Divine Perception Chapter 3446

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In a word, like a stormy sea, everyone in this piece of between Heaven and Earth was shocked!

This sentence seemed to shock the entire century. Various emotions burst out in this piece of between Heaven and Earth, and those one after another amazed eyes were staring at Ye Han, who had infinite power bursting out of his body at this moment.

“Is this true? 1000 Ya God is a person of the god Demon Race?”

“Although the 4 Great Gods are a bit hateful, they will definitely not aimlessly, and the power currently used by the 1000 Ya God is not the power of my 9 world!”

“Yes, the four gods once participated in the battle of the invading god Demon Race. They knew the power of the god Demon Race best.”

The people outside the city were terribly shocked. If the 1000 Cliff Gods belonged to the god Demon Race, then this would be a big lie to the 9 Li world to deceive the world.

The faces of Youruo God, Yun Lan, and Divine King also have strong shocks on their faces.

“Impossible, he is 1000 cliffs, how could he be from the god Demon Race?” Youruo God’s 10000 unbelieving, beautiful face, in the beautiful and alluring eyes, one after another is extremely unstable The power fluctuates.

“How could Big Brother be a member of the god Demon Race? Impossible, this must be fake!” Yun Lan also did not believe that if Ye Han was a member of the god Demon Race, how could he cultivation 9 the power of the world? How can it be God?

Although Divine King’s face was horrified, he gradually fell silent. When Ye Han entered the 9 Lei world from the god Demon Race, the first person to contact was him. At that time, Ye Han said that he was a 1000 god on the cliff, and even 6 God knows the punishment, no one doubts.

Zhu Divine King had no doubt at the time.

But Ye Han has made big noises in the 9 Lebanon world over the past year or so. Thinking about it carefully, there are indeed many speculations.

9 Lei Extinguishing Heaven Formation, the Samsara Rule and the swallowing rule roared on Ye Han’s body, making the piece of Heaven and Earth terrifying, and the faces of the four gods were terrified.

As the leader of the invading god Demon Race, they are naturally no strangers to the Rule Power controlled by the god Demon Race. Only the strong of the god Demon Race can control this power.

“Damn it, you god Demon Race mixed into my spy of 9 Li world, today you will definitely die!”

The killing intent of the Holy Feather God is amazing.

“Damned bastard, everyone in my 9th world was almost deceived by you alone. It seems that the real 1000 cliffs should have died in the hands of the god Demon Race long ago. Who are you?” the dark god roared.

The immortal god ice-cold saying; “Very good, it seems that the people of the god Demon Race have become much smarter. The last era abandoned 9 days and entered my 9 Lei world strongly, which attracted the siege of the gods and finally died in battle. , You, a god of Demon Race, are much smarter than him. They quietly mixed into my world, killed many gods, and even eliminated several gods with the help of our hands, which was a silent consumption. With the power of my 9th Lebanon world, clansman as insidious and cunning as you, this is the first time I have seen it!”

“Damn God Demon Race, if it weren’t for you, how could my 9th world become what it is now? You are the cause of all this. Today, the god must smash you into 10000 pieces!” The undead god roared angrily.

Hearing this, the hearts of the people outside the city between Heaven and Earth are even more shocking.

Since the return of 1000 Cliffs from the god Demon Race, the world of 9 Lebanon has never been calm. The battle between the clans and the battle between the gods has gradually become what it is now.

Thinking about it now, all these things happened after 1000 Yaya returned from the god Demon Race, and almost everything is inseparable from him.

In the past, there were 9 great clans in the 9 Lebanon world, which ruled the entire 9 Lebanon world, and there were 9 great gods who were in charge.

But now, there are only four of the former 9 great clans. In addition to the disappeared Lanling God, there are only 4 of the former 9 great gods.

The deaths of the other four great gods are directly related to the 4 cliffs.

“You think you can kill me, I am afraid that now you no longer have that ability. This God has said that you will see the truest side of this God, so that you can die without regrets. Now you can go without regrets. died!”

Ye Han expression was calm, and the Samsara Rule and the Devouring Rule continued to blend, and finally formed an extremely violent and terrifying force.

Hearing this, everyone now knows that Ye Han has already admitted that he is the clansman, and he is not hiding.

At this moment, Youruo God’s mind seemed to have been hit by a heavy hammer, making her face extremely pale.

The man she loved so much was actually a person of the god Demon Race, not 1000 Cliffs, which made her feel deceived like never before.

However, the man she loves so much is 1000 Ya? Or the man in front of me?

Now, even Youruo couldn’t tell the difference, but she was very angry, and the unprecedented anger filled her heart.

“Undead, swallow him!” The four gods’ expressions were distorted, and only now did they realize that from start to finish, they had been playing with the applause by Ye Han, which made them unbearable.


The undead that was as high as thousand zhang roared again, and the huge mouth that had been opened suddenly moved towards Ye Han and sucked wildly, swallowing Ye Han’s soul and even his body.

“Hmph, trifling dead soul, dare to impudent in front of me, destroy!”

Ye Han expression is cold, his hands folded together, suddenly moved towards the undead of thousands zhang cut down, the fusion of 2 rule powers, is naturally extremely terrifying, turned into an Annihilation Light, in the 4 gods Under the gaze of horror and unbelievable eyes, this Annihilation Light split the undead up to thousands of zhang into two halves, and completely dissipated between Heaven and Earth.

Such a fierce power appeared in this world, so that the entire 9 Lei Extinguishing Heaven Formation trembled. As the controller of 9 Lei Extinguishing Heaven Formation, they could feel how terrifying this power is.

“Hmph, you think you can kill me at this point? You think you dare to come, are you not prepared?” Ye Han sneered; “opportunity, this God has already given you once, but unfortunately, you still don’t have it. Powerful enough to kill this God, therefore, the people who die this time will be you!”

At this moment, the faces of the four great gods are hard to see the extreme. Although they still have hole card power that has not exploded, can they really kill Ye Han even if the hole card power has exploded?

Outside the city between Heaven and Earth stared nervously at the 4 Great Gods and Ye Han in Formation. Isn’t the 4 Great Gods the opponent of this strong Demon Race?

“Who are you? God Demon Race shouldn’t have someone as strong as you, even if you abandoned it for 9 days, it was not as strong as you!” Holy Feather God said with a sullen expression.

“Hehe, how can you know what kind of power the god Demon Race has, but you can remember my name, the one who killed you, the god Demon Race Ye Han!”

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