celestial Emperor, and the Li Celestial Emperor were all present. Emperor, Celestial Emperor and Celestial Emperor eleven Celestial Emperor descended one after another.

There is also the half-step True God buried in the sky!

This powerful lineup makes everyone between Heaven and Earth look eager. They are the backbone of the human race today!

The giants of the South Divine Realm are sitting cross-legged. At this moment, they are like a student waiting for the Teacher to start!

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