Divine Perception Chapter 3430

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Close the door of the world after 3 days!

4 The Lord did this, completely not wanting Ye Han to return to the 9 Li world.

In the eyes of Divine King and the others, no matter whether Ye Han enters the Demon Race or not, once the gate of the world is closed, Ye Han can only enter the Demon Race.

And in this way, after entering the god Demon Race, Ye Han will face the siege of the gods Demon Race.

Last time Ye Han forcibly opened a crack on the gate of the world and entered the world channel. Now this crack has not been closed yet, just waiting for Ye Han to return, but if the world crack is closed, Ye Han can come back ?

“No, absolutely not!” Divine King suddenly stood up and stopped.

Heavenly Feather God said with a sneer; “Zhu Divine King, this matter was jointly ordered by the 4 Great Gods. If you have any opinions, you can go to the 4 Great Gods personally. Today, the words of the God God have been brought to you, farewell!”

After saying this, the God of Heaven Yu took the strong men of the Saint Yu clan and left one after another.

Zhu Divine King’s face is extremely ugly, he didn’t expect the 4 God to do this. If Ye Han does not return to the 3 Li world within 9 days, he must enter the God Demon Race and face the God Demon Race alone. .

Of course, whether it is the four gods or Divine King and the others.

They never thought that Ye Han not only entered the God Demon Race, but also explained the way of faith to the people of God Demon Race, because he himself was a person of God Demon Race, even if the four gods closed the door of the world, Ye Han There is no danger for Han.

Of course, if the gate of the world is closed and Ye Han wants to return to the world, there will be some trouble.

“What, they want to close the door of the world!” You Ruo Shangshen’s face was cold.

Zhu Divine King said with an ugly face; “Mistress, once the four gods close the door of the world, then God will face a huge crisis. Once the powerhouses of the god Demon Race join forces to deal with God, the consequences…”

Zhu Divine King did not continue.

“They must not be allowed to close the door of the world.” God Youruo took a deep breath and said with a murderous expression; “Zhu Divine King, mobilize the god Legion to surround me with the door of the world, who dares to approach the world? Door, kill without mercy!”

Hearing this, the heart of Divine King was shocked, it was tantamount to a war against the four gods, but now, there is only one way!

Not long after, in addition to the 56 million army of Zhu Divine Race who stayed in the heaven of Zhu God, a full 10,000,000 army was dispatched to the gate of the world. The mighty momentum shocked everyone who knew the actions of Zhu Divine Race.

“Hehe, dispatch 10,000,000 troops to guard the gate of the world, but if we really want to close the gate of the world, can they keep it?”

Holy feather universe.

4 After the Lord knew about this matter, they did not at all take it seriously. Their purpose was to force Ye Han to appear in the preaching conference, because at the preaching conference, they had prepared a copy for Ye Han Generous gift.

If Ye Han does not come to participate, then everything they do will be wasted.

Of course, if Ye Han really does not come to participate, then the gate of the world will be closed and Ye Han will face the strong Demon Race alone. In this way, they can still use the hand of the strong Demon Race to get rid of Ye Han.

For the four gods, this is a good thing for one move, two gains.

The Immortal God said, “Tomorrow will be a preaching conference, but from the current situation, it is absolutely difficult for 1000 cliffs to appear in the preaching conference tomorrow. When the time comes, do we really want to preach to the world?”

“If 1000 cliffs do not come, we can postpone the preaching meeting. When the time comes, the world will only attribute the blame to the top of 1000 cliffs.” The dark god said with a cold laugh, preaching to the world, they naturally did not. generous.

Hearing this, the undead god said solemnly; “However, once the 9 Extinguishing Heaven Formation is opened at the preaching conference, as a sacrificial offering, it will kill many people!”

“Hmph, even so, 1000 Cliff must die, he will not die, we will die in the future!” Holy Feather God said coldly.

Ye Han directly and indirectly killed several gods in the 9 Lebanon world. For Ye Han’s ambition, the Holy Feather God and the others can feel that the other party wants to get rid of all of them and dominate the 9 Lebanon world.

In order to get rid of Ye Han, they are willing to do it even if the price is high.

Because of Ye Han, 9 Lei world has fallen into the state of rising winds, scudding clouds, but in the land of gods and demons, Ye Han is still preaching in the Yao light domain, waiting for more people to open the door of the soul.

As long as the door to the soul is opened, they will definitely be able to control their faith in the future. It is only a matter of time.

Although Ye Han also knows that the preaching conference of the 9th Lebanon world is about to begin, Ye Han is not in a hurry. Anyway, the preaching conference opened by the four gods is just to deal with himself.

However, at the end of this day, the 3 to 15 giants have all opened the door to the soul.

Even Cang Tian Burial, a strong man who is already a half-step True God, has converted to the way of faith.

Even on the 100 mountain peaks, there are also some people who have opened the door to the soul, such as Qin Sheng Old Ancestor and the others, Yun Family Old Ancestor and the others.

Right now these powerful men who have opened the door to the soul are all trying to control the strength of Faith, although no one really controls the faith yet.

Ye Han looked at everyone in this piece of between Heaven and Earth with a smile, and he could feel that in the continent of Gods and Demons, a brand-new prosperous world is about to usher in, and it will be more prosperous than the previous era.

Now more than 30 giants have opened the door to the soul. Once they have control of faith, it is equivalent to the terrifying existence of more than 30 gods!

Weng weng!

Suddenly, a mysterious and terrifying divine might burst out of the bodies of the two people from Daozu and Ancient Buddha.

The moment this divine might bloomed, all the cultivators in this piece of meditation between Heaven and Earth were awakened in an instant.

“It’s finished!” Ye Han moved towards Daozu and Ancient Buddha in amazement.

At this moment, there is a strength of Faith born in Daozu and Ancient Buddha.

The two of them actually controlled this strength of faith at the same time!

“Faith, this is faith!” Everyone between Heaven and Earth eyes opened, and those who have opened the door to the soul looked at Taoist and Ancient Buddha with envy.

However, the success of Daozu and Gufo also gave them endless hope!

“Amitabha, I can enter this way in my life, many thanks to the generosity of the king!” Gu Buddha stood up and gave a teacher’s gift to Ye Han.

“The ancient Buddha’s words are heavy.” Ye Han replied.

“Hehe, the way of faith, it is really so mysterious, discipline, this way of faith comes from your hands, and now I and the ancient Buddha 2 are equal to True God, but this is an all new realm, not as good as you “Wang’2, name this realm!” Dao Zu said with a smile with a smile on his face.

“Human King Realm!”

Between Heaven and Earth everyone is reciting these 2 words silently!

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