Divine Perception Chapter 3425

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Above the Dao Field, the giants of the South Divine Realm sat cross-legged, without a word. At this moment, they all stared at Ye Shendian with a look of expectation. They looked like a student who had just entered the school, waiting for the Teacher to appear. general.

Between Heaven and Earth around, countless line of sights also stared at Ye Shen Temple, with earnest and solemn eyes!

If Ye Han’s preaching is successful today, it will be an epoch-making progress!

At this time, just after the giants of the human race arrived one after another, the giants of Monster Race also appeared.

Azure Dragon demon saint, White Tiger demon saint, Vermilion Bird demon saint, Black Tortoise demon saint, and Great Saint 5 giants have descended and appeared on Dao Field.

The giants of Terran are nodded friendly to the giants of Monster Race.

“Hehe, I really look forward to what this kid said today!” The demon Saint Race giants sat cross-legged.

“The demon Saint Race is here, and now it’s only a short time before the giants of Divine Realm. Once they arrive, it is time for the king to preach!” Countless people between Heaven and Earth are looking forward to it, but they are sitting in Dao Field. The silhouette of one after another giant also makes them very envious.

They also expect to be able to sit on the Dao Field and listen to King Ren’s preaching up close.

Unfortunately, the rules can’t be messed up!

“Hehe, it seems that you all arrived earlier than us!” At this time, above the void around Ye Shendian, one after another giant descended like a Spiritual God.

Dao Zu, Dao Men 3 Great Dao Emperor, Ancient Buddha, Buddhism 4 Great Buddha Emperor, the Queen of Immortal Ice, Holy Spirit Old Ancestor, True Martial Institute Head, Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva, Bai Di, Man Di, 15 giants arrived at the same time.

The human giants and the demon Saint Race giants are nodded against the giants of Divine Realm.

Today, they are all here for Ye Han to preach, and all the giants here today, as well as the forces they represent behind, are already on the same boat!

Looking at the group of giants gathered on the Dao Field, the people around Heaven and Earth were even more shocked.

Today, there are 35 giants who came to Ye Shendian to listen to Ye Han’s sermons, and there is still a half-step True God!

4 people in Ye Shendian!

Eleven people in South Divine Realm!

Demon Saint Race 5 people!

Ten 5 people in Divine Realm!

Such a strong lineup came to hear, such a scale can be said to be unprecedented.

To teach preaching to a group of giants, so far, only Ye Han has this kind of appeal, and only he has this kind of qualification!


The Sky Formation that enveloped Yeshen Temple opened, and then Ye Han, dressed in a white robe of Fengshen, walked out of it.

At this moment, the gazes of Between Heaven and Earth all fell on him, and the eyes were extremely hot.

Everyone here today is here for this white clothed youth.

“See the King of People!”

Between Heaven and Earth, the sound of swift brushing sounded, and the countless silhouettes gathered in the sky were all bowing to Ye Han.

Seeing this, Ye Han slightly smiled, his gaze swept across the crowd between Heaven and Earth, looking at the one after another familiar silhouette in the crowd.

Ye Han smiled, his palm slightly lifted, and then, the Heaven and Earth void suddenly turbulent, and the ground below was trembling violently.

Not long after, among the distant mountains, peaks up to a hundred zhang flew from the distant void, covering the sky and the sun.

This scene is extremely spectacular and vast.

Everyone who was able to look at it was shocked, pulling up the mountain in a single thought, and there were 100 peaks flying in the sky.

This kind of Weili, I am afraid even a giant can hardly do it!

Then, under the gaze of one after another with astonishment, the 100 peaks gathered together on the void in several dozen li around Ye Shen Temple, forming a semicircle.

These 100 peaks suspended in the sky, completely motionless, can be called the wonders of the world!

“Such methods are truly extraordinary human power!” The giants sighed in their hearts. Regarding destructive power, they can destroy half an area in a single thought, but the power of destructive power does not mean that they can control 100 as easily as Ye Han. A mountain hangs between Heaven and Earth.

“Everyone, please take a seat!”

Above Dao Field, Ye Han held his back with one hand, raised his right hand and made a please gesture.

Seeing this, the silhouettes that originally gathered between Heaven and Earth densely packed were very excited; “many thanks, king of people!”

At the next moment, countless people have landed on the peaks one after another, occupying all 100 peaks in an instant. Now they can sit and listen to Ye Han’s preaching!

Everyone expressed awe-inspiring expression. On the 100 mountain peaks, there were countless silhouettes sitting cross-legged, and the eyes between Heaven and Earth gathered on the Dao Field.

Immediately, Ye Han sat cross-legged on Dao Field. He smiled to face the four sides, and finally spoke loudly; “My God and Demon Continent has existed so far, and at first the cultivation is Spiritual Qi, which strengthens the body, improves the realm, and reaches In the realm of Paragon, then the rules, rules, and even Supreme Heavenly Dao, the early stage may have progressed very quickly, but after the Middle-Stage rule, each step is very difficult for my generation. In the end, I want Crossing the holy realm and entering the realm of Supreme Celestial Emperor, there is no one in 4!”

At this point, everyone agrees that the path of cultivation may be very smooth in the early stage, but in the end, every step forward is extremely difficult.

Understanding the rules and rules is even more difficult than improving realm!

Just like Paragon wants to enter the Imperishable Realm, it has to Comprehended Law. Once the law fails, even if the strength and realm are reached, the Imperishable Realm cannot be achieved, and the rules are the same.

How difficult is it to enter the Celestial Emperor at the top of the Holy Wheel Emperor, millions and millions of creatures, but from ancient times to the present, how many people can enter the Celestial Emperor?

“The power of cultivation of my generation of sentient beings is to steal the power between Heaven and Earth for their own use. However, if you want to fight Heaven and Earth, it is very difficult to borrow the power between Heaven and Earth. Of course, if you want to find another shortcut , It’s even more difficult. However, after entering the 9 Lei world, the emperor found a path through the 9 Lei world’s cultivation system that all beings in our gods and demons can also cultivation, this path, and the True God path The same, even, is expected to surpass True God!”

As soon as Ye Han said this, all the giants on Dao Field, and the faces on the 100 peaks were moved.

A path equal to True God, and even hopeful to surpass True God, is there such a powerful cultivation path in the world?

“Ren King, don’t know how to take this road?”

The eyes between Heaven and Earth were eager, and the desire for exploration and curiosity released from the eyes of one after another made them urgently want to know the road that Ye Han said.

The same is true for the giants. At first, they all think that Ye Han’s teaching is a path equivalent to True God, but Ye Han now says that this path is still hopeful to surpass True God. Such a tempting thing, who is the world? Not tempted?

Under the eager gaze of between Heaven and Earth, Ye Han said with a faint smile; “This road, do not ask for heaven, do not ask, everything comes from the heart!”

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