Divine Perception Chapter 3428

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Above Dao Field, as the trace of strength of Faith controlled by Ye Han spreads infinitely between Heaven and Earth, everyone is under the envelope of this trace of strength of Faith.

Including the 1000000 disciple behind Ye Han’s Ye Temple, they also felt this strength of Faith.

This kind of power is different from any power in the cultivation of the Gods and Demons Continent, but it is terrifying to the extreme.

Many powerful people who listened to Ye Han’s sermons have faced the three false gods of the First Emperor, so they all know how terrifying the power of Spiritual God is, but the strength of Faith released from Ye Han, Make them feel more terrifying than Spiritual God!

Ye Han used this power to kill the two gods of 9 Lei world, no one would doubt Ye Han’s words!

“This is the strength of Faith. There really is such a terrifying power in this world, and there really is a power beyond True God!”

“The King of Humanity really didn’t deceive me to wait. This strength of Faith is truly extraordinary, surpassing all the power between Heaven and Earth.”

At this moment, sentient beings are boiling, and such a brand-new road appears in the Gods and Demons Continent, not only for them, but also for the generations to come. As the leader of this brand-new road, Ye Han will surely become the ancestor. That kind of supreme existence, let later generations praise!

The giants express their excitement. By now, Ye Han’s preaching is considered a complete success, because Ye Han has already proven the existence of this path that is equivalent to True God and even surpasses True God.

As for whether sentient beings can follow this path, it all depends on their own destiny!

“Faith comes from the depths of the soul, and all living beings have faith. The stronger the faith, the stronger the strength of Faith controlled. If you want to control the belief that is born deep in the soul, you must open the door of the soul.”

“There is a Supreme Treasure in the 9th Lebanon world. With the help of that Supreme Treasure, the door to the soul can be opened. However, 10000 things and 10000 things are infallible. Since God has let us discover this path, use the wisdom and potential of all beings , You don’t necessarily need to use that Supreme Treasure to open the door to the soul.”

“The emperor’s preaching today is to use the strength of Faith controlled by the emperor to help you open the door to the soul. However, what kind of good fortune depends on your own efforts, so let’s start!”

As Ye Han’s words were passed on between Heaven and Earth, the excitement silhouette of this piece of between Heaven and Earth was not idle, and they entered a state of meditation, feeling the strength of faith deep in the soul, from the faith controlled by Ye Han Find a way to open the door of the soul.

In an instant, countless cultivators entered a state of meditation. This scene was extremely spectacular.

Heaven and Earth is silent, 10000 things are silent!

And Ye Han has been controlling his own strength of Faith and wandering between Heaven and Earth, covering all those who enter the state of meditation.

At this moment, everyone’s meditation state is under Ye Han’s control. Whether the strength of Faith controlled by him can help others open the door to the soul is only Ye Han’s vision for the time being.

However, Ye Han doesn’t believe in failure. He opened the door to the soul because of the belief that was born from the evil Spirit Race, and the belief in his own control may also help others open the door to the soul.

This is a grand event that will benefit the entire continent of Gods and Demons, and it is also a precedent to create a new path of cultivation.

Today, regardless of whether anyone can open the door to the soul and control the strength of Faith, this sermon will also be permanently recorded in the annals of history.

At this moment, when Ye Han released his strength of Faith to cover the surroundings between Heaven and Earth, he suddenly felt a peep.

This piece of between Heaven and Earth seems to have a pair of eyes peeking at what is happening here.

Feeling this, Ye Han looked up at the sky. He was lightly snorted and contained Supreme divine might. This kind of divide might seemed to penetrate endless void and spread out infinitely.

At the same time, in the far east Divine Realm, a mouthful of blood immediately spouted from the mouths of Crown Prince, Wang Chuyi, and the First Emperor.

“Damn bastard!” Under the Crown Prince complexion is gloomy, their three people spied Ye Han’s preaching together, and they were discovered by Ye Han. Although the Crown Prince three people do not believe that Ye Han can give the world. Preaching, even preaching, certainly cannot tell the same path as True God.

However, even though they said this, they were still very excited about preaching with Ye Han. If they can clearly comprehension something in Ye Han’s preaching, they will benefit infinitely, so they will secretly peek at Ye Han. sermon.

“Do you feel that kind of power?” The First Emperor’s face was pale.

“That kind of power is not any power that exists in the Gods and Demons Continent.” Wang Chuyi wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and said.

The strength of Faith released from Ye Han was felt by their three people under a peeping glance. Even though they are already half-step True God, the kind of power released from Ye Han makes them feel insignificant. Like an ant!

“What kind of power is that? How can it make me feel more horrible than True God?” Crown Prince’s face was extremely ugly.

“Perhaps, this is where he preached!” Wang Chuyi’s expression was gloomy and uncertain.

Yaoguang domain, sentient beings meditate, Ye Han’s strength of Faith is like a god dragon-like soaring in this sky, covering everyone.

Ye Han naturally knew who was peeping in secret just now. Ye Han really didn’t pay attention to the three fellows of the first emperor.

Soon, half a day passed, and the people who came to listen to Ye Han’s sermon were still in meditation. Everything between Heaven and Earth was extremely quiet.

But Ye Han is not in a hurry. There are countless geniuses in the Gods and Demons Continent. Those who can enter the ranks of giants are innate talents when they are young. They are not inferior to the gods of 9 Li world. They may not fail to succeed as long as they are given a chance.

In a flash, the time of one day and one night passed like this.

Day 2 dawns and World’s All Living Things is revived.

Ye Han, who was in control of the audience, suddenly opened his eyes at this moment and looked towards the position of the ancient Buddha and Taoist ancestor, because he felt that the spiritual gate of these two people was coming from strange power fluctuations.

However, limited by the closed door of the soul, this force could not break free from the cage.

A smile appeared at the corner of Ye Han’s mouth, and the strength of Faith enveloped these two people into their bodies.

At this moment, perhaps I felt the entrance of the strength of Faith. With the help of Ye Han’s strength of Faith, the ancient Buddha and Daozu two instantly broke through the yoke of the soul.

In an instant, the door of the soul was opened, and the aura of the ancient Buddha and Taoist ancestors was undergoing subtle changes!


Ye Han sighed in relief. It seems that his method is useful. The strength of Faith he controls can indeed help others open the door to their hearts!

There are already successful precedents. In the future, strength of Faith will surely become the mainstream force of cultivation in cultivator!

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