Divine Perception Chapter 3445

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However, Ye Han still underestimated the horror of 9 Li Extinguishing Heaven Formation.

The static power between Heaven and Earth lasted for only a few seconds, completely breaking this time constraint.

At that moment, Ye Han, who was about to breathe a sigh of relief, didn’t even have time to react. The 9 chains fiercely hit Ye Han’s body like 9 mountain peaks, instantly knocking him into the air for 1000 miles.

At this moment, Ye Han’s face turned pale.

If Ye Han’s fleshy body had not reached the Celestial Emperor’s realm, the 9 terrifying chains just now could definitely penetrate Ye Han’s body. Even if Ye Han could not be nailed to this piece of in the sky, Ye Han could definitely be nailed. Give it a hit!

“Husband!” Youruo Shangshen complexion greatly changed, Yun Lan and Zhu Divine King also looked nervous to the extreme. Only then, Ye Han was already at a disadvantage when facing the Four Gods.

“It seems that this time 1000 Cliff God is really going to fall in these 9 Extinguishing Heaven Formation!” The people outside the city thought so.

However, the matter of Time Freeze just now hasn’t been noticed by anyone. Although the four gods have discovered some things, Ye Han has fallen into a disadvantage now. What they have to do now is to completely kill Ye Han.

“Hmph, 1000 cliffs, facing 9 Lei Extinguishing Heaven Formation, is it useful for you to resist? Face the end of death!”

4 The Lord looked happy.

Then I saw the Holy Feather God stepping on again; “Fan cage imprisoned!”

One after another The power of imprisoning Heaven and Earth broke out again, and wanted to imprison Ye Han in this piece of sky, the 9 terrifying chains also moved towards Ye Han once again, making Ye Han’s face extremely complex. It’s ugly, he almost hurt the hands of these guys just now.

Ye Han has not dared to underestimate this fierce 9 Li Extinguishing Heaven Formation.

Once under the care, even if Ye Han does not die, the result is absolutely uncomfortable.

“Hmph, if you want to imprison this god, do you rely on the Formation you control?” Ye Han’s face was extremely cold, but the four great gods Ye Han who controlled 9 Lei Extinguishing Heaven Formation wanted to defeat them, or even kill them, unless It is Ye Han who uses his own hole card power. Only in this way, Ye Han has hope in the 4 Lei Extinguishing Heaven Formation.

However, once Ye Han reveals his hole card power, then Ye Han’s identity as the god Demon Race will definitely be exposed. When the time comes, the entire 9 Lei world will know Ye Han’s true identity.

“Time Freeze!” Ye Han once again displayed this terrifying ability.

Although the ability of Time Freeze cannot confine the 9 li Extinguishing Heaven Formation how much time, for Ye Han, even a moment is a kind of hope.

In an instant, everything between Heaven and Earth was stopped again, the evil force of the imprisoning force was stopped, and the 9 chains were also stopped in this void.


Ye Han stepped forward, spanning 1000 miles away.

With the strength of Faith in his palm, he suddenly moved towards the Formation. The Holy Feather God in the center slashed it with a palm. As the controller of the 9 Li Extinguishing Heaven Formation, the confinement power borrowed by the Holy Feather God from 9 Li Extinguishing Heaven Formation made Ye Han has several points of fear, and only by killing her, this powerful 9 Li Extinguishing Heaven Formation will gradually fall apart.

In an instant, just after the Time Freeze ability lost its effect, the Holy Feather God looked at Ye Han, who was holding the strength of Faith in his palm, moved towards her forcefully.

At this moment, under the endless breath of death, the Holy Feather God is desperate!

“The power of the dead soul, now!”

With a violent drink, the sky shook, and then from above this land of corpses, one after another incomparable Evil Power suddenly surged, like a volcanic eruption, moving towards Ye Han, who was killed by the Holy Feather God.

The power of this dead soul is fused by the power of 9 Lei Extinguishing Heaven Formation that has swallowed 10000000 million people. This power burst and collided with Ye Han’s strength of Faith. With a bang, the shocking power made Ye Han. It just felt like an explosion of his body.


At this moment, both Ye Han and Holy Feather God vomited a mouthful of blood at the same time.

“Damn 1000 cliffs, you still have the trump card power of this static time, but you still can’t escape today! Undead Soul Eater!”

The 3 Dark Gods were both shocked and angry. They found that even if they used 9 Lei Extinguishing Heaven Formation to kill Ye Han, it was not so easy, but they had not really used the power of 9 Lei Extinguishing Heaven Formation.

“Kill him, I can’t give him any more chance!” Shengyu God escaped, with lingering fears, she almost died in Ye Han’s hands just now, and now she desperately wants to see Ye Han die. Let Ye Han exist for a moment, and she will feel a sharp sword hanging above her head at all times.

“Not good, Big Brother is injured!” Yun Lan’s pretty face was tight, and Youruo Shangshen clenched his fists, nails have been inserted into the palms of his hands, but Ye Han is now facing the situation, they can not intervene at all, even these 9 Li Extinguishing Heaven Formation can’t get in.

“I hope God can survive this challenge!” Divine King was also extremely nervous.

Above the void, Ye Han wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and his expression was violent. Although the 9 Extinguishing Heaven Formation is evil, it is really mysterious; “It is worthy of the ancient formation that requires 10000000 million people sacrificial offering. In that case, let you See the truest face of this God, so that you can die without regrets.”

“Hmph, 1000 cliffs, I think you are talking about dreams, let this undead devour your soul!”

Infinite evil powers crazily gush out from the earth, and finally, under the horrified gaze of everyone outside the city, these evil forces converge into an Evil Spirit as high as thousands zhang.

The Evil Spirit opened its mouth and inhaled, as if to swallow the soul of Heaven and Earth all living creatures. Even the four gods who control 9 Li Extinguishing Heaven Formation felt that this Evil Spirit was extremely terrifying.


The terrifying roar shook the sky, and the Evil Spirit with a height of thousands zhang bowed its head and looked down at Ye Han who was as small as an ant.

Its giant opened up like a black hole that swallowed the universe, swallowing all the soul of Ye Han, the ant. In this scene, even people staring outside the city felt an infinite sense of fear!

“Destroying Heaven!”

Suddenly, just as the Evil Spirit was about to swallow Ye Han’s soul, one after another shocking power wave suddenly surged from Ye Han’s body.

As this power fluctuation spread, the faces of the four gods who first felt this power suddenly changed.

Shocked and shocked, all kinds of emotions flashed through their eyes.

“This is the Rule Power of the God Demon Race, you are not 1000 Cliff, you are the person of the God Demon Race!”

The dark god roared, and the faces of the other three gods were filled with infinite horror and coldness.

“What, 1000 Cliff God is a man of the god Demon Race!”

Between Heaven and Earth outside the city, everyone was caught in a crazy shock because of the words of the Dark God.

This is especially true for the two of Youruo Shangshen and Yun Lan!

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