Divine Perception Chapter 3437

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Destroying heaven extinguishing earth-like power strikes In the Universe Starry Sky world in front of the gate of the world, it exploded frantically at the location where the Dark God was just now.

The terrifying explosion caused the surrounding Universe Starry Sky world to tremble, forcing the people who came to this piece of Universe Starry Sky world to retreat with panic and horror!

Under the rolling wave of destruction, even the faces of the Holy Feather God, the Immortal God, and the Undead God all changed and they hurriedly retreated.

“It’s God, God is back!” The powerhouses of Divine Race were pleasantly surprised. They could only be controlled by the four gods, but after Ye Han came back, it was different. With Ye Han’s strength, who would dare to deal with Zhu? Divine Race, who he will deal with.

Not to mention, these people also hurt You Ruo Shangshen and Yun Lan.


In a Universe Starry Sky world, the Dark God appeared pale. If he hadn’t escaped fast just now, under the power of Ye Han, even if he could block it, he would still be injured.

“This guy actually came back at this time!” The Immortal Lord stared closely at the crack above the gate of the world.

The Holy Feather God, the Undead God, and the Dark God who reappeared around them stared at the crack in the gate of the world. Ye Han hadn’t appeared just now, but the power that came before them made them feel very afraid. During this period of time, the strength of 1000 Cliff definitely has improved.

The horrified eyes of the one after another in the distance stared at the crack above the gate of the world.

Next moment, from the crack, a silhouette stepped out from the crack, the other side’s handsome face was filled with endless icy colors, one after another monstrous breath was constantly releasing from his body. Out.


“Big Brother!”

“See God!”

One after another sound rang in front of the gate of the world, and Divine Race looked at the returning man with excitement.

Today the powerhouses of Divine Race understand the fact that if Divine Race does not have Ye Han, even if they have an army of 10000000 million, facing the four great gods, it would be like a mess.

Ye Han walked up to the God of Youruo. The opponent had been seriously injured just now under the mighty pressure of the Dark God. He almost lost half his life, and Yun Lan’s situation was not much better.

But immediately, that soft color became terrifying like a Great Desolate beast. Youruo God was willing to stand up against the 4 Great Gods for him. How could Ye Han fail her with this friendship?

His woman, no one can hurt her!

Even if God hurt her, she has to pay a price.

There is a touch of touch in the eyes of the god Youruo. There is nothing wrong with her choice. This man will be her most powerful support. For her, let alone betray the dark race, even if she is the enemy of the 4 great gods. Dare to do.

“1000 Cliffs, you disappeared for more than half a month. I don’t know if you entered the passage of the world this time. What did you find?” Holy Feather God said lightly, Ye Han came back, and their idea of ​​closing the gate of the world could only be given up However, if they want to get rid of Ye Han, they still have a chance, and it is great.

“Hmph, is there anything that God has found about entering the passage of the world?” Ye Han expression said coldly; “You were about to close the door of the world just now. Why, do you want to use the power of the god Demon Race to deal with this God?”

The Dark God said, “1000 Cliffs, you are too worried, and closing the gate of the world is for the sake of my world. Once the people of the god Demon Race invade, it will be difficult to counter them with the power of my world.”

“Hmph, okay, this god will not hold you accountable for closing the door of the world, but the person who killed me and punish the Divine Race also touched the woman of this god, how do you calculate this account?”

Hearing this, the face of the 4 Great God is a bit ugly, does this guy want to settle accounts with them here?

“answer me!”


There was a rolling voice, Ye Han stepped forward, and his astonishing power fluctuated, making the Universe Starry Sky world tremble fiercely.

Seeing this scene, everyone in the distance looked terrified. The 1000 cliff gods of Divine Race are really so powerful and crazy!

Even in the face of the four great gods, he has no fear at all!

“1000 cliffs, you must not be too unsatisfied!” Holy Feather God coldly said.

“Hmph, this God is unsatisfied?” Ye Han killing intent overflowing heaven, said with a big smile; “Well, since you think this God is unsatisfied, then this God will impudent once today, kill!”

The word blunt spread all over the sky, causing the faces of the four great gods to change wildly. None of them expected Ye Han to be so powerful that they didn’t even have any room for negotiation.

In an instant, the strength of Faith was released from Ye Han, like a Divine Sword suspended in the Universe Starry Sky world, suddenly slashed down.

“Retreat, quickly retreat!” Seeing this scene, everyone in the distance retreat frantically. Once Ye Han and the four gods clash in this Universe Starry Sky world, even the aftermath of power can kill any creature in the world.

“1000 Cliffs, are you really going to go to war?” The faces of the 4 Great Gods were extremely ugly, but the strength of Faith controlled by Ye Han had moved towards them and they landed, and they could not avoid this battle.

Buzz ~ Buzz ~!

4 The Great God took action, and the amazing power spread from them, making the rays of light in the Universe Starry Sky world dim, and the scorching sun hanging on the Universe Starry Sky seemed to have lost the god of the world. Light.


The strength of Faith collided with the four powerful forces, and this piece of Universe Starry Sky world immediately resembled a mirror, shattered, and one after another crack seemed to be a spider web all over this piece of Universe Starry Sky world.

Ye Han regressed, and the four gods also regressed.

“Hmph, the woman who moved me, do you really think this God is so good to bully?” In Ye Han’s spiritual world, the rolling strength of Faith erupts like a volcano, although Ye Han only controls a trace of strength of Faith, but If he wants to break out, it is also quite terrifying.

The instant this strength of Faith broke out, the magic power in this piece of Universe Starry Sky world was destroyed!

Then this strength of Faith turned into 10000 1000 strength, as if 10000 arrows were fired, moved towards 4 The Great God shot away in a crazy burst!

At this moment, strength of Faith is like a rain curtain covering the Universe Starry Sky world.

4 The eyes of the Great God have been dignified to the extreme, one after another Weili added himself, wanting to contend with the strength of Faith like a rain curtain!

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