Divine Perception Chapter 3447

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“Kill you guys, God Demon Race Ye Han!”

At this moment, everyone in this piece of between Heaven and Earth remembered this name.

One mixed into the 9 Lebanon world, silently caused the 9 Lebanon world to cause chaos in the world, and even consumed most of the power of the 9 Lebanese world.

If it weren’t for him, the 9 Lebanon world would still be the original 9 Lebanon world, the 9 Lebanon world would still be the original 9 Lebanon world, and the 9 Lebanon world would still be as strong as ever.

However, because of this person’s arrival, the 9 Lei world has completely changed!

The upper clan is destroyed, the god is killed in battle!

Now, the entire 9 Lebanon world is facing the crisis of changing ownership!

Once the power of the god Demon Race beheaded the 4 great gods, then 9 Lei world is his own world, when the time comes 9 Le world any race will acknowledge allegiance under his rule.

Perhaps in the future, 9 Lei world will acknowledge allegiance at the feet of the god Demon Race!

“God Demon Race Ye Han, you should be the soul flew away and scattered, kill, kill him at all costs, I must not fall into the hands of clansman!”

From the beginning, a horrible cage permeated the entire 9 Lei Extinguishing Heaven Formation, as if Ye Han were to be completely imprisoned in this within array.

“Hmph, in vain, four gods, prepare to accept the coming of death!”

Ye Han twisted his neck. At this moment, he was finally able to use his power unscrupulously.

The power that belongs to the false god is released from Ye Han’s within the body. At the same time, Ye Han has activated 3 times the battle strength.

Facing the 4 Lei Extinguishing Heaven Formation placed by the 9 Great Gods, Ye Han wants to kill the 4 Great Gods, unless we destroy the 9 Le Extinguishing Heaven Formation first, but want to break the 9 Le Extinguishing Heaven Formation, even if Ye Han has to be serious.

This ancient array is by far the most powerful array Ye Han has ever seen.

“It really is the breath of God Demon Race!”

Feeling the powerful force spreading from Ye Han, everyone outside the city between Heaven and Earth trembled with expression, 9 Li world, is it really going to be destroyed in the hands of this god and demon clansman?

At this moment, Youruo God’s last illusion was shattered.

She suddenly remembered what Ye Han had said to her.

Ye Han once said to her that she was afraid that she would regret it, but You Ruo Shang did not hesitate to become Ye Han’s woman!

And before going to the preaching conference, Ye Han also said that he was afraid of her disappointment.

Now think about it, Youruo God finally understood what Ye Han meant by saying these words, because he was not a 9 Li world person at all, not a 1000 God on the cliff at all, just an impostor who replaced him!

“Why? Why didn’t at first tell me!” Youruo Shangshen was miserable, and she found that she couldn’t hate Ye Han, and it showed that she really fell in love with this and dare to beat God for her. Slap in the face, the man who dared to let God apologize to her for her.

The person she loves, already not in, is the once God on the 1000 Cliffs, and even the appearance of the God on the 1000 Cliffs has gradually become Ye Han’s face in her mind.

Buzz ~ Buzz ~!

The horrible imprisonment force burst out frantically from 9 Lei Extinguishing Heaven Formation, to imprison everything in this Formation.

However, Ye Han, who has turned on 3 times the battle strength now, is a battle strength heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, how can the cage in this formation be trapped?

Ye Han lifted it up with one hand, and then saw him punch out in this void; “Broken!”

In an instant, the rolling force of destruction and concussion was turbulent in this Formation, and that one after another infinite imprisoning force was immediately destroyed under the concussion of this destructive force.

“How did this bastard become stronger!”

4 The Great God is shocked, because they discovered that Ye Han’s strength has become more terrifying than before!

“Hey, this tortoise shell can even withstand it!” Looking at the undamaged 9 Li Extinguishing Heaven Formation, Ye Han’s smiling eyes flashed with surprise, and he couldn’t destroy this under 3 times the battle strength. 9 Lei Extinguishing Heaven Formation, so 4 times, even 5 times!

In an instant, Ye Han directly turned on 5 times the battle strength and moved towards the ground under his feet with a punch.


The power of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering exploded, as if to destroy this World, people inside and outside the city felt the earth trembling crazily at this moment, and even the earth in the city had already cracked one after another terrifying crack. .

Even if there are 9 Lei Extinguishing Heaven Formation buried in this big underground, it is difficult to resist this amazing amount of destructive power at the moment.

“It’s stronger, and the battle strength is increasing step by step. This bastard must be an Inheritor who has abandoned 9 days. It can’t be delayed anymore. It starts 9 Lei Lore. Once this bastard destroys 9 Lei Extinguishing Heaven Formation, we can’t fight him at all! “

4 The face of the Great God has become more and more ugly, and even has several points of panic. If 9 Lei Extinguishing Heaven Formation cannot kill Ye Han, then they will definitely die in Ye Han’s hands in the end.

“It can be blocked!” Ye Han’s eyes narrowed into a line. His current 5 times battle strength could almost kill the 4 Great Gods in seconds, but it only shook the Formation and couldn’t reach the point of destroying it.

But at this moment, the terrifying evil power emerged again in the entire Formation. The moment this power appeared, all were absorbed by the four gods madly. In less than a few seconds, the four gods The breath continued to soar.

However, after swallowing such a terrifying evil force, the four great gods now look like evil spirits crawling out of hell as hideous and terrifying.

This evil force emerging from Formation is the power that sacrificial offering 9 Li Extinguishing Heaven Formation 10000000 possessed before life. At this moment, it is all absorbed by the four gods, which has greatly increased their battle strength.

“Hmph, the way of demons, even so, can you contend with this God?” Ye Han looked awkward.


The 4 Great Gods took a step together. They, full of infinite evil auras, unexpectedly overlapped each other under everyone’s gaze. The 4 Great Gods became one and became a monster with different faces.

Seeing this, the people outside the city between Heaven and Earth were shocked. This Extinguishing Heaven Formation is too evil.

But it is undeniable that at this moment the four gods are united. Although they have become a monster with face looks sinister, their strength is extremely powerful.

In an instant, the four gods united in one body burst out blood light, moving towards Ye Han madly descending.

“This breaking the formation should also end!”

Ye Han’s palm slowly lifted, and a force that was even more terrifying than the four gods after being integrated into one, instantly erupted like mountains and rivers.

With 6 times the battle strength, Ye Han directly suppressed it from the sky with a palm.

As if to suppress all evils, destroy the terrifying blood light immediately.

The four gods united as one was as if forcibly squeezed out by a terrifying force, vomiting blood and going backwards crazy.

And at this moment, the array buried deep under this land is also completely destroyed, the whole land is constantly collapsing, and the city is collapsing!

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