Divine Perception Chapter 3429

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The ancient Buddha and Daozu opened the door of the soul. They slowly opened their eyes at this time. Even in their state of mind, there was a touch of happiness and joy on their faces at this moment.

Because they have already felt the presence of the power in the depths of their hearts, although they have not yet controlled it, it will be a matter of time.

Once they control a trace of strength of Faith like Ye Han, then even if they have not achieved True God, they will be as strong as True God!

“Hehe, Teacher, Gu Buddha, congratulations!” Ye Han smiled.

The ancient Buddha and Daozu are nodded.

“In addition to the way of True God, there is such a wonderful power in this world. It seems that the mystery between Heaven and Earth is really endless. Even if I am close to the Peak of Heaven and Earth, I cannot really explore it. The mystery of Heaven and Earth!” Daozu said with emotion.

“Amitabha, today’s Benefactor preaching by Ye Benefactor can be regarded as an act for the benefit of the world, and it has also ushered in a new era. People of later generations can not only cultivation the way of True God, but also cultivation this way of faith, so that all beings have A wider stage!” Gu Buddha said with his hands folded.

hearing this, Ye Han said with a smile; “There are endless mysteries in the world. I can find one of them. It’s great Xin, but in this world there is the dao can connect the heavens of True God, and there is a way of faith, not necessarily without Other roads, but my generation did not find that’s all!”

Nodded endorsed by Taoist and Ancient Buddha.

Now that the door of the soul has been opened, they will also try to control the way of faith that they have never set foot in.

Abandon the way of True God and focus on the way of faith, and their progress will be faster.

After all, it is extremely difficult to follow the way of True God. Since the last epoch, there have been countless cultivators walking the way of True God, but how many of them have finally achieved True God?

Seeing the ancient Buddha and Taoist ancestors entering a new state of cultivation, Ye Han did not withdraw the strength of Faith. He was waiting for the next person to open the door of the soul to appear.

However, it didn’t take long before Ye Han suddenly discovered that from the Yeshen Temple, suddenly there was a force that made the Soul Gate turbulent.

“Well, it seems that the old man has touched the threshold too!”

Ye Han turned to look and fell on Ji Kuangren’s body. Originally, Ji Kuangren’s rebirth was limited by the Saint Emperor’s bones. It was very difficult for him to enter the Celestial Emperor’s realm, unless it was to break the limitations brought by the Saint Emperor’s bones.

But at this moment, Ji Kuangren turned to the Tao of Faith, which made him relaxed.

Subsequently, with the help of Ye Han, Kuangren Ji also opened the door to the soul.

However, Ji Kuangren opened the door to the soul when he took control of the Holy Wheel Emperor. Even if he now controls the strength of Faith, he should be equal in power to the Celestial Emperor, or perhaps better than the Celestial Emperor.

After all, the way of faith is stronger than the way of True God!

Even under the same realm, the way of faith is stronger!

There are the first, the second, the third, and naturally there will be the fourth, the fifth, and even more people open the door to the soul.

Soon, after 3 consecutive days, two-thirds of the giants who came to listen to Ye Han’s sermon opened the door to their hearts.

However, it is not easy to control the strength of Faith from it. Even the Taoist and Ancient Buddha who first opened the door to the soul have not really controlled the strength of Faith.

Among the powers of Yeshen Temple, not only Ji Kuangren, Ye Tianyi, Yu Great Desolate, Lin 7, and Sha Ben 5 opened the door to the soul.

There are still 1000 streams. She is in the same situation as Ji Kuangren. Due to the limitations of the Saint Emperor’s bones, it is difficult to break through the Celestial Emperor. Now it is much easier to change to the way of faith.

But during the past few days when Ye Han preached on the Continent of Gods and Demons.

9 The preaching conference held by the four great gods of the Lebanon world is also over.

“Tomorrow is the day when the preaching conference begins. Why hasn’t the Husband returned? Could it be that what happened to him when he entered the world channel?”

Zhu Shen Tianyu, Zhu Divine Race.

Youruo God’s Qingcheng has a hint of worry on her face. As a woman of Ye Han, even if she is worried, she can’t express this worry on her face, so as not to disturb the military spirit of Divine Race. .

Right now, the Divine Race is based on Ye Han. If something happens to Ye Han, then this seemingly powerful Divine Race will just rush away.

After all, it was Ye Han who conquered the Divine Race’s huge scale now. Many people in it were under Ye Han’s pressure, so they could only acknowledge allegiance under Ye Han. Once Ye Han If something goes wrong with Han, these people will definitely jump out.

At that time, Zhu Divine Race will face a huge crisis.

“I believe in Big Brother.” Yun Lan said with an affirmative expression; “At the beginning, Big Brother could escape from the god Demon Race and return to the 9th Li world. This time he can definitely come back safely.”

You Ruo God doesn’t want to believe Ye Han, but this time Ye Han has been there for too long, and there is no news. There are already some bad voices in Divine Race, although Divine King can temporarily These voices are suppressed, but once the time is too long, no one knows what will happen?

“Mistress!” At this time, Zhu Divine King walked from outside with a few strong men.

Seeing this, God Youruo got up and asked; “How is it? What news is coming from the gate of the world?”

Zhu Divine King shook the head, his face is a bit ugly. Although the two strong men who followed Ye Han to the gate of the world have been guarding the gate of the world, Ye Han has never been there since he entered the passage of the world. come out.

Seeing this, the complexion stiffened of Qingcheng, the Qingcheng of the gods.

“Lord Wang, the Holy Feather Clan is here!” Outside, a strong man with Divine Race hurriedly walked and said.

Hearing this, Zhu Divine King and Youruo Shangshen looked at each other.

“Let’s see what’s going on with them?” You Ruo said with a cold face, narrowing his eyes.

In the great hall, Divine King was sitting on top of him, his eyes were indifferent to several powerful men coming from outside of the great hall. The leader was a powerful man with ten witches.

“Hehe, Heavenly Feather God of Saint Feather has seen Divine King!” God Heavenly Feather smiled slightly.

Zhu Divine King said in a tranquil voice; “I don’t know what’s the matter with Tianyu God coming to Zhu Divine Race?”

Heavenly Feather God said with a smile; “Zhu Divine King, tomorrow is the day when the preaching conference begins. Originally, God is here to inform Zhu Divine Race. Hope God God must participate tomorrow!”

“I’ve already understood this matter, Divine Race, if God has nothing to do with Heavenly Feather, please come back!” Divine King waved lightly.

“Wait a minute, the four great gods have orders. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the preaching conference, the door of the world will be closed in 4 days!” Tianyu God squinted said with a smile.

Hearing this, the complexion of Divine King and the others changed suddenly!

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