Divine Perception Chapter 3435

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Several great gods will come forward to completely close the door of the world after 3 days. People in the 9th world do not care about this.

Whether Ye Han can come back alive or not has nothing to do with them. Right now, they just want to listen to God’s preaching and realize higher levels of power from God’s teaching.

However, the preaching conference is mainly postponed for several days, which disappoints everyone. They have waited so long for today.

Although several gods have already said, once Ye Han has not returned after 3 days, the preaching conference will continue.

However, they are still extremely disappointed.

“Holy Feather God, although the 1000 Ya Ya Lords have not returned for the time being, this should not hinder all the gods from preaching? Moreover, if there are all the gods preaching together, what does it matter if the 1000 Ya Ya Lords cannot come forward? It’s enough to benefit my 9th world!”

“Yeah, gods, with your great beings preaching, what’s the problem without 1000 Gods?”

“The 1000 Cliffs of God is very hegemonic, wild ambition. I am afraid that he is not willing to teach the world what he has learned. What we want to listen to is the preaching of 4 Gods. It doesn’t matter if the 1000 Cliffs of God come or not.”

In the whole city, there is a sound of one after another.

Hearing this, the 4 Great Gods remain unmoved, using Ye Han as an excuse to postpone the preaching conference. This is their purpose, and they never even thought about preaching to the world. The reason for holding this preaching conference is to destroy Ye Han .

The dark god lightly saying; “This matter, our will has been decided, 1000 cliffs of God has not come, how can I wait to preach? Once the 1000 cliffs of God returns and get angry, with the 1000 cliffs of God’s domineering personality, I can’t afford it .”

“This matter is settled. We will wait for the return of the 1000 cliffs of God. However, if the 3 cliffs of God has not returned after 1000 days, then the preaching conference will continue. With the 1000 cliffs of God’s domineering personality, once he gets angry with us. Conflict is not a good thing for the entire 9 Lebanon world!”

After saying this, the four gods disappeared on Dao Field instantly.

Seeing this scene, those who came to this city today to listen to the sermon were extremely disappointed.

“The 1000 Gods are all because of him. If he hadn’t appeared at the preaching conference, would the four great gods postpone the preaching conference?”

“Yes, it’s because of the 1000 cliff gods. If he was absent from the preaching conference and he was strong and domineering, the four gods were afraid that he would cause trouble after he returned, and the four big gods would not worry about it and postpone the preaching conference.”

“These 1000 cliff gods are really hateful. Since he returned from the god Demon Race, the war in the world has never ceased.”

“I heard that 1000 cliff gods have entered the world channel. I really hope he has no chance to return this time. Once he hasn’t returned after 3 days, the 4 gods close the door of the world. This guy should fall into the god Demon Race again. If so, he will definitely die!”

As the four gods postponed the preaching meeting because of Ye Han, the news gradually spread throughout the 4 Lei world.

Those who knew about this right now were extremely disappointed, and the people from 9 Le World hated Ye Han even more for the’culprit’ that caused the preaching conference to be postponed.

“Hmph, a group of vulgar people, do they think that even if the Husband appears, the four gods will preach to them for free?”

Zhu Divine Race, God Youruo’s eyes are cold. Right now, almost the entire 9 Lei world people hate Ye Han. They all blame the four gods for postponing the preaching meeting on Ye Han’s head. This makes Youruo God is extremely angry.

“I don’t know when Big Brother will come back? This group of guys is really hateful. It was originally the four gods who wanted to postpone the preaching meeting. What does it have to do with Big Brother?” Yun Lan also looked angry.

Zhu Divine King said solemnly; “Mistress, God has not yet returned, but the four gods have already said that they will close the gate of the world in the next 4 days. This is a great disadvantage to God. Once the four gods close the gate of the world, then God I can only fall into the god Demon Race god!”

Hearing this, Youruo God Dai’s eyebrows frowned; “Now I punish Divine Race with 10000000 million troops guarding the gates of the world, but if the 4 Gods act personally, even if I punish Divine Race with 10000000 million troops guarding the gates of the world against them It’s like a fictitious thing. It seems that I’m going to visit the gate of the world myself, Divine King. Next, you will protect the Divine Race. Leave the gate of the world to me. You must delay the four gods closing the world. Door time.”

“I’ll go too!” Yun Lan said firmly.

Youruo God did not refuse.

Zhu Divine King said, “Mistress, please rest assured, at this moment, the four gods It shouldn’t be the Divine Race. Their goal is God, but Mistress wants to delay the four gods from closing the door of the world. Not an easy task!”

“Even if it’s not easy, the gods have to give it a try. You can’t just watch them close the door of the world.”

Afterwards, You Ruo God and Yun Lan left for the gate of the world.

Today, the Divine Race 10000000 is guarded by the Divine Race at the gate of the world, and the power arranged by the four gods at the gate of the world is much weaker.

That grandiose power guards the front of the gate of the world, so that the power of the four great gods dare not approach.

“Mistress!” Youruo God and Yun Lan came here, and a strong Divine Race immediately greeted them.

“How about it, can there be movement at the gate of the world?” Youruo God looked towards the terrifying crack above the gate of the world, and her eyebrows frowned.

Shook the head of the strong of Divine Race.

“Keep it, no matter who comes here, you must keep it for me, even if it’s God… it’s the same!” Youruo God said with a cold face.

At the same time, in the Ye Temple of the Yaoguang Domain, Ye Han at this moment is fascinated by the divine core he obtained in Danger Land in 9 days.

This core is the perception of the True God’s way before 9 days ago. Once Ye Han can comprehend the True God’s way from it, then he can achieve True God in one fell swoop.

Although Ye Han now has a trace of faith power, he has already taken a different path from True God.

However, Ye Han also wants to explore the way of True God. After stepping into the way of True God, Ye Han will be able to explore the realm of the legendary 10000 ancestor!

Although elevating the way of faith to the extreme, it is equivalent to the 10000 ancestral realm, but Ye Han wants to try two ways together. Will it be a brand new path?

For 2 days in a row, Ye Han has been comprehending the True God’s way in the audit. Although it was not successful, with Ye Han’s insights today, he has gained some new insights into the True God’s way.

“After procrastinating for so long, I should return to the 9th world to take a look. I wonder if those guys are still calm?”

On this day, Ye Han stopped cultivation and prepared to set off to return to 9 Lei world.

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