Divine Perception Chapter 3448

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The terrifying picture spread in the city. The land shrouded by Formation has become an abyss as deep as ten thousand zhang. The city has also been completely destroyed.

When that devastating storm swept through, many people in the city’s appearance battle were horribly obliterated, and only some powerful and powerful people escaped dangerously and dangerously.

A few seconds later, when all the chaotic atmosphere between Heaven and Earth stopped.

The faces of those who survived by chance just now changed drastically, because at this moment in the ruined and messy battlefield, the aura of the four great gods was becoming extremely weak.

The pale complexion indicated that they had been seriously injured under the collision of heaven-shaking and earth-shattering just now, and they had no strength to fight again.

Only Ye Han, like King-like standing on the sky, unscathed!

This scene made everyone tremble, and they could already foresee the outcome of the four gods!

Originally, after the 4 Great Gods opened the 10000000 Le Extinguishing Heaven Formation at the cost of 9 million lives, everyone hated the 4 Great Gods and hoped that Ye Han could kill the 4 Great Gods.

But now, after Ye Han reveals the identity of the god Demon Race, they hope that the four gods can use 4 Li Extinguishing Heaven Formation to behead Ye Han.

After all, although the four great gods are despicable and hateful, they are always the people of the 4 Li world, and once the people of the god Demon Race control the 9 Li world, it will definitely be the beginning of the 9 Li world annihilation.

But at this moment, the four great gods were hit hard under Ye Han’s hands, and everyone has lost hope.

Next, facing Ye Han, the four gods are bound to die, and the entire world of 4 Lei will be controlled by the power of the god Demon Race.

“The 4 Great Gods are over, I am afraid that I will become a slave to the Demon Race of God!” Everyone has a bit of despair on their faces, but now, facing Ye Han who can destroy the 9 Lei Extinguishing Heaven Formation , 9 Lei world is simply unstoppable.

Therefore, even if they are reluctant to accept this fact as much as 10000, they must accept it!

Looking at the man standing proud in the sky, as if he was about to Monarch Overlooking The Whole World, Youruo Shangshen’s somewhat cold face shone with indescribable complexity.

This man is about to stand on the top of 9 Lei world, Monarch Overlooking The Whole World, but how should she face it?

Are you continuing to stand by his side? Or just leave? Or even killed Ye Han for the revenge of 1000 God on the Cliff?

Youruo Shangshen’s heart is in a mess, she doesn’t even know what decision to make at this moment?

At this moment, the faces of the 4 Great Gods also showed a look of despair, 9 Lei Extinguishing Heaven Formation was their last support, and now this support has been ruthlessly destroyed by Ye Han.

“Hmph, you want to get rid of this God with a Formation. The four of you are too naive, right? Unless the time is right, do you really think you can live to the present?”

Above the sky, Ye Han had a cold expression. If he wanted to get rid of the four gods, he would have already possessed this ability, but at that time Ye Han could not reveal his identity as the god Demon Race.

But now it’s different. After killing the 4 great gods, 9 Li world is his own world, even if the people of 9 Li world know the identity of his god Demon Race? Even the four great gods have been killed. Who dares to stand up against him?

“God Demon Race Ye Han, the four of us should have killed you completely at the beginning, instead of letting your words join hands to deal with Lanling, letting my 4 Lei world fall to the point where it is today!” The dark god’s heart is full of strong regrets. Meaning, if they hadn’t fallen into Ye Han’s trap, would they have walked to today step by step?

“It’s a pity that this no medicine for regret in the world, from the moment you come into contact with this God, your ending is doomed.” Ye Han looked indifferent, he walked forward and said; “even more how, this God What you do today and what you did to the god Demon Race in the last epoch is nothing short of insignificance. Since your wolf ambition still wants to invade my god Demon Race, how can you keep you?”

Hearing this, endless regret occupies the deep in one’s heart of the four gods, but is regret now useful?

“Accept death, rest assured, without you, under the rule of this God, the world of 9 Lei will become a brand new world!” one after another amazing battle strength surged over Ye Han’s body and came. 9 Li world After more than a year, things here should come to an end.

Seeing this, the expressions of people outside the city between Heaven and Earth are sad. Today, they will not only witness the fall of the four great gods, but also the beginning of the demise of the world of 4 Lei, and the coming of a new era. Even if it still exists, it will not be the previous 9 Li world!

“Hehe, wonderful, wonderful, really wonderful, such a good show, it’s hard to come by in life!”

Suddenly, in this piece of between Heaven and Earth, everyone looked sad, and the four great gods regretted it.

A chuckle suddenly rang in this piece between Heaven and Earth.

This abrupt sound made everyone’s expressions shocked, and the four gods moved towards this piece of between Heaven and Earth and scanned the past.

Ye Han stopped, his eyes squinted, there are other people here!

“Really didn’t expect, you turned out to be a member of the god Demon Race, even if I was deceived by you at the beginning, now my 9th world is really bad enough for you!”

That voice came again, making the four great gods look shocked, this voice…It was Lan Ling!

“There are also you 4 idiots who joined forces with the people of the god Demon Race to deal with this god. You end up here now. Do you regret it now?” The Lanling god has not yet appeared, but his cold voice makes everything Everyone guessed his identity.

“It’s the Lanling God of Evil Spirit Race. Didn’t he disappear under the cooperation of the 4 Great Gods and God Demon Race Ye Han?”

“It’s just missing, not death, and the Lord of Lanling was able to escape under the siege of the four great gods and the god Demon Race Ye Han. It can be seen how tyrannical the Lord of Lanling was, and he chose to come forward at this time. It seems that I want to intervene in this war!”

Many people were shocked, and the Lord of Lanling came forward. Can he change this war? Kill the god Demon Race Ye Han?

4 The Great God does regret it, but Ye Han is so powerful, what if Lanling appears? 9 The ending of Lei world is doomed.

“Lan Ling, since it’s here, why hide it sneakily and come out to meet you!” Ye Han squinted and looked towards this piece of Heaven and Earth. Lan Ling would appear at this time, which surprised him. You must know that Ye Han even broke the terrifying 9 Lei Extinguishing Heaven Formation, and Lan Ling still dared to appear, which shows that the other party has absolute confidence in his heart.

“Hehe, the person of the god Demon Race, the master was placed by you last time, this account can be calculated with you, but the master would have to live well thank you, if you and these 4 fools, This God cannot fully control the strength of faith!”

Hearing this, not only the face of the four gods changed, even Ye Han’s face flashed with a touch of surprise!

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