Divine Perception Chapter 3444

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Between Heaven and Earth in the city, the endless blood-reeking qi is breathtaking, the power and blood of 10000 and 100 people were swallowed clean by 9 Lei Extinguishing Heaven Formation. The corpses with face looks sinister on the earth, let it be This city has become a terrifying hell!

And such horrible scenes are still going on. Under the gaze of everyone outside the city between Heaven and Earth, those in the city who became the sacrifices of Extinguishing Heaven Formation are still dying. Those densely packed on the earth, The body of face looks sinister has been increasing.

Outside the city, everyone’s hearts trembled. In order to kill one person, 10000000 million people were destroyed. Such a vicious massacre is one of the few in the 9th Lebanon world!

At this moment, the four gods have become a completely sinister villain in everyone’s hearts.

The world believes that they will preach to the world and benefit the world, but they have caused the world to pay such a heavy price!

Compared with such insidious and hypocritical villains, Ye Han, who everyone complains, fears, and hates, looks much more kind!

At this moment, everyone’s heart is very sad, and the scene at this moment just confirms a sentence, Heaven and Earth is not kind, and regards 10000 things as ants!

They are in the hearts of the four great gods, why not so!

“These guys really succeeded. I really hope that Husband can completely get rid of them this time!” You Ruo Shangshen’s face is cold. In her opinion, the four gods are too crazy. Keep them, and I don’t know what to do. What an angry and grieving thing!

“Big Brother will definitely kill them!” Yun Lan affirmed.

At this moment, everyone outside the city is gradually giving birth to this idea, but at the moment 9 Lei Extinguishing Heaven Formation, the most evil in the world, has been activated. Ye Han, who is in this evil formation, can kill 9 Is the Lord God?

Soon, 10000000 million people in the city were completely destroyed.

The city that was still overcrowded just now has become a horrible dead city except for the four gods and Ye Han.

The whole city is filled with an extremely terrifying smell of blood. Between Heaven and Earth in the city, blood mist is floating everywhere, turning this place into a purgatory on earth!

A faint wind, like the souls of the undead roaring between Heaven and Earth, has turned this city into a Danger Land where 10000 things cannot survive!

“9 Li Extinguishing Heaven Formation is completed, 1000 cliffs, die!”

In an instant, the Holy Feather God peeled off the thick blood mist and appeared on the void in front of Ye Han. Her beautiful face carried a touch of crazy pleasure, because Ye Han was about to die on them. In his hands.

At this moment, the four gods have been waiting for a long time, and they have tolerated Ye Han for a long time. Only by getting rid of Ye Han can their depressed hearts be completely released.

“1000 cliffs, although none of the four of us can match you together, but in 4 Lei Extinguishing Heaven Formation, you will definitely die today!” The Dark Lord also said coldly.

The Immortal God said: “1000 cliffs, you have been tyrannize in 9 Lebanon for so long, didn’t expect to have today, but there are 10000000 million people buried for you, you should feel honored!”

The undead god also said; “1000 cliffs, 9 Li world is not yours alone. It is too sharp. Sooner or later, you will go to ruin. Today is you having only oneself to blame.”

Hearing these voices from above the Danger Land, Ye Han’s brows frowned slightly, because he felt that the 9 Extinguishing Heaven Formation is indeed a bit extraordinary. It is no wonder that the four gods are so powerful.

Suddenly, just after the words of the great gods had finished speaking, the one after another stared at the outside of the city suddenly realized that the endless blood mist over the city, which was originally filled with monstrous blood mist, converged into one after another scarlet chain. The sky above the city is staggered.

There are nine red chains crisscrossed and criss-crossed, and each red chain carries an incomparably terrifying and evil aura, which is controlled by the Dark God, the Undead God, and the Undead God.

The 9 chains of red appear across the sky, as if they can penetrate the universe, and the 9 gods with 3 chains of red in their palms are just like Death Gods who demand their lives.

“Don’t talk nonsense, kill him!” The Holy Feather God stood in the center of the entire Formation, one after another mighty force, surging crazily.

At the next moment, the Holy Feather God controlled this mighty force suddenly moved towards Ye Han and descended.

Buzz ~ Buzz ~!

At the same time, the 9 red chains crisscross like 9 evil dragons in this Heaven and Earth, under the control of the three great gods, penetrating the void like a cage, moving towards Ye Han shrouded.

Seeing this, Ye Han’s figure retreated crazily above this void, and the strength of Faith was also released at the same time, turning into one after another infinite power to collide with the 9 evil red chains.

咚咚dong dong!

Suddenly, the strength of Faith collided with the 9 chains, which caused this piece of Heaven and Earth to shake in tremors. The whole piece of Heaven and Earth has become completely chaotic, and the whole picture is like Primal Chaos Era descending. .

However, under the collision of Ye Han’s strength of Faith with the 9 evil chains, it lasted only a few seconds, and Ye Han’s strength of Faith was completely crushed by the 9 chains that traverse Heaven and Earth.

Destroying heaven extinguishing earth-like power swept in, forcing Ye Han to retreat continuously above the void.

However, at the moment this city is shrouded by 9 Lei Extinguishing Heaven Formation. Although this confrontation is extremely terrifying, it still has not destroyed this city.

“Hmph, 1000 cliffs, 9 Lei Extinguishing Heaven Formation. Even the Lord can easily be killed. Your strength of Faith is useless. Go and die!”

4 The expression of the Great God is crazy, and the 9 chains that cover the sky and the sun continue to move towards Ye Han, bombing away, as if to nail Ye Han in the sky.

Seeing this scene, Youruo God and the others expression are nervous. Judging from the current situation, Ye Han has not yet gained the upper hand in the face of the four gods.

“9 Lebanon Extinguishing Heaven Formation is the most evil ancient Formation in the 9 Lebanon world. The 1000 cliff gods are afraid that they can’t stop the 4 great gods from lore!” The expression of the people outside the city between Heaven and Earth was tense.

“The formation, imprisoned in a cage!” In the center of Formation, the Holy Feather God stepped on his feet, and then on this land full of corpses, a terrifying force that imprisoned World’s All Living Things suddenly surged.

When this force appeared, Ye Han who was retreating suddenly felt that he was imprisoned by a force, making it extremely difficult to move the bullet.

Buzz ~ Buzz ~!

Just at this brief moment, 9 chains were blasted from Heaven and Earth, and they were about to hit Ye Han’s body in an instant, to penetrate Ye Han’s body.

Upon seeing this scene, Ye Han’s face changed; “Time Freeze!”

In an instant, everything between Heaven and Earth stood still, time stopped flowing, and the 9 terrifying chains were only half a meter away from Ye Han at this moment.

Once Ye Han was penetrated by these 9 chains just now, it was absolutely a terrifying thing!

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