Divine Perception Chapter 3434

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Li 9 Ye, this guy hasn’t walked around in the Continent for a long time.

At the beginning, Ye Shendian established a monastery or sect in Heavenly Dragon Holy City, and then Ye Han went to the hell world to deal with Ye Shendian. At that time, Li 9 Ye appeared once.

However, since that time, Li 9 Ye has rarely appeared in the Continent of Gods and Demons, and has reached a point of disappearing. Even the first emperor of Divine Race, the Senior Brother of Li 9 Ye, has almost forgotten Li 9 Ye. The existence of this Junior Brother.

“The rebirth of the immortal Celestial Emperor, I have reached the peak and have ten lives. I think who else can kill me in this world? It’s time to go out and take a look at this World. The way of True God, I don’t know me. Will that Senior Brother be more generous, and the way of faith that Ye Han created…”

Li 9 Ye’s eyes narrowed, and in those black eyes, there seemed to be a terrifying light burst!

When he entered the tomb of the top ten ancient emperors, Li Jiye received the inheritance of the Celestial Emperor, a terrifying martial arts inheritance, and the rebirth decision. This set of martial arts was also known as the ten vitality of the immortality in the last era, and has ten lives. It is a set of extremely terrifying martial arts. The original achievement of the immortal Celestial Emperor is far above the peerless powerhouses of the Celestial Emperor.

Abandoned 9 days was originally known as Number One Powerhouse under True God, Chidi was hailed as the second under True God.

In fact, what no one knows is that the Celestial Emperor is also known as the second under True God, but he and the Chi Emperor are stronger and who are weak? There has never been a real contest between the two sides.

Yao Guangyu, Ye Shendian.

Ye Han accompanied the daughters and family members on top of one of the peaks of Ye Shen Temple and laughed repeatedly.

Last time Ye Han went to 9 Lei world to hide from them, but this time Ye Han did not choose to hide it, so everyone knows that Ye Han will go to 9 Le world again.

However, Ye Han is so powerful now that the women are not particularly worried.

“when are we leaving?”

Seeing that group of many enchanting females disperse from Ye Han, Zhuge Prajna appeared beside Ye Han and asked.

“It will be two days later, but there is no need to let everyone know. After I leave, the affairs of Ye Shendian will be handed over to you.” Ye Han smiled, counting the time, today is 2 Li world 9 big The day when God started the preaching conference, but he was absent and did not show up. I don’t know what the four gods are preparing now?

“By the way, didn’t that guy still find it?” Ye Han’s eyes suddenly narrowed.

Returning to the Divine and Demon Continent this time, the 3 gods at first won the world. Ye Han originally thought that Li 9 Ye would also jump out to deal with Ye Shendian at that time. However, in the camp of the Divine Race powerhouses, Ye Han from start to Finish did not see the existence of Li 9 Ye.

Zhuge Prajna shook the head and said, “Since you went to the hell world, Li 9 Ye has appeared once, but since that time Li 9 Ye has completely disappeared. The 1000 Yelou was found in the tomb of the top ten ancient emperors. After Li’s 9 nights trail, he just let that guy slip away.”

“So until now, that guy hasn’t appeared from start to finish?” Ye Han’s eyes had a cold glow surging. Although he was not afraid of Li 9 nights, but he kept this guy, it was always in Ye Han’s heart. Somewhat uncomfortable.

Although Ji Kuangren has been resurrected now, Ye Han will never forget the pain that Li 9ye caused him!

Zhuge Prajna said, “Perhaps the scale of the Yeshen Temple is too strong now, or maybe your status in the Gods and Demons Continent is too high now that this guy dare not show up easily, but no one knows where he is hiding in the Gods and Demons Continent. , Even 1000 Night Tower hasn’t found his whereabouts.”

“Hehe, it seems that this guy has evolved into a complete old fox, but I don’t believe he will keep hiding in this land of gods and demons!”

9 Li world, holy feather heaven!

Today is the busiest day in the 9 Lebanon world, and many people gather in the Saint Feather universe.

All the people gathered in the holy feather domain are looking forward to the start of the preaching conference.

Once the great gods preach, even a trace of superficial knowledge is of great significance to those who come to listen to the preaching today. Once you clear the comprehension from the preaching of the great gods, you may be able to make great progress.

Especially those who have been in the tenfold witchcraft, tenfold Origin Force, have been silent for 1000 years, or even over 10,000 years. If they can realize it, then they will be the Supreme God Realm!

No one wants to give up this temptation.

Just like Ye Han preaching on the Continent of the Gods and Demons, many people have benefited a lot. The Daozu and the Ancient Buddha have achieved the same existence as True God in one fell swoop. This is the benefit of preaching.

It’s just that Ye Han can generously give what he has learned to the world, but with the selfish personality of the Holy Feather God and the others, how can they unconditionally dedicate what they have learned throughout their lives to others?

Apart from several tens of thousands of li, a magnificent city has been established.

This city is huge and can accommodate several millions, even 10000000 million people. There is a huge Dao Field in the city. Except for this Dao Field, there is no building in the city.

However, apart from a few great gods, no one knows that a huge Killing Formation has been buried under this city.

9 Li Extinguishing Heaven Formation!

Once the 9 Lei Extinguishing Heaven Formation is activated, it will be a Killing Formation of destroying heaven extinguishing earth. However, if you want to activate the 9 Lei Extinguishing Heaven Formation, you need a sacrifice, a sacrifice of blood. Only in this way can the 9 Lei be activated and activated. Extinguishing Heaven Formation.

At this moment, on the Dao Field in this city, there are four people, the Holy Feather God, the Dark God, the Undead God, and the Undead God sitting on the 4 thrones. In the entire city, there are countless silhouettes. , One after another stared at the four gods above Dao Field with excitement, waiting for them to speak.

It’s just that this kind of waiting lasted for most of the day. The four gods sitting quietly on Dao Field never spoke a word, which made those who came here with full of anticipation can only do this all the time. waiting.

“Has the 1000 cliffs of God not come yet?”

At this time, I saw the Holy Feather God speak lightly.

Hearing this, a strong man from the holy feathers came forward; “Tell God, 1000 cliff gods have not yet arrived, there are rumors that 1000 cliff gods have entered the world channel and have not yet come out.”

The Dark God said, “Today, I am waiting for the sermon. It is co-chaired by all the gods of the 9th world. Since the 1000 cliff gods have not yet returned, then this sermon will be postponed temporarily, but in order to ensure that there are no surprises in the subsequent sermons, 3 In the future, I will come forward to completely close the door of the world. If the 3 cliff gods have not returned within these 1000 days, then I will officially start preaching in 3 days.”

“What, postpone the sermon!”

Hearing this, those who were expecting 10000 points were immediately disappointed. They waited so long to wait for this day, but now the preaching is going to be postponed!

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