Divine Perception Chapter 3443

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As soon as Ye Han said these words, the look of expectation between Heaven and Earth changed completely.

Isn’t today a sermon meeting? Could it be true that the 4 Great Gods will kill 1000 Gods in this sermon meeting?

However, the four great gods have already lost the battle with 4 cliff gods in the starry world. It is impossible to kill 1000 cliff gods with their strength.

“Ha ha ha ha, 1000 cliffs, you are really naive, compared to killing you, what is the preaching conference? Don’t even think about leaving alive when you come today, and get up!”

In an instant, when the voice of the Dark God fell, the face of the people between Heaven and Earth changed wildly.

The Dark God, the Immortal God, and the Undead God have appeared in the three directions of this vast city, and then they saw their palms slowly lifted, and the land immediately shook frantically, like an earthquake.

Seeing this scene, the 10000000 million people in the city were shocked and panicked for 10000 points. They hurriedly moved towards the direction outside the city.

However, at the same time, inside the pool of this vast city, one after another monstrously evil devouring strength has surged, as if to swallow all the blood between Heaven and Earth all living creatures.

Under this evil devouring strength, everyone in the city was shocked to discover that they could not leave at all, and that evil devouring strength descended on them, constantly devouring their power, and the in their bodies blood.

“What’s the matter? What evil force is this?”

“4 What the hell did the Lord God do? Hurry and leave!”

The city inside the pool, one after another terrified and desperate voices sounded one after another, but at the moment the Formation was running, the people inside the city couldn’t leave at all.

It can be seen from naked eye that many people’s bodies are gradually’withering’, turning into a corpse, and strands of thick blood-reeking qi spread over this piece of Heaven and Earth in less than a few breaths.

Seeing this scene, the people who were originally outside the city were shocked to the extreme. What was happening in the city made their scalp numb and their souls trembled.

“This is an extremely evil ancient Formation. Didn’t expect 4 that the great God actually planted this very ruthless trump card here!” Zhu Divine King was shaken, looking at the one after another desperate silhouette in the city. Even he felt terrifying.

The faces of the two people, Youruo Shangshen and Yun Lan, have also changed. In order to deal with Ye Han, the four great gods planted such an evil ancient Formation here. Ye Han surrounded by this, is there a chance of winning?

At this moment, in the densely packed city, there are the extremely desperate voices of 10000000 million people. These cruel scenes are like a massacre, watching each and everyone around you gradually wither, and their strength and blood are swallowed. Despair is indescribable.

“4 God, what have you done? Let us go!”

“We won’t attend the preaching conference anymore, let us go!”

“Asshole, such an evil array, sacrificed with 10000000 million people, what are you doing?”

However, facing the countless sounds of panic and despair between Heaven and Earth, there was no change in the faces of the four gods, and they were ruthless to the extreme.

As long as Ye Han can be killed, no matter how many people sacrificial offering, they will not hesitate.

As for whether they will be cursed and cast aside by the world, the four great gods are not worried at all. As long as Ye Han is killed, the world is still theirs. Who dares to stand up and accuse them?

Above the void in the city, Ye Han squinted his eyes and looked around the entire city. At this moment, even Ye Han was shocked by the four gods and other methods. With the sacrificial offering of 4 million people in the world, 9 million people, such a very ruthless method, Even Ye Han, External Race people, does not have such a vicious heart.

“It’s over. Today’s preaching conference will definitely become a massacre. The 4 great gods are simply not to preach to the world, but to get rid of the 1000 cliff gods. For this reason, they did not hesitate to plant such a vicious array!”

“What a cruel heart, with 10000000 million sacrificial offerings, the four great gods are too vicious, right? What kind of evil array is this?”

Between Heaven and Earth outside the city, the world’s hearts are cold, as if they have fallen into an ice cellar. At this moment, they are very fortunate. Fortunately, in order to listen to the preaching of the four major gods, fortunately, they did not grab the position in the city, otherwise they will become this evil Formation. Sacrifice!

“Didn’t expect that in order to deal with me, you actually launched the 9 Lei Extinguishing Heaven Formation, the most evil in the world!”

Above the void, Ye Han spoke with a cold face, but this 9 Li Extinguishing Heaven Formation wants to swallow Ye Han’s power and blood, which is basically impossible.

“What, 9 Lei Extinguishing Heaven Formation!” When people inside and outside the city heard these words, their hearts trembled crazily, and the people in the city were desperate to the extreme.

9 Lei Extinguishing Heaven Formation, this is the most evil ancient Formation that once shocked the entire 9 Lei world. It was created by a shocking and stunning god. Once under this set of evil Formation, 9 Lei world has been continuously lost. Several gods.

“Hmph, a little bit of insight, 1000 cliffs, this gift we prepared for you, don’t you know if you are still satisfied?” Holy Feather God said with a cold laugh.

Ye Han said in a tranquil voice; “You really opened the eyes of this God. In order to deal with me, I planted such an evil array here and started Formation with a sacrificial offering of 10000000 million people. It seems that the reason why you preached to the world, It is to bring these sacrifices here and make them the stepping stones of your four great gods to deal with this God, leaving 4 million people alive and dead. I have to say that you really are a bit more vicious than this God!”

Hearing this, at the moment those in Formation are still desperately resisting, and the hearts of those outside the city are cold.

They didn’t expect that the preaching meeting that they all looked forward to would be an Endless Purgatory.

What kind of shit preaching conference, this is a conspiracy of the 4 Great Gods to deal with the 1000 cliff gods, a conspiracy with 10000000 million lives and deaths as pawns!

Compared with the overbearing and powerful 1000 cliff gods, the four gods who seem to occupy justice are the most hypocritical and sinister villains in the world!

They deceived the people of the world and regarded the lives and deaths of the people of the world as lighter than the ants. For their own desires, they even regarded the lives and deaths of 10000000 million people as sacrifices!

“Hmph, 1000 cliffs, if your ambitions are not too big, why should I make such a move, but as long as you can get rid of you, how about 10000000 million people sacrificial offering? Now 9 Lei Extinguishing Heaven Formation has started, and your death date has come!”

The three directions between Heaven and Earth in the city are endless bloody, wisps of red blood mist meet between Heaven and Earth, and finally they are controlled by the Dark God, the Undead God, and the Undead God.

At this moment, the 10000000 million people in the city have died under that evil devouring strength, and more than 600 10000 people have died. Above the earth, densely packed corpses are everywhere. The whole scene looks shocking!

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