Divine Perception Chapter 3441

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Time flies, and the time of half a month has passed.

At this moment, in the constant contact between Ye Han’s mind and the artistic conception power in the god core, this artistic conception force has become more and more compatible with Ye Han itself.

Under Ye Han’s mind, this artistic conception force is completely under Ye Han’s control.

“Almost controllable!”

This thought flashed in Ye Han’s mind. Soon, under the guidance of Ye Han’s mind, the power of the mood in the core was like a child deceived by candy, leaving the core and following his mind. Step into his mind.


In an instant, the moment that artistic conception power entered Ye Han’s mind, it was immediately enveloped by Ye Han’s own power.

At this moment, even if this force of artistic conception feels bound, it cannot break free.

“It is!”

Ye Han eyes slowly opened. At this moment, the power of artistic conception is already in Ye Han’s Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčConsciousness, one after another amazing divine might, is bursting out from this artistic conception.

And this power of artistic conception is True God will!

At this moment, Ye Han has become a false god just like the first emperor and the others.

The first emperor and the others have the power to surpass the Celestial Emperor because they control the True God will from True God inheritance.

However, only controlling the will of True God is not a true Spiritual God. At most, it is a false god. If you want to achieve True God, you must control a power.

And the power of this Dao is from Three Thousand Great Dao, one of the powers that belongs to you is controlled. Only in this way can you be called a god!

Of course, with Ye Han’s power today, this True God will, which is extremely powerful for the people of the Gods and Demons Continent, is actually not at all helpful to the current Ye Han.

True God’s will can’t even fight against God, unless Ye Han can control a power, and even control more Heavenly Dao Force from Three Thousand Great Dao.

No one else can do this, but Ye Han can, because Ye Han has the most abnormal 10000 law body in the world!

“I don’t know if I can control a power in this 9th Lebanon world?”

Ye Han looked up at the sky. Although there is no Dao in 9 Lei world, Ye Han wanted to try it. Now that he has control of the True God will, he is almost in control of the power of Heavenly Dao.

Soon, Ye Han continued to cultivation, and his mind moved towards this vast Heaven and Earth spreading away.

Like a beacon in the dark, looking for a path of hope, although this path is very slim.

However, during the half a month of Ye Han’s retreat, the entire 9 Li world began to become rising winds, scudding clouds.

For the preaching conference that the world is looking forward to, the four great gods have never appeared, which makes everyone feel extremely disappointed.

During this period, the Divine Race army repeatedly invaded the Holy Feather Race, the Dark Race, the Undead Race, and the Spirit Race. Although there were no large-scale wars each time, they made the four great tribesmen were alarmed.

After all, the four gods have all been defeated by Ye Han. Once Divine Race wants to eat the four gods, this is definitely not a very difficult thing.

And everyone knows how such a powerful force as Divine Race came from, and it relied entirely on conquering other clans to strengthen oneself. This kind of thing Divine Race has been doing very often.

Now, if Divine Race starts with the four great masters, no one will be surprised.

Of course, Zhu Divine King is not at all for the time being to really start a war. Once these four great clans are thoroughly angered, they will join hands and Divine Race will be difficult to face.

Only after Ye Han has completely stepped on the four gods, it will be much easier for Divine Race to conquer the four gods.

Soon, more than 20 days passed, Ye Han, who was wandering between Heaven and Earth, could only give up and continue to cultivated.

Because there is really no Dao Fa in the 9 Lebanon world, Ye Han wants to control a power in the 9 Lebanon world. It is impossible for Ye Han to succeed only when he returns to the land of the gods and demons.

“It seems that this matter can only be postponed!” Ye Han thought in his heart.

But Ye Han is not in a hurry. As long as he removes the 4 great gods, the danger brought by the 9 Lei world to the Gods and Demons Continent will be temporarily relieved. Then Ye Han can return to the Gods and Demons Continent again and go to comprehend. The power of Heavenly Dao.

Unable to control the power of Heavenly Dao in 9 Lei world, Ye Han can only focus on the strength of Faith now.

This is the only direction he can continue to improve his strength.

If you want to strengthen your own strength of Faith, in the final analysis, you have to start with faith.

Ye Han does not believe in Spiritual God or Heaven and Earth. What he believes in is the power of Supreme. This power can be detached from beings, detached from Heaven and Earth, detached from the universe by 10000 things, and has been moving towards this direction.

The stronger Ye Han’s beliefs are, the stronger the beliefs born deep in his heart.

Slowly, Ye Han entered into meditation.

In a flash, more than a month passed in the blink of an eye.

The entire 9 Lebanon world has become turbulent for more than a month, and everyone in the world has focused on Divine Race and even the four great masters.

Facing the repeated provocations of Divine Race, the four gods have been indifferent, but on this day, the four gods finally took action.

“Bully intolerably things, indulge in Divine Race’s repeated attacks on my 4 lords. It seems that he really wants to eat my 4 lords in one bite!”

In more than a month, the injuries caused by the Four Gods and Ye Han in the Universe Starry Sky world battle have recovered.

Right now, they are naturally understood the action of Divine Race in 9 Lebanon for more than a month. The four great clans in the attack of Divine Race are very aggrieved.

“Hmph, the rampant days of Divine Race are over. The preaching conference should start again. Once 1000 cliffs enter 9 Le Extinguishing Heaven Formation, when the time comes, his life and death will be under our control!” Face killing intent said.

“Waiting for this day!” The eyes of the four gods suddenly appeared.

Soon, the messenger of the holy feather clan came to Divine Race, and the person who came was still the God of Heavenly Feather.

It’s just that, compared with the last time, God Tianyu has obviously put his posture very low, and he is no longer as aggressive as the last time.

“God Tianyu, I don’t know what’s the matter with your visit to Divine Race this time?” Zhu Divine King sat on the throne and looked down at the God of Tianyu. Now Ye Han has returned to Divine Race, he doesn’t need to give it to Divine Race. Anyone from the Shang clan has a face.

Hearing this, the God of Heaven and Feather said with a smile; “Lord Wang, I am here to punish the Divine Race, on behalf of the Lord of the Feather, I am here to invite 1000 Gods to participate in the preaching meeting tomorrow.”

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