Divine Perception Chapter 3439

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Faced with such a powerful and domineering, but extremely powerful and crazy Ye Han.

At this moment, even if the hearts of the four gods were so angry, they could only be silent, because the four of them joined hands, even if they were fighting each other, it would be difficult for Ye Han to beheaded.

Once Ye Han continues to anger, with the personality of that lunatic, I’m afraid there will be a terrifying super battle.

With their injured bodies right now, are they still Ye Han’s opponents?

Seeing the four gods who have gradually become silent, the people in Universe Starry Sky world in the distance seem to have seen the birth of 4 Li world Number One Person.

4 The big gods together are no match for Ye Han, so Ye Han is not 9 Lei. What is the world Number One Person?

“1000 cliffs, can you stop, right?” Holy Feather God looked pale and asked towards Ye Han.

“Stop?” Ye Han said with a sneer; “If you want to stop, whoever shot my woman just now, now stand up and apologize, this god will stop, if not, today in this Universe Starry Sky world, this god will irreconcilable!”

Hearing this, the inner anger of the 4 Great Gods is extremely angry, especially the Holy Feather God and the Dark God, who just attacked Yun Lan and Youruo God.

And now, Ye Han actually asked them, the two Supreme Gods, to stand up and apologize to the two women. This is simply an extraordinary shame and humiliation!

“I want God to apologize!” The people in the distance trembled with expression. This is probably the first time in the 9th Lebanon world. This is a complete humiliation to God. Will the Holy Feather and Dark God stand up and apologize?

Seeing this scene, a touch of emotion flashed in Youruo God’s eyes and asked God to apologize to her. Does this man want to touch her to death?

Yun Lan’s face was blushing, but at the moment she was very excited.

“1000 Cliffs, don’t go too far, you want us to apologize to two mortals, do you think they are worthy?” Holy Feather God said coldly.

“Hehe, it seems that you don’t want to stand up and apologize.” Ye Han coldly smiled, he looked towards the immortal god and the undead god; “this god has no grievances with you, if you withdraw now, this god promises not Start with the Undead, Spirit Race.”

As soon as this statement came out, the faces of the two people, the Holy Feather God and the Dark God, changed wildly, and the four of them could not defeat Ye Han together. If the Undead God and the Undead God withdrew, then the two human faces of the Holy Feather God and the Dark God For Ye Han, there is no chance of winning, even facing a life and death crisis.

Hearing this, the eyes of the immortal god and the undead god flickered, but they couldn’t believe what Ye Han said.

“1000 cliffs, why don’t you close it when you see it right? We continue to fight, and it will be a huge loss to the entire 9 Lebanon world. Once we go to war with the god Demon Race in the future, it will be very unfavorable for us!” God said solemnly.

“If you see it right?” Ye Han said with a sneer; “Why don’t you ask yourself this sentence? Are you accepting it when you see it? Or are you getting stronger? Now not only do you want to kill my woman, but also want to close the world. The door puts the god to death, and you really want to count it. Now even if the god kills you, the god doesn’t think it is too much.”

The Dark Lord coldly said; “1000 Cliffs, even if we are wrong, you should vent enough. If you really want to smash, maybe you may not be able to take advantage.”

“Really?” Ye Han took a step; “Since you don’t want to apologize, go ahead, but this God promises that this time, you will definitely kill people. As for who to kill? It depends on your own luck.”

After saying this, the strength of Faith spread out from Ye Han again.

Seeing this, everyone in this Universe Starry Sky world is shaking again and fighting again!

Do these 1000 cliffs really want to go crazy?

4 The face of the Great God twitched. They had no doubt about Ye Han’s words. This madman would definitely fight when he said that he would fight, and would definitely kill when he said that he would kill.

Once you become a bad luck ghost, you will definitely become the ghost of the opponent!

“Why, don’t you even have the courage to confront your own god now? As the gods of 9 Lei world, you can really be regarded as the more you live and go back, the older you get, the more afraid of death.” Ye Han sneered; But if you don’t do it, don’t blame this God for not giving you a chance!”

Ye Han’s body is killing intent overflowing heaven, and he suddenly straddles the Star River with the strength of Faith in his palm.

“Undead, die!”

The sound of Death God’s sentence resounded throughout the Universe Starry Sky world. Like the Lanling God, the Undead God has been newly promoted in the past 10000 years, but compared with the Lanling God, the Undead God is far worse. .

Therefore, Ye Han wants to kill him, undoubtedly it is much easier than killing the holy feather god, the dark god, and the immortal god!

After all, the three holy feather gods are all veteran gods who have survived from the last era. With their joint efforts, Ye Han wants to kill them alone.

However, once Ye Han gathered all his power on the body of the undead god, the result was different.

“1000 cliffs, wait a minute, we… apologize!”

As Ye Han’s icy sound of killing and slashing spread throughout the Star River universe, the Holy Feather God and the others were shivered. Although Ye Han wanted to kill the undead God, the undead God died, and the remaining four gods Is it Ye Han’s opponent?

More importantly, 9 Lei Extinguishing Heaven Formation can not be without the undead God!

Hearing this, the people in this Universe Starry Sky world Qi Qi are shocked. Under the coercion of Ye Han, the Holy Feather God and the others chose to apologize!

“Hmph, it really is a group of guys who are greedy for life and fear of death.” Ye Han stopped, looking towards the 4 Great God with a mocking look.

As for the undead god who was targeted by Ye Han just now, he was shocked at this moment. If he was targeted by Ye Han, he would definitely die!

The Holy Feather God and Dark God both roared crazily in their hearts, but now they can only choose to apologize.

As long as they can pass this level, Ye Han will be introduced into the 9 Le Extinguishing Heaven Formation. At that time, it is time for them to fiercely humiliate Ye Han and kill Ye Han frantically, so now they must endure.

Under the gaze of everyone in this Universe Starry Sky world, and under Ye Han’s mocking and ruthless gaze, the two people of Saint Feather and Dark God spoke with aggrieved faces.

“It was me who were rude just now, and I hope the two of you will forgive me!”

After saying this, both the Holy Feather God and the Dark God both felt endless humiliation, and that humiliation seemed to burst their bodies.

At this moment, people in this piece of between Heaven and Earth can feel that the two people of Holy Feather God and Dark God are trying their best to hold this sense of humiliation. As the God of 2 Li world, they have suffered this for the first time. extraordinary shame and humiliation!

“Hehe, if the two at first are so refreshing, how could it be so troublesome, but if you know your mistakes can be corrected, this God will forgive you on their behalf, let’s go!”

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