Divine Perception Chapter 3426

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Do not ask for heaven, do not ask, everything comes from the heart!

Between Heaven and Earth, Zhu Qiang was contemplating and comprehending Ye Han’s words.

The power of cultivator cultivation in the world comes from between Heaven and Earth, from Three Thousand Great Dao, but the path mentioned by Ye Han is the opposite.

Do not ask for power from between Heaven and Earth, do not perceive power from Three Thousand Great Dao, but from the power in the heart.

How should this cultivation? Contrary to Heaven and Earth Grand Dao, is this path feasible?

“The King of People, violates the Heaven and Earth Grand Dao’s cultivation method. Does this method work?” Qin Sheng Old Ancestor asked suspiciously on a hundred zhang mountain.

This is also the doubt in everyone’s mind. They are like a student now, and they need Teacher to answer their doubts.

“Anything is possible.” Ye Han said with a smile; “If what I preach now appears before all the cultivation systems of the Gods and Demons Continent, all beings have cultivated this path, then, now the Gods and Demons Continent from between Heaven And Earth’s method of cultivation to obtain power will also be questioned?”

Hearing this, all beings are silent, even if the giants did not refute.

Indeed, if the way Ye Han is preaching was formed when Heaven and Earth first opened, and the tens of thousands of years of the gods and demons continent has also been cultivating the path of cultivation Ye Han is now talking about.

Well, Ye Han now talks about the path of cultivation that sentient beings can obtain power from between Heaven and Earth, which will definitely be questioned.

After all, it is not so easy for new things to be born, and there are bound to be obstacles to the acceptance of the world!

Just like in the ancient times of China, some people said that China’s future could fly into the sky, or even fly into an unknown space. It could communicate with each other ten thousand li, and that would definitely be regarded as a lunatic, a nonsense idiot.

However, all this has now been achieved.

“The King of People, abandon the power obtained from Heaven and Earth Grand Dao and obtain power from the original heart. Can you succeed? And, even if it succeeds, can the power obtained from the original heart be stronger than the power obtained between Heaven and Earth ??” Celestial Emperor Xi also spoke at this time. As giants, they couldn’t understand Ye Han’s explanation.

Ye Han said, “I dare not say that the power obtained from my heart is stronger than the power obtained between Heaven and Earth, but I think this path will be better, and with my current understanding of this path, my heart How great is the power of the people, the power that can be obtained from the soul is great.”

Just how bold the heart is and how productive the earth is, this sentence also applies to explaining the power born from the mind.

Hearing this, everyone is still puzzled.

Ye Han continued; “Of course, if you want to get powerful power from your heart, there is a requirement, faith!”

“Faith?” Everyone was puzzled.

Ye Han said with a smile; “This is the way that the emperor wants to explain today. We can call it the way of faith, Heaven and Earth beings, everyone has their own belief in their heart, and this belief was born in In the hearts of sentient beings, the power we derive from the hearts is this kind of strength of Faith!”

“Mind, faith?” Everyone felt even more puzzled.

The things Ye Han talked about had never appeared in the Divine and Demon Continent, so it was difficult for them to understand.

Although they do have their own belief in their hearts, is this belief really so powerful? Is stronger than the power born between Heaven and Earth? Is it easier than asking for power from between Heaven and Earth?

“Ren King, forgive me for being stupid!” Between Heaven and Earth the powerful shook the head.

Ye Han was not surprised. He looked towards the ancient Buddha sitting on Dao Field, said with a smile; “Ancient Buddha, as the leader of Buddhism, I don’t know what your beliefs are? What supports Buddhism not easily move and kill. What supports Buddhism 4 is nothing? What supports Buddhism to guard against arrogance, rashness, greed, adultery, abstention, and hatred?”

hearing this, Buddhism brows slightly wrinkle; “It is the faith in the heart.”

“Yes, this is faith.” Ye Han said with a smile; “Everyone has faith in their hearts. The unwavering belief of Buddhism is the faith in their hearts. It is precisely because of the existence of this faith that they can make People have the motivation to advance and self-discipline, just like sentient beings pursuing powerful power. This is also a kind of belief. It is precisely because you want to pursue powerful power, generate motivation, and give birth to faith, so that you can support our continuous progress.”

Hearing Ye Han’s explanation, the powers between Heaven and Earth seemed to have an insight.

If a person wants to progress and pursue something, he must have motivation, and this kind of motivation is actually a kind of belief, because you have a strong desire and desire for what you are pursuing.

To put it simply, just like a poor person, he wants to let his parents, wives and children lead a prosperous life, and wants to become a master. Therefore, under this kind of motivation, he can continue to make progress and keep improving. breakthrough obstacle.

And this kind of motivation is actually faith!

“The faith in everyone’s heart is infinite, and it is precisely because we have this powerful faith in our hearts that we can support our achievements today. Without faith, it would be like a walking corpse. There is no pursuit. From the beginning of this world, without any pursuit, what can we achieve? Therefore, if we can be as strong as today, it is the faith in the soul that supports us step by step to today. Since this belief can support us to become as strong as today , Why don’t we fundamentally control this belief?”

Ye Han looked towards Heaven and Earth Zhu Qiang continued to speak loudly.

Hearing this, everyone already has some clear comprehension in their hearts, it is true, they can achieve as they are today, precisely because there is an invisible force in the depths of their hearts that supports them to grow stronger, but they are in control Can this force really become very powerful?

“Human King, as you said, it is belief that supports us to become as strong as today. In theory, although this belief power is invisible, it is indeed very powerful. It is precisely because of it that we can have today’s Achievement, but can we really control this illusory power? And, if we control this power, can we really be equal to True God or even surpass True God?”

Baidi looked at Ye Han and asked.

What Ye Han said today is indeed to find another shortcut, but under Ye Han’s explanation, there is indeed some truth, but is it really the same as True God if you control this power? Can it surpass True God?

You know, to obtain strength from between Heaven and Earth, and to progress from weak to powerful True God, this is already a deep-rooted cognition of everyone in the world.

If you want to overturn this cognition, you must have factual basis, and even a successful precedent!

“Yes, the king, do you really have the same power as True God if you control this power? And, since you are explaining this way of faith today, do you control faith?”

The Man Emperor also asked, his question was not aimed at Ye Han. Ye Han recommends this way of faith, so the world must have a convincing basis.

Does Ye Han control the way of faith?

Between Heaven and Earth Zhu Qiang’s eyes all stared at Ye Han!

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