Divine Perception Chapter 3431

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“It’s not bad to name this new realm after Human King Realm!”

Celestial Emperor Xi agreed, saying, King of Humans, this is the transcendent existence of their human race, and the way of faith is taught to the people of the world by Ye Han alone. For this brand new realm, it is named after King of Humans.

This is also a kind of respect and praise for Ye Han. As long as the people of later generations cultivation the way of faith, they will definitely not forget the king who spread the way of faith throughout the world!

“Hehe, I think it’s good too, just name it after Human King Realm!” The demon Saint Race and other giants also nodded.

“Human King Realm, this realm is fine!” The Queen of Undead Ice nodded with a smile, using a person’s name to name the realm, this is the first time that God and Demon Continent has appeared since ancient times, and this is also a Supreme glory!

Seeing this, the people in this piece of between Heaven and Earth nodded one after another.

Ye Han brought out the way of faith, named after the word “other king”, which couldn’t be more appropriate.

Seeing this, Ye Han bitterly laughed, but since everyone agrees, Ye Han will not hypocritically postpone it. He said with a smile; “Since everyone feels that this new realm is named after Human King Realm, the emperor naturally No objection, then from today onwards, Human King Realm is equal to True God, Human King Realm, and equal to the unknown realm in the legend of the Gods and Demons Continent, and it is also called the 10000 Ancestral Realm!”

All sentient beings nodded with smiles, they have been able to see that a new era is coming!

At this point, Ye Han’s sermon officially ended.

Because under Ye Han’s preaching, a new road of cultivation has been born in the Continent of Gods and Demons, and Daozu and Gufo have successfully embarked on this road.

With a successful precedent, Ye Han preached this time, it is considered a success of Perfection!

Both Daozu and Gufo have gradually taken control of their beliefs. It is conceivable that those strong men who have opened the door to the soul will definitely enter this path next.

For a while, Ye Han preached that the success of Perfection was centered on the Yaoguang domain, moved towards the world swept away.

Like a torrent, unstoppable!

In less than half a day, this incident shocked the entire Gods and Demons Continent, and the world was shocked!

“Ye Han really succeeded in preaching, how is this possible? Even if he defeats the three gods, it is impossible to have such achievements? I want to explain to the world a new path of cultivation, and it is still equivalent to the path of True God. Cultivation, how difficult is this. Since ancient times, only the ancestor has developed the way of True God in the Gods and Demons Continent. Can Ye Han be able to mention on equal terms with the ancestor?”

“But Ye Han really succeeded. Although the way of faith he explained has never appeared in the Continent of Gods and Demons, under his preaching, Daozu and Ancient Buddha have entered an all new realm field. , This all new realm is equal to True God, and they also named this realm Human King Realm, named after the word Ye Han Ren Wang!”

“Impossible, absolutely impossible. This must be fabricated by the South Divine Realm. They are afraid that Ye Han’s failure to preach will be ridiculed by the world, so they fabricated this ridiculous Human King Realm.”

“Yes, Ye Han is so old that he dared to mention on equal terms with the first ancestor. Did he think it was so easy to explain a path equivalent to True God? The way of faith? I think it is just made up, except for True in this world. God’s way can reach Peak, there is no other shortcut.”

“Let the ancient Buddha and Daozu stand up, since they have entered a new path equivalent to True God under the preaching of Ye Han, let them stand up and prove to the world!”

“Anyway, I won’t believe in this so-called way of faith. I only believe in the way of True God. If Daozu and Ancient Buddha dare to stand up to challenge the 2 gods and defeat the 3 gods, I will believe this so-called way of faith. There is no fact before the people of the world, everything else is on paper.”

After Ye Han’s sermon on Perfection ended and spread all over the world, such voices sounded everywhere except the South Divine Realm.

They didn’t believe Ye Han really created a brand new path.

As these voices entered the South Divine Realm, the lungs of the South Divine Realm were about to explode, especially those who had personally listened to Ye Han’s sermon, they were even more angry.

“Hmph, a bunch of a frog in well, cheating assholes, what do they know?”

“The way of faith created by the King of Humans is a powerful act for the benefit of the Gods and Demons Continent. They are so critical, with the current achievements of the King of Humans, is it necessary for him to construct something nihilistic to gain glory?”

Many super powers in the South Divine Realm are angry, and even many giants are suffocating in their hearts.

Ye Han only faintly smiled after knowing these voices. Now he knows the mentality of the people standing on the side of the three false gods. Now he doesn’t need to care about the opinions of these ants.

Everything, future generations have their own justice!

However, Ye Han doesn’t care. As the Daozu and Gufo who have entered the Human King Realm after listening to Ye Han’s sermon, they cannot be regarded as not having heard.

Moreover, if the people today are asking them to stand up and prove to the world, then, for Ye Han, of course they have to stand up and let the people of the world see Ye Han’s teachings. Is it true? Is it fabricated?

“It’s really like a sharp arrow, Daozu, since the people of the world want me to come forward, then the two of me will go to the East Divine Realm for a walk!” The ancient Buddha and Daozu looked towards the East Divine Realm. Direction.

Dao ancestor said with a smile; “Also, if we don’t come forward, how can we stop the tongue of the people of the world.”

After Dao Zu and Gu Buddha made up their minds, at the same time, Dao Zu and Gu Buddha left South Divine Realm and went to East Divine Realm.

As they left, Daozu and Gu Buddha went to the East Divine Realm to challenge the 3 gods and the matter was immediately spread throughout the world.

“Challenge us?”

East Divine Realm, after the first emperor and the 3 people learned about this, their faces were a little ugly. They were also half-step True God at any rate. They were believed to be Spiritual God by the world. Can anyone really challenge it at will?

However, the first emperor and the three people also felt a little guilty in their hearts. Ancient Buddha and Daozu dared to challenge them. If they lose, they will surely be ashamed again in front of the world.

“Taozu and Ancient Buddha are not ostentatious people. Since they are here, they must have something to rely on!” The First Emperor said calmly.

Wang Chuyi squinted his eyes and said, “Even so, we can’t avoid and fight, we can just see the so-called way of faith!”

“Hmph, challenge the 3 gods, I want to see how the ancient Buddha and Daozu defeat the 3 gods? Once they lose, then Ye Han’s teachings are just shit.”

“Look, if the 3 gods come forward, they will definitely defeat the ancient Buddha and Daozu. Although the 2 gods are not as good as Ye Han for the time being, how can the ancient Buddha and Daozu be shoulder to shoulder with the 3 gods?”

In an instant, the eyes of the people all over the world converged on the East Divine Realm.

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