Divine Perception Chapter 3432

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As Dao Zu and Gu Buddha headed to the East Divine Realm, the eyes of the people all over the world stared at the East Divine Realm.

People who think that Ye Han is not capable of preaching at all, and have invented a way of faith, are now desperate to see Daozu and Gu Buddha defeated by the first emperor and three.

Of course, as far as the South Divine Realm is concerned, although Daozu and Gufo have not yet confronted the first emperor, they already know the ending.

“Hehe, this time those who believe in the 3 gods will only find out that they have done a stupid thing for the 3 gods they believe in in mind.”

“It is true. Once the three gods are defeated by the ancient Buddha and Taoist ancestors, the three gods they believe in will surely once again lose face in front of the people of the world, and all of this is because of their ignorance, so that the Taoist and ancient ancestors will lose face. The Buddha will prove that they will shame the three gods they believe in again.”

“Look, once Daozu and Ancient Buddha defeat the three false gods, the people of the world will completely shut their mouths. When the time comes, they will not find any words that can slander the King of Humans. “

“Not only that, when the time comes, they should regret choosing those three false gods and abandoning the king of man!”

People in the South Divine Realm are all staring at the East Divine Realm as if they were watching a show. They also want to see the people who slander Ye Han after the defeat of the First Emperor and the Three. How embarrassing would they be? What will it be ashamed and unable to show one’s face? What regret will it be?

“Hmph, this group of a frog in well, it’s time for them to shut up completely!”

On Ye Shendian, Zhan Wushuang had an angry face, and since the people of the world stood on the side of the first emperor, it was really disappointing.

“The world is relaxing, and there is indeed some terrifying, but what is more terrifying is the ignorance of these people!” Linghu Qingyi shook the head, now who can rule the roost today? Who can save the Continent of Gods and Demons? Don’t they understand?

Yi Polu said; “However, the ancient Buddha and Daozu went to the East Divine Realm. These ignorant people will realize how outrageous they are!”

“The reason why the Continent of Gods and Demons breaks now is more or less because of the existence of these ignorant people.” The reincarnation girl sighed.

hearing this, Ye Han said with a smile; “I didn’t care about it, why bother about the opinions of some ants? Let them say what they want. The mouth grows on them, we can’t control it, but right or wrong Wrong, later generations have their own comments.”

Now that he is back, Ye Han will naturally gather with these former Old Friend, now Zhan Wushuang and the others are already among the super powers between Heaven and Earth, and now they have converted to the way of faith, their future, and progress. Will be faster.

“Third Brother, I heard you have to leave?” Zhan Wushuang looked at Ye Han reluctantly. Since Ye Han gradually stood on the top of this World, their time with Ye Han has been getting less and less.

Ye Han nodded; “9 Lebanon, I have to go there again, but with the changes in the strengths of the South Divine Realm, as long as there are no huge changes, even Foreign Race Invasion in the future, the land of the gods and demons will be able to contend. the power of!”

More than 30 giants have opened the door to the soul. Once they gradually take control of faith, it is equivalent to the existence of God. Can such power still stop Foreign Race Invasion?

Hearing Ye Han’s words, Zhan Wushuang and the others were silent. Ye Han had already paid too much for the gods and demons continent!

“Don’t worry, we will take control of faith in the future, and you will still have us behind you!”

East Divine Realm, Divine Race Many people are currently gathered in the God Palace where the 3 gods are.

This God Palace represents the position of Supreme in Divine Race. The entire God Palace is extremely magnificent and is the god of the first emperor.

But now Wang Chuyi and Crown Prince 2 are also in this God Palace.

“Taozu and Ancient Buddha are here!”

At this time, under the gaze of countless line of sights between Heaven and Earth around God Palace, there are two silhouettes in the distance, soar into the clouds and mount the mists.

Finally stood on the sky above the God Palace.

For them, no one in the world knows that before the Spiritual God was born in the Divine Realm, they were one of the giants between Heaven and Earth, in the Divine Realm transcendent position.

However, after the first emperor and three were promoted to True God for a half-step, the status of these older generation giants in mind in the world has gradually decreased.

“Dare to come!”

In the God Palace, the three first emperors appeared one by one, and they ignored the two ancient Buddhas and Daozu who came here.

“Amitabha, at the invitation of the world, this poor monk and Taoist ancestors came to ask the 3 gods. I don’t know which of the 3 gods will come first? Or, it’s okay for the 3 gods to take action together!” Ancient Buddha said in a tranquil voice.

However, Gu Buddha’s calm words made the people who believe in True God gathered in this area between Heaven and Earth angry.

“Hmph, old bald donkey, let the 3 gods take action together, are you laughing at the 3 gods? Are you worth the 3 gods to take action together?”

“Youdao is a monk doesn’t lie, Gu Buddha, you are too arrogant!”

“That is, let you challenge the 3 God, but it is not for you to humiliate the 3 God, because you are not qualified to humiliate the 3 God.”

The eyes of the first emperor and the three people are spreading with cold colors, and I saw Crown Prince wandering out; “It seems that following Ye Han will make you, the detached Buddhism majestic, become so arrogant. Under Ye Han’s preaching, the two of you entered the way of faith and took control of the so-called faith. Today, the original god has come to teach and teach what is so powerful about faith?”

“Alright!” Gu Buddha calmly nodded, and then I saw him a finger pointed, all the weather between Heaven and Earth changed endlessly.

Since ancient times, Buddha has released a mysterious power that no one has ever seen before.

The moment this kind of power appeared, not only the expressions of the people between Heaven and Earth were shocked, even if the complexions of the first emperor and Wang Chuyi both fuse, because this power is too powerful, too terrifying!

“This is impossible!” The Crown Prince roared wildly, and the mighty power belonging to True God blasted out, but in the face of Gu Buddha’s finger, he controlled Crown Prince as if was struck by lightning, in Gu Buddha’s finger. Down, Crown Prince vomited blood again and again, and several thousands li flew upside down, making this piece of Heaven and Earth explode continuously!

At this moment, the hairs of the first emperor and Wang Chuyi both stood up. They were the closest to the ancient Buddha, and they could even feel the power of destruction!

The power of the ancient Buddha’s finger can be said to have sealed the mouths of everyone present who wanted to blame the ancient Buddha and spurn Ye Han.

At this moment, the ancient Buddha has used his own strength to prove the existence of the way of faith and the horror of the way of faith!

“The way of faith turned out to be true. Ye Han really created an unprecedented path equal to True God!”

Between Heaven and Earth around God Palace, everyone was shocked. Ancient Buddha could defeat True God in half a step with a single finger. His strength must be as powerful as True God.

From now on, who else would dare to mock Ye Han’s teachings? Who else dares to question Ye Han’s lack of preaching qualifications?

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