Divine Perception Chapter 3449

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Full control of the strength of Faith!

4 An astonished expression flashed across the face of the Great God, and Lanling, which had only controlled a trace of strength of Faith, was extremely terrifying.

If he had full control of the strength of faith, how terrifying would it be?

Ye Han’s sword eyebrows constricted, Lan Ling, really has full control of the strength of faith?

As Ye Han who has already controlled the strength of Faith, he knows how strong the strength of Faith is. Even Ye Han, who only controls a little bit of the strength of Faith, can stabilize the power of God. If he has full control and has the strength, that is what This piece between Heaven and Earth is truly the most powerful!

Same as the legendary 10000 ancestral realm of the gods and demons!


After the words spread throughout Heaven and Earth, the Lanling God appeared. He tore through the void and wandered out of it. The other party was still dressed in white with a faint smile on his face, making this piece of space between Heaven and Earth. The people stared at him!

“Lanling God!” Between Heaven and Earth’s eyes are full of expectation, expecting him to be able to kill the powerful Demon Race youth, so that the 9 Li world is still the previous 9 Li world.

“Lan Ling!” The 4 Great Gods looked moved. The Lan Ling that appeared again made them feel like a universe, with no edge at all. He stood there, but he seemed to be on the far side of the sky. Out of reach!

“Hmph, you 4 idiots, I will come to you to settle the account later.” The Lanling God glanced at the 4 Great Gods, and then he looked towards Ye Han with a smile on his face; “God clansman, I have to say you It is indeed an amazing and daunting character who mixed into my 9 Lei world alone. With the power of one person, I made my 9 Lei world where it is today. Such an achievement, even if it was abandoned for 9 days. Both are impossible to compare, and no second person can be found in the god Demon Race and 9 Li world.”

“Many thanks, I can succeed, and I have to thank you. If you weren’t too stupid, how could I make it to today in 9 Li world step by step?” Ye Han squinted his eyes and looked at the Lord of Lanling, and once again met with Lanling The meeting made Ye Han’s heart heavier. This guy has indeed become extremely deep and unmeasurable!

“It’s a bit stupid, but it’s too late to kill you!” Lanling God said in a tranquil voice; “Although my 9 Lei world is miserable enough by you, but there is one day to dominate, my 9 Lei world is still strong, you The god Demon Race is still destined to be enslaved by my 9 Li world.”

“Hehe, putting it that way, do you already have the power to conquer my god Demon Race?” Ye Han coldly said with a sneer.

Lanling God nodded; “Yes, but the master can have this level of confidence and it is thanks to you. If you hadn’t let the master dissipate the faith, how could the master break and stand and enter this unprecedented Realm of Transcendence, I don’t know. Facing this master, how long can you resist today?”

Ye Han squinted his eyes and said, “I really want to try whether your Lanling really has full control of the strength of Faith?”

“Hehe, I have the courage, but the master was forced to escape into the Great Desolate universe by you and these 4 idiots. After experiencing nine deaths and still alive, the master of the ledger won’t kill you easily. At least, you have to experience it. After despair.” Lanling God said with a smile; “Of course, as a thank you, I will let you see the real strength of Faith. Now the Lord has transcended Heaven and Earth and entered an all new realm. The master named this realm as the realm of master, meaning to master the beings of Heaven and Earth, and now, it is time for me to master your destiny!”

Hearing this, although the face of the 4 Great Gods is ugly, they now also expect the Lanling God to behead Ye Han. The other party is already the only hope for the entire 9 Li world!

Ye Han said with a sneer; “I haven’t seen you for so long, although I don’t know how much your Lanling strength has increased, but this nonsense ability has indeed grown a lot, instead of continuing nonsense, it is better to see the highs and lows in your hands.”

“Hehe, as you wish!”

Lanling God smiled, and between stepping out, this piece of Heaven and Earth suddenly changed, as if it had become a unique field, and this field was gradually expanding.

Everyone in this piece between Heaven and Earth can feel that this World has become a little different.

The Lord of Lanling is in this World, like the Spiritual God who controls World’s All Living Things, everything between Heaven and Earth is under his control.

In this field, even the four great gods feel that they are very small at this moment, as if as long as the Lanling God a single thought, they can be wiped out!

Ye Han’s eyes were extremely cold, he naturally felt the power of this field, it was like an ant facing a Spiritual God.

“Do you feel it? This is the real strength of Faith. In a single thought, beliefs spread all over the world, forming a powerful field. This field can be as large as covering the entire 9 Li world. Therefore, today you have no way to escape, only dead!”

When the words fell, the smile on Lanling’s face disappeared, and he slowly raised his hand, and a force that made Ye Han’s face melted suddenly descended from the sky, to completely destroy Ye Han in this domain.


There was a frenzied fighting intent on Ye Han’s face, an instantaneous burst of 7 times battle strength, astonishing power surged from Ye Han’s body like a world-destroying torrent.

Facing the Lanling God who was so powerful just before he shot, Ye Han knew that he wanted to win this battle today, and his hope was slim, but is Ye Han that kind of obediently surrender?


The 10000 Jie Sword appeared in Ye Han’s hand, and a sword glow appeared in the sky, reaching several hundred li.

Ye Han swung his sword to cut through the sky, as if he was about to split the entire world into two halves, and he wanted to cut away all the fields covering Heaven and Earth.


A terrifying force descended from above the sky in this area, and violently collided with Ye Han under 7 times the battle strength.

That terrifying impact directly raze to the ground within a radius of 1000 li, the earth trembled crazily, and the top of the sky directly cracked a crack as wide as several hundred li, which stretched out infinitely above the sky, some weak in strength The strong men exploded at the moment when the terrifying collision sounded.

Ye Han collided with Lanling, just the sound of collision can kill many people!

“Go!” The 4 Great God complexion greatly changed, and hurriedly fled to the distance. Other people between Heaven and Earth also fled.

What is the power of destroying the world? This is called the power of destroying the world!

puff puff puff puff!

In the destroying heaven extinguishing earth-like battlefield, after Ye Han collided with Lanling, he felt as if he had been hit by a terrifying blow. He couldn’t stop vomiting a mouthful of blood from his mouth.

At this moment, Ye Han was hit hard when he confronted the Lord of Lanling. Even Ye Han with 7 times the battle strength seemed too weak to face the Lord of Lanling!

“Husband!” Between Heaven and Earth, several tens of thousands of li, is as if God’s instinctive opening, even if it is separated from several tens of thousands of li, everyone can see Ye Han who has been hit hard on the battlefield at this moment. .

At this moment, the horror of Lanling God can be described as shocking the world!

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