Divine Perception Chapter 3427

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The way of belief, this is the first time it has appeared in the Continent of Gods and Demons.

The way Ye Han speaks today is an unprecedented way of faith, but since Ye Han is speaking about this way of faith, does he control the way of faith himself?

Ye Han smiled slightly; “The way of faith, as far as it is said, is indeed equivalent to True God in the emperor’s cognition, and can even surpass True God, because in the 9th Lebanon world, someone has already succeeded.”

“Lanling God?”

Above Dao Field, the giants suddenly thought of a probability. Ye Han showed them the scene of the Lanling God beheading 3 Eyes of the Lord and the Hades, and Ye Han also said at the time that the power of Lanling God has surpassed To God.

Since it is beyond the power of God, it is beyond the power of True God!

“Not bad.” Ye Han nodded said; “There is a Lanling God in the 9th Lebanon world. He is already gradually controlling the way of faith. Because of this, he is stronger than any God in the 9th Lebanon world, and this is still When he does not fully control the faith, once he fully controls the faith, he will become stronger.”

hearing this, between Heaven and Earth, Zhu Qiang felt a huge shock in his heart.

Ye Han said; “Of course, the emperor said that this kind of path of cultivation is also suitable for the cultivator of my gods and demons continent. If we can control this belief and obtain this power from the depths of our hearts, would it be better than between Heaven and Earth? It’s easier to gain power?”

“Human King, be that as it may, but for the time being, no one in our Gods and Demons Continent can control the way of faith you speak of. How should we start? How to control this way of faith from the soul?” Someone raised objections.

“Yes, King of People, although the way of faith you talk about may indeed become a brand new path of cultivation, but there is always a leader if you want to succeed. Although there are already people in the 9th world who have succeeded, our gods and demons land No, so even if this path exists, how can we succeed?”

There are whispering voices between Heaven and Earth, and now, they don’t deny the path of cultivation that Ye Han said.

However, the existence of this road is one thing, no one leads the way, how can it succeed?

The giants remained silent. What Ye Han said today has indeed increased their knowledge, but at present everything is still on paper.

If someone can lead the way, this is indeed a powerful path of cultivation.

“Hehe, who said no one succeeded in my Divine Demon Continent?” Ye Han said with a smile.

Hearing this, between Heaven and Earth’s eyes shook, they all looked at Ye Han.

“Human King, do you already control this way of faith?” Celestial Emperor asked in shock, staring at Ye Han between Heaven and Earth. If Ye Han succeeds, then in the gods and demons continent, He is the Number One Person who pioneered this way of faith, and the ancestor who called it the way of faith in the Gods and Demons Continent is nothing but a thing.

Ye Han smiled and said nodded; “In the 9th Lebanon world, both the emperor and Lanling had realized the way of faith with the help of a Supreme Treasure. The Lord of Lanling had spent 10000 years realizing the way of faith. Tao is the threshold for entering the way of faith, and the emperor is very lucky, and he has realized the way of faith from it. At present, both the emperor and the Lanling God are the threshold for entering the way of faith, but, Even if he has just entered the threshold of the Tao of Faith, with the help of this strength of Faith, the emperor has killed 9 Lei world 2 gods in a row!”


As soon as this remark came out, in addition to the giants present, the powers between Heaven and Earth were in an uproar.

“What, the King of People has entered the 9th Lebanon world and has killed 2 gods in a row. This is equivalent to True God and generally terrifying existence!”

“The strength of the King of Humans has become so terrifying. He can kill 2 gods. Doesn’t it mean that he now has the strength to kill True God.”

“It’s no wonder that Monster God, the demons of the 3rd clan, will be trampled underfoot by the King of Humans with no difficulty. It turns out that the current King of Humans already has the power to kill the gods.”

“Yeah, so to speak, even if the King of Humans gave Monster God a chance to enter True God at the True God Ceremony, their future is not the opponent of King of Humans.”

There were 4 uproars between Heaven and Earth, extremely boiling.

At this moment, those big Aristocratic families who moved from Divine Realm to South Divine Realm are all fortunate. Fortunately, they chose Ye Han. If they choose the first emperor and three people, how about they will become True God in the future?

Ye Han already has the ability to slaughter gods, are you afraid that they will become True God in the future?

“Hehe, I made the right bet for Yun Family this time!” Yun Family Old Ancestor was pleased. The same is true for other big Aristocratic families from Divine Realm. Ye Han is not wrong.

I am afraid that after the end of Ye Han’s sermon today, those who choose to believe in the 3 gods should regret it!

“Ren King, how should this strength of Faith be controlled?” The giants were very excited when they learned that Ye Han also controlled the strength of Faith.

The boiling voice between Heaven and Earth gradually quieted down, and the one after another extremely fiery and worshipful eyes all fell on Ye Han.

Hearing this, Ye Han slowly got up, there was no trace of regular force fluctuations above his body.

At this moment, any power of Ye Han cultivation’s God and Demon Continent fell silent, as if falling into a deep sleep.

between Heaven and Earth Everyone felt that the aura belonging to the power of the gods and demons in Ye Han disappeared.

Subsequently, a mysterious, mysterious force that made all living beings feel extremely terrifying was released from Ye Han.

When this force appeared, even the 35 giants sitting cross-legged on Dao Field, and even the half-step True God of Cang Tian Burial, felt a force they could not resist, as if they were going to be wiped out in an instant.

This power does not come from Spiritual God, nor is it any kind of power in the Gods and Demons Continent, but a brand new power that is unprecedented and unheard-of in the world!

In an instant, this force moved towards the surrounding between Heaven and Earth continued to spread out.

Everyone on the 100 mountain peaks feels this power. Under the cover of this power, they are like ants facing Heaven and Earth. This power is too vast and majestic for them. Up!

Not a mortal can control, it is above the Spiritual God, and the Supreme power on par with Heaven and Earth Grand Dao!

“This is the strength of Faith, the power born from the depths of the soul. Do you think it can be equivalent to True God? Even beyond True God?”

Ye Han looked at between Heaven and Earth, that one after another stared openly, strength of Faith, he only controlled a little by chance and coincidence. If he fully utilized the power of faith in his heart, what would it be? terror?

In the 9th Lebanon world, Lanling relies on the beliefs born from the evil Spirit Race to control the beliefs born deep in the heart, but Ye Han does not believe that as long as they open a window to the world, their potential is infinitely powerful.

And Ye Han now wants to borrow this strand of strength of Faith to open a new door to the world!

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