Divine Perception Chapter 3440

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In the end, the four gods can only leave the Universe Starry Sky world with endless humiliation and humiliation.

This move naturally shocked the people gathered in the Universe Starry Sky world today. When did the gods of the dignified 9 Li world suffer such humiliation? When did you submit to humiliation like this?

However, facing the powerful and crazy Ye Han, they can only submit to humiliation now.

They could bear the momentary humiliation, because it won’t be long before Ye Han will die.

“Hmph, if you want to play, I will play with you!” Ye Han looked at the back of the four gods, coldly smiled in his heart.

Subsequently, Ye Han closed the world crack above the gate of the world and returned to Zhushen Tianyu with Youruo God and the others.

The return of Ye Han made the entire Divine Race excited. As long as Ye Han exists in the Divine Race, the four gods dare not act recklessly. The entire 4 Lebanon world dare not blatantly slander Divine Race and slander Ye Han.

Especially after Ye Han’s battle with the four gods in Universe Starry Sky world, no one dares to underestimate Divine Race and Ye Han.

After all, the four great gods are not Ye Han’s opponents together. With such a powerful person, who dares to offend the entire 4 Lei world?

At present, the fact that the four great gods teamed up to Ye Han has been spread wildly throughout the 4 Lei world. This incident has caused a lot of impact on the status of the four great gods in the 9 Le world. Ye Han defeated the four great gods in one fell swoop. , He has secured the throne of 4 World Number One Person.

However, the entire 4 Lebanon world is still looking forward to the preaching of the four gods.

Although the four gods postponed the preaching before this, it was because Ye Han did not return. Now that Ye Han is back, the four gods should continue to start the preaching conference!

“Damn 1000 cliffs, the battle of Universe Starry Sky made us lose face, he must die, he must die!”

The Immortal God said: “9 Lei Extinguishing Heaven Formation is our only chance to get rid of 1000 cliffs. If even 9 Lei Extinguishing Heaven Formation cannot kill him, then the dead must be us, and the strength of 1000 cliffs is constantly changing. Strong, we must do this as soon as possible.”

“Give me a month to recover, 1 month later, kill 1000 cliffs!” The Dark Lord firmly said.

The 3 people of Saint Feather God glanced at each other and made a decision in their hearts.

Zhu Shen Tianyu, Zhu Divine Race!

“God, during the time you entered the passage of the world, the four great gods postponed the preaching conference, but now you are back, the four great gods should continue to open the preaching conference. However, the four great gods appoint you to participate in the preaching conference. The people of the world preach, I doubt they will do something at the preaching conference.”

Divine King looked at Ye Han and analyzed it like this.

4 The heart of the great God has already been revealed, and the preaching meeting that the world is looking forward to must be tricky.

Ye Han squinted and said with a smile; “The four guys just wanted to get rid of me, but if they want to play, God will accompany them to play. After they are desperate, come to close!”

Moreover, when the time comes, the 10000 races in the world will acknowledge allegiance under the Divine Race. This kind of prosperous scene, just thinking about it is an exciting thing.

Hearing this, Ye Han said with a smile; “Don’t let them live too easily, let Divine Race go to activities and give them a little pressure.”

“Understand!” Zhu Divine King smiled nodded.

Ye Han didn’t ask about the next thing. Now the four great gods and himself were injured in the Universe Starry Sky world battle, and they must be in a recovery state now. If Divine Race is looking for something now, they may not come forward.

Because they want to recover their strength as soon as possible, they will introduce Ye Han into 9 Lei Extinguishing Heaven Formation and get rid of Ye Han.

After Zhu Divine Race started moving, Ye Han also announced a retreat. He didn’t need to deal with these trivial matters. Instead, it was the way of True God, which made Ye Han quite tempted.

Before returning to the 9th Lebanon world, Ye Han was already beginning to comprehend the way of True God among the god cores left behind for 9 days.

To be honest, with Ye Han’s strength today, it is not difficult to enter the realm of True God. As long as he can understand the way of True God and control a power, he can completely achieve True God.

The 5 great True Gods of the last era, each of them controlled a power, controlling the power of Heavenly Dao, so they could become the Supreme Spiritual God of the world.

For example, the first emperor and the others, although they have now realized the way of True God, they have not yet controlled a power. They can only be regarded as false gods. Only when they can control the Heavenly Dao Force can they be regarded as the Spiritual God of True God.

Ye Han’s mind is completely immersed in the god core. From within that god core, the extremely mysterious power is connected with Heaven and Earth.

The Supreme Dao is spreading within the God Core. This is the True God’s Dao. The mysterious power that connects with Heaven and Earth is Heavenly Dao Force!

“The way of True God represents the highest path of cultivation in the gods and demons continent, and the artistic conception in this god core is True God will?”

In cultivation, this thought flashed in Ye Han’s mind, True God will, that is something Spiritual God can control, just like the True God will that Ye Han once possessed, extremely powerful, so that the giants of the hell world dare not dare. Recklessly.

To enter the way of True God, True God’s will is the threshold. Today’s First Emperor and the others also control True God’s will, but have not yet controlled the power of Heavenly Dao.

After clear comprehension of this point, Ye Han started from the power of artistic conception that permeated the core.

This kind of artistic conception, no, this kind of Willpower is actually the same as the Saint King Prestige of the Saint King Realm, the Saint Emperor of the Saint Emperor Realm is the same, but the amount of the prestige is 1000 to 10000 times stronger.

Therefore, it is not too difficult for Ye Han to control this power of mood.

Soon, with the passage of time, Ye Han gradually came into contact with the artistic conception power in the core of God. That powerful artistic conception force did not at all at all resist Ye Han, the intruder, as if the body of Ye Han, It is its final ownership!

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