Divine Perception Chapter 3433

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In front of God Palace, everyone was shocked.

The power of Gu Buddha’s finger can be said to have crushed the belief in the hearts of the people between Heaven and Earth.

Make everyone speechless in this piece between Heaven and Earth?

Is the way of faith fabricated? The answer is obvious.

Ye Han is not qualified to preach to people? Not qualified to create a path of cultivation equivalent to True God?

Couldn’t the ancient Buddha let the three gods act together?

All of this has been answered.

Ye Han can not only preach to the world, but also create an extremely powerful way of faith.

At least, under the preaching of Ye Han, the ancient Buddha and Taoist ancestors have entered the way of faith, and they have become the existence between Heaven and Earth, which is equal to True God.

At this moment, as people who have seen the power of ancient Buddha with their own eyes, they regret it very much.

one after another strong regret, as if to faint them with shock.

Under Ye Han’s preaching, experts such as ancient Buddha and Daozu who were once inferior to the three gods reached the same height as True God in just a few days.

It can be said that the ancient Buddha and Taoist ancestors can have today’s heights and they were drawn by Ye Han. Now, what right do people in the world have to slander Ye Han? Laughing at Ye Han?

Under Ye Han’s preaching, a powerful existence like True God can be born. This is even difficult for the first emperor to achieve True God!

If they choose to believe in Ye Han at first, and listen to Ye Han’s sermons, even if they cannot reach the heights of the Taoist and ancient Buddhas in the future, it is definitely possible to reach the heights of the Celestial Emperor.

However, they chose the 3 gods, not Ye Han, so they were not even qualified to listen to Ye Han’s sermons.

At this moment, after seeing the mighty strength of Gufo, one after another strong regret has been surging between Heaven and Earth like a frenzy.

“I don’t know the way of belief of this poor monk, how does the 3 god feel?”

Above the sky, Gu Buddha watched the first emperor and Wang Chuyi calmly open their mouths.

Hearing this, the faces of the first emperor and Wang Chuyi were ugly. Last time, they were ashamed of Ye Han, and this time, they were equally ashamed of Daozu and Gu Buddha.

At this moment, the first emperor and Wang Chuyi both hated those who believed in them. If these people hadn’t replaced them and let Taoist and Ancient Buddha come forward, would they be ashamed of the world?

At this moment, the people between Heaven and Earth are all embarrassed. The 3 gods lost their face today. It is indeed because they helped fuel the situation. If it weren’t for them, how could the first emperor and the 3 people face such an embarrassing situation now?

“Do you still need me to take action? Are the two coming together? Or one by one?” Dao Zu also said, the loud voice spread throughout Heaven and Earth, making everyone absolutely silent.

The first emperor and Wang Chuyi two people even dare not fight, the ancient Buddha is so terrible, Daozu is definitely not weak, even if they make a move, it is a failure.

Right now, the people in this piece of between Heaven and Earth dare not continue to replace the 3 gods. Even the half-step True God under Crown Prince can’t stop the power of the ancient Buddha, even if the first emperor and the first king Two half-steps of True God are not much better at the end.

“You won, please go back!”

After a long silence, the first emperor spoke with a decadent expression. He found that in his entire life, perhaps he really could no longer surpass Ye Han.

Ye Han can cultivate as powerful existence as True God. What does True God count in his eyes?

There is also a remorse in the heart of the first emperor. If he had been promoted to the realm of True God for half a step in the profound door world, he had no greed, did not want to occupy Ye Han’s profound door world, and did not want to be proud and arrogant. Step on Ye Han.

So, today, maybe it’s another situation!

Perhaps, under Ye Han’s preaching, he now has a different achievement!

“You can humiliate anyone, but you must not humiliate this piece of Heaven and Earth who is stronger than Spiritual God. You can also be ignorant, but you must never be ignorant to the immensity of heaven and earth. In the eyes of the king, What are Spiritual Gods? What are you? What qualifications do you have? Next time, if someone humiliates the King, I and the ancient Buddha will personally come here!”

Daozu’s eyes were sharp, facing his gaze, all the people who believed in the three gods between Heaven and Earth bowed their heads.

Because Daozu and Gu Buddha have used their strength to explain Ye Han’s current status in the Gods and Demons Continent. Even their two existences equal to True God will not slander Ye Han. What qualifications do the ants in the world have?

Suddenly, as Taoist and ancient Buddha descended to the east Divine Realm, the ancient Buddha defeated Crown Prince with one finger. After this incident spread.

Rarely, those who did not want to believe that Ye Han can create a sound equivalent to True God’s roads all quieted down.

The Middle Divine Realm, West Divine Realm, North Divine Realm, and East Divine Realm have all become extremely quiet. The previous voices that vilified Ye Han have disappeared without a trace.

The people in the world who slander Ye Han and those who don’t believe in the way of faith have shut up completely!

Now, people who once believed in the three gods are full of endless regrets, but all of this is their own choice. They should have a stronger person to guard, and they should have the opportunity to contact the way of faith.

However, all this wonderful has passed with their plug-ins!

However, relative to the silence of Four Great God Territories, he kept his mouth shut.

South Divine Realm has become extremely lively.

“Hmph, a group of short-sighted a frog in well, they should know how stupid and ignorant they are now!”

“The King of Humanity preached and promoted Daozu and Ancient Buddha, two existences equivalent to True God. What qualifications do they have to discredit the King of Humanity?”

“3 things that the gods cannot do, do they think that the human king can’t do it? 10000000 Don’t compare those three false gods with the human king, because they are not qualified.”

“Hehe, but this group of ignorant people have done a very pleasant thing. If they hadn’t angered Daozu and the ancient Buddha to go to the east Divine Realm, would the three gods they believe in would be ashamed in front of the world?”

“Haha, they did this very well. Now I want to know whether the status of the so-called three gods in their in mind is still the same as always aloof and remote?”

“A group of humble guys, they should have shut up long ago. The King doesn’t care about them. That’s because they don’t have the qualifications to make the King cares about them, but now the strong who believe in the King will let them continue to be impudent. ?”

The entire South Divine Realm is very lively. Those who once slandered Ye Han shut their mouths. They can no longer mock and slander Ye Han. Everyone feels so happy!

“Is the way of belief really so terrifying? It can actually create a powerful existence like True God!”

At this time, in one of the three great Danger Lands of the Gods and Demons Continent, Tianlanjian, a black haired youth raised his head and looked at the sky, with the corners of his mouth tilted slightly, his eyes closed, he suddenly became Li 3 nights who had disappeared for a long time!

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