Divine Perception Chapter 3438

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The terrifying power is all over the Universe Starry Sky world, facing the dense strength of Faith like a rain curtain, the four gods are added, but their eyes are extremely dignified, because on the strength of Faith that Ye Han broke out, even They all felt a sense of crisis.

Ye Han disappeared in 9 Lei world for more than half a month. Although his strength of Faith did not increase, Ye Han now has a more proficient control of strength of Faith, and after a sermon on the land of gods and demons, let Ye Han himself has more insights into the strength of Faith.

Therefore, compared with half a month ago, Ye Han’s strength of Faith has become stronger.

dong dong dong dong dong!

In an instant, the people who had retreated to the edge of the Universe Starry Sky world were shocked to discover that one after another rain-like heaven-shaking, earth-shattering power erupted, one after another like meteorites hitting the bodies of the four great gods.

At this moment, although the four great gods have great strength, they are all forced to retreat and retreat in the face of this rain-like strength of Faith, their eyes are already solemn to the extreme.


Suddenly, the infinite mighty power enveloped by the undead god was destroyed. When the terrifying strength of Faith hit his body, it instantly made him spit out a mouthful of blood, exploding like a meteorite in this Universe Starry Sky world Retire!

Faced with the strength of Faith owned by Ye Han, once it can’t stop it, it can only be hurt!

“Undead!” The expression of the three holy feather gods was shocked. They felt that Ye Han at this moment was a bit stronger than the Lanling God at the beginning.

“Hmph, a group of act recklessly things that moved the woman of God, do you think this is over?”

“Shoot!” The 3 Great God is not defending. The power of one after another heaven-shaking, earth-shattering is like destroying the Star River, and it has completely erupted. This Universe Starry Sky world has become extremely dilapidated under the confrontation just now.

At this moment, the three great gods have completely exploded in power, and this Universe Starry Sky world is undergoing a new round of destruction.


“The confrontation between God is really terrifying to the extreme. Fortunately, we have retreated far away at first, otherwise I am afraid that we have already died under the confrontation of God!”

“However, these 1000 cliff gods are indeed powerful and extraordinary. Fighting alone with the 4 great gods, they can still faintly gain the upper hand, causing heavy damage to the undead gods!”

“It’s no wonder that the four great gods will be afraid of 4 Yatians, and they will not hesitate to postpone the preaching meeting for him. Once 1000 Yatians take the initiative to get angry, it will be very difficult for the four great Gods!”

Some of the surviving people in the distance were extremely shocked, although Ye Han had previously beheaded the Lord of Asura and the Lord of Buddha, and he had shown sufficient power.

But this time, Ye Han fought the 4 Great Gods alone with the power of one person, which made the world truly see his horror.

Once he angered him, it would really bear the terrifying consequences!

Now, even if these people resent Ye Han because he made the four gods postpone the preaching meeting, no one dared to speak these words grandiosely.

The powerhouse of the entire Divine Race is equally astonished and excited, Ye Han is so powerful, after today, the Divine Race is definitely able to sit, and even sit firmly in the position of the 9th Li world first master.

The horrible explosion made the Universe Starry Sky world turbulent again and again. However, since Ye Han took the shot, of course impossible to give up so easily.

4 The great God has indeed angered Ye Han when he took action against Youruo God and Yun Lan.

4 Ye Han will not care if the Lord has any secret plans to deal with himself, but he just cannot move the people around him.

Ye Han will also use this battle to let the entire 9 Lebanon world know what price the people around him will pay, even if God takes the initiative, they must pay the price!


As Ye Han retreated, the backing figure stopped like a sudden brake, and then his body was like a streamer, carrying an infinite strength of Faith and once again critically struck the Holy Feather God and the others.

Seeing this, the Holy Feather God and the others who are constantly retreating at this moment are even more shocked, this bastard still doesn’t want to stop.

“1000 cliffs, wait a minute!” The Holy Feather God and the others are not only jealous at this moment, but also a little afraid of Ye Han, a lunatic.

However, how can Ye Han stop, the terrifying strength of Faith is like a blue sky, and instantly moved towards the Holy Feather God and the others suppressed.

At the moment that such forces landed, the defense composed of Holy Feather God and the others collapsed in just a few seconds.

However, just as they were preparing to defend Ye Han’s terrifying strength of Faith again, Ye Han, like a tireless machine, made another move. Those fast-moving giants such as the Holy Feather God and 9 Lei world giants could hardly respond. .

A new wave of power shrouded, and the three holy feather gods who were too late to form the defense immediately spits out mouthful of blood, and their face instantly changes turned pale!

“Hmph, how does it feel to be trampled by a group of ants?”

Ye Han stopped, his eyes were cold, looking towards the four gods who had been injured one after another. If Ye Han hadn’t been able to use the power of the gods and demons now, he could dominate these four gods now, but one-on-one. If only using the strength of Faith, Ye Han can easily kill any one of the four gods.

At this moment, the faces of the four great gods are ugly. At this time, the four of them were embarrassed in front of the people of the world. The four of them joined hands and were stepped on by Ye Han alone.

The people in the Universe Starry Sky world in the distance are already shocked to the point of numbness in their hearts. One person stepped on the four gods to join forces. What a terrifying power this is!

“1000 cliffs!” The holy feather god and the others looked cold, and roared in their hearts. At this moment, they could not wait to smash Ye Han’s body for 10000 segments to relieve their hatred.

“Hmph, what does this God do.” Ye Han sneered and said; “Don’t think that this God doesn’t know what you are making secretly, but what if this God gives you a chance? 4 Great God, just this!”

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