Divine Perception Chapter 3436

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Two days have passed since the preaching meeting of the 9 Lei world. Regarding his absence, Ye Han would like to know what new actions the four gods of the 2 Le world have now?

Although Ye Han really wants to continue to understand the way of True God in the Continent of Gods and Demons, things on the 9th world side should not be delayed for too long.

Once Ye Han delays for too long, with the personality of the four gods, I am afraid that he will attack the Divine Race, the secluded god and the others.

Ye Han can ignore the life and death of Divine Race, but Youruo God is now his own woman, Ye Han cannot ignore her.

Although everyone in Ye Shendian knew that Ye Han was going to return to the 9 Li world before this, the women still felt a little bit unwilling to give up on this day.

“Come back alive, we are all here waiting for you!” On Heavenly Dragon Peak, the women looked at the man they all depended on.

Ye Han nodded; “I will come back and wait for me after dealing with 9 Li world affairs.”

Ye Han originally wanted to mention something about Youruo God, but in the end, Ye Han still didn’t say anything, let’s go with the flow.

And everything is still undecided on Shangshen Youruo. Once Ye Han reveals his identity, will Shangshen Youruo still choose to stand on his side? This is an unknown number!

“Father!” Ji 1000 Qiu and Ji 1000 looked for two people and approached Ye Han. Ji 2 Qiu looked at Ye Han with admiration. He is his father and the person he admires most!

Ye Han laughed; “It’s very good for you to make this progress in one year. I hope that next time I come back, you will already be among the super powers in this piece of between Heaven and Earth. Believe in yourself, you will not be better than No one is worse.”

Now that Ji 1000 Qiu and Ji 1000 Xun are both in the realm of the Holy Dao Emperor, when Ye Han left, Ji 2 Qiu was only a high-level Holy King.

Ye Han believes that after the cultivated Zhu Shen 9 changes, Ji 1000 Qiu and Ji 1000 Xun will be able to surpass the three false gods of the first emperor.

Soon, after bidding farewell to the girls, Ye Han alone left the Yaoguang domain and headed to the gate of Divine Realm world.

In the past, there were two guardians of Baidi and Mandi in this Universe Starry Sky, to prevent the 2 Li world aliens from suddenly invading the gods and demons continent, but now this Universe Starry Sky world has no one except Ye Han.

At the same time, in front of the gate of the world of 9 Lei world, at this moment, there are many powerful people of the world of 9 Lei converging at the position of the gate of the world moved towards the world.

Three days have passed in a flash. Three days ago, the four gods said that today the gate of the world will be closed.

These 9 world powerhouses have come here one after another to see the four gods closing the gate of the world. Once the gate of the world is closed, the four gods can continue preaching. This is what these people look forward to most.

“Hmph, Divine Race really dispatched such a powerful lineup to guard the gate of the world, but the four gods will come soon, can they hold it?”

“It’s just a wishful thinking. The main things that the 4 Great Heavens do, even if the 1000 Cliff Gods are here, can’t stop them, let alone punish the people of Divine Race!”

“The gate of the world must be closed. Once the gate of the world is closed, the four gods will continue to preach. Don’t stop these people from Divine Race.”

The eyes of the people in this Universe Starry Sky world are indifferent. Because of Ye Han, the four gods have postponed the preaching meeting. Now the four gods are about to close the door of the world, and they must not be delayed because of Divine Race.

“Mistress!” Zhu Divine Race all the powerhouses looked dignified, the four gods are coming soon, making them all feel a strong pressure.

“What are you afraid of? Keep guard, there is still the God of God here!” God Youruo said with a cold face.

Buzz ~ Buzz ~!

At this time, in this piece of Universe Starry Sky world, the four Holy Feather Gods appeared out of thin air. They walked slowly in the Universe Starry Sky world. As the four of them appeared, the Universe Starry Sky world immediately became a commotion. .

“Four Gods are here, if these people at Divine Race don’t retreat, they must die!”

“It’s true. Although the four great gods have somewhat dreaded 4 cliff gods, they won’t stop because of this group of ants in Divine Race.”

“Zhu Divine Race, you can’t keep the gate of the world, don’t force the four of me to take action, step back!” The Dark God said indifferently.

Hearing this, Youruo Shangshen looked ugly and said; “God, can’t you just wait a few more days for Youruo’s sake? Also, if my dark race unites with Divine Race, wouldn’t it be good?”

“Hmph, Youruo, because you are my clansman of the dark race, this god will give you another chance, the person with the Divine Race, get out!” The dark god’s voice became cold.

“The people of Divine Race will not retreat. You opened the preaching meeting and closed the door of the world, but you want to deal with 1000 cliff gods. Divine Race will not let you succeed!” Yun Lan said with courage.

“Hmph, act recklessly girl, I think you are courting death!” Holy Feather God hummed softly, a trace of infinite coercion shrouded from this Universe Starry Sky world, Yun Lan was instantly hit like a heavy blow. a mouthful of blood.

This or Saint Feather God has kept her hand, once she is truly angry, Yun Lan will undoubtedly die!

“Holy Feather God, you are a bit too much!” You Ruo God’s face was as cold as ice.

“Excessive? It seems that you group of ants really want to contend with the four of me.” Holy Feather God’s face is also extremely cold; “Dark God, this is your dark race, or you do it yourself.”

“Alright.” The dark god nodded, his big hand raised, and the power that made the entire world tremble suddenly released; “Youruo, since you want to stand on the same boat as the people of Divine Race, then this god today I will drive you out of the Dark Race and go to death!”

The words fell, and the moment that terrifying big hand came, the many powerhouses of Divine Race who guarded the gate of the world couldn’t bear this power, and their bodies exploded immediately.

And the body of the god Youruo is like a kite with a broken line, fiercely’s impact on the gate of the world has already lost half his life.

This is the power possessed by God. This Destruction Strength has not yet arrived, and that power is enough to wipe out sentient beings!

All the people in the distance watched this scene with indifferent eyes, blocking the four gods from closing the door of the world, and punishing the immensity of heaven and earth from the Divine Race, they should have died!

“Dark God, you are courting death!”

Suddenly, a voice that seemed to come from the depths of the universe, making people unable to find the source, suddenly resounded in this Universe Starry Sky world.

With this voice, the complexion stiffened of the Dark God, the terrifying power that everyone fell towards Divine Race moved towards Divine Race, was immediately forcibly taken back by him.

“The guy at 1000 Ya is back!” The complexion of the Holy Feather God was slightly changed.


In the crack of the world, a force of destroying heaven extinguishing earth suddenly rushed out of it, and then came straight toward the dark god.

“This power is not good!” The complexion of the Dark God has greatly changed and hastily disappeared into this Universe Starry Sky world!

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