Divine Perception Chapter 3442

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“Preaching conference, it seems that these guys have a deep obsession!”

Ye Han during the cultivation was awakened by Divine King and the others. His eyes narrowed into a line. The four gods and the others have not given up on this preaching meeting. In fact, Ye Han wants to know what they are talking about. What means are there to deal with yourself at the Taoist Conference?

“God, the messenger of the holy feather clan has already brought the messenger. I don’t know if we will participate in the preaching conference tomorrow?” Divine King said solemnly. Of course, they all know that this preaching conference is for Ye Han. A feast at hongmen.

Once Ye Han is gone, he will definitely fall into the trap that the four great gods have already prepared. Although Ye Han’s current strength does not have to be afraid of the four great gods, it is hard to guard against the dark arrows, and no one knows the four great gods. How will you deal with Ye Han at the sermon meeting?

“Husband, although your strength has completely surpassed the four gods now, you can’t be careless!” Youruo God also said, it is unexpected that something unexpected happened, she didn’t want Ye Han to participate.

hearing this, Ye Han said with a smile; “If I guessed right, I am afraid that the four great lords have already spread the matter out, and the world knows it. If I don’t go, wouldn’t it be seen joke?”

Indeed, after the 4 Great Gods decided to continue the preaching conference tomorrow, they have already let people spread the matter out. Now the entire 9 Lei world knows that the 4 Great Gods invited Ye Han to participate in the preaching conference tomorrow. .

For this matter, everyone is looking forward to it, but the preaching of God is a rare good for anyone!

God Youruo frowned and said; “But Husband, we don’t know how the four great gods will deal with you in the preaching conference? Moreover, in the first battle of the starry world, they have already been defeated by your hands. Now return in a If there is no absolute certainty about swirl of dust, they would not dare to take this risk!”

Ye Han squinted his eyes and said, “It’s okay. They have any preparations. God will follow. But if those guys really make me spare no effort, I hope you all have a psychological preparation, maybe I will let you Very disappointed!”


Youruo God and Zhu Divine King both looked puzzled, but Ye Han not at all explained more.

Of course, Ye Han will not miss the preaching conference. This is also a good opportunity for him to get rid of the four gods in one fell swoop. Even if he reveals his identity as Demon Race, Ye Han will not hesitate.

As long as the four gods are eliminated, Ye Han is currently Number One Person in the 4th Li world, even if the world knows the identity of his god Demon Race? Who else would dare to stand up against him?

When the time comes, it will be Ye Han’s one-man dominance of the entire 9 Lei world!

On the 2nd day, many people in the 9th Li world are rushing to the Holy Feather Domain, and this time is more magnificent than last time.

In the place of city established in the sacred feather domain, there is already a vast crowd here. Even between Heaven and Earth outside of the city, people from every region of the 9 Li world gather.

The one after another stared at the huge Dao Field in the city with extremely expectant eyes.

At this moment on the Dao Field, the four great gods have arrived. They are sitting on the throne, with their eyes closed slightly, obviously waiting for Ye Han to arrive.

“The four great gods have arrived, and now there is a difference of 4 gods!”

“The four gods are still broad-minded. Although the four gods lost to the 4 cliff gods in the starry world a month ago, they still invite the 4 cliff gods to come forward. It is enough to see the broad heart of the four gods!”

“That’s true. Even if I lose to the 1000 cliff gods, the four great gods still have no resentment. Instead, they continue to invite the 4 cliff gods to preach to the world together. This move is considered the blessing of my 1000th world!”

“Yes, but will the 1000 cliff god come?”

“The 1000 cliff gods should come. If the 1000 cliff gods do not come, in the face of the invitation of the four great gods, Zhu Divine Race may have announced its rejection long ago. Zhu Divine Race did not announce its refusal to participate in the preaching conference, 4 cliff gods will definitely will come.”

Between Heaven and Earth inside and outside the city, the voices of heated discussion one after another, are connected in between Heaven and Earth.

4 The Lord sits firmly on Dao Field, as if he has not been disturbed by the intense discussion between Heaven and Earth.

However, if you observe carefully, you will find that among the powerful people gathered in this preaching conference today, except for the 4 great gods who came here, none of the four powerful people came to participate in this preaching. General Assembly.

“1000 cliffs are here!”

Suddenly, the four gods sitting firmly on Dao Field opened their eyes in vain, and the rays of light such as divine light in those eyes burst out.

Buzz ~ Buzz ~!

Over the city, several silhouettes appeared one by one.

Their arrival caused countless gazes between Heaven and Earth to stare at them.

“Sure enough, the 1000 cliff gods are here!” The people inside and outside the city were very excited. When the 1000 cliff gods arrived, the preaching meeting should officially begin.

Above Dao Field, the four great gods slowly rose from the throne. The divine light in their eyes has become stronger and stronger. This damn fellow has finally come to die!

Suddenly, the four gods laughed, smiling brilliantly, and smiling has several points of impudent!

Above the void, Ye Han looked at the four gods who were smiling very brightly with a playful look; “I don’t know what you are laughing at? Do you preach the conference? Or are you laughing at this God?”

“1000 Cliffs, what do you think?” The dark god’s face suddenly became extremely cold.

“I think you guys are ridiculous.” Ye Han grinned, and then he said to Divine King, Youruo Shangshen, Yun Lan and the others; “Wait for me outside the city first, so that these wishful thinking guys can see clearly In fact, it takes some dexterity in general.”

Youruo God and the others nodded, withdrew from this city inside the pool, because they all knew that the next Ye Han confrontation with the four great gods would surely kill many people.

Seeing this scene, this piece of between Heaven and Earth had a look of expectation shocked, because from Ye Han and the four gods, they already felt a subtle breath. Isn’t it a sermon meeting today? Could it be possible that something will not happen?

“Hmph, we are ridiculous? 1000 cliffs, I don’t know when we die, are we ridiculous? Or are you too stupid?” Shengyu God sneered, as if he was sure of winning.

Hearing this, the face of this person between Heaven and Earth changed, staring nervously at the four gods!

“Oh, it turns out that you think you can kill me? Don’t you let this God come and preach to the world with you?” Ye Han asked with a smile, narrowing his eyes.

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