Divine Perception Chapter 3450

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With just one blow, Ye Han was severely injured under the hands of the Lord of Lanling.

This made the four gods and the others who saw this scene from afar to the extreme.

How scary is Ye Han? Just now, the 4 Great Gods were in control of 9 Lei Extinguishing Heaven Formation and Ye Han’s battle, everyone saw it with their own eyes.

Even the four gods who control 9 Lei Extinguishing Heaven Formation are like trivial ant in front of Ye Han. At that time, Ye Han was so powerful that everyone was desperate.

But at this moment, the power of Lanling God is even more shocking.

Even such a terrifying Ye Han was hit hard by his hand. What a terrifying power this is!

“Is this the ability to fully control the strength of Faith?” The 4 gods and the others roared wildly. If they also have such power, let alone 9 Lei world and the god Demon Race, they are in this boundless universe. Where not to go?

“The Lord of Lanling was too terrifying, and he severely damaged the young Demon Race youth with one move.”

“Fortunately, the Lord of Lanling is so powerful, if otherwise, my 9th world will have to fall into the hands of the god Demon Race.”

“The people of this god Demon Race mixed into my 9 Lei world, causing my 9 Lei world to lose a lot. Now that the Lord of Lanling appears, it is time for him to pay the price!”

“Yes, only by letting the Lord of Lanling kill him, my world can return to peace. However, with the current strength of the Lord of Lanling, even if it sweeps the god Demon Race, it is nothing difficult. I am afraid that it will not be long before the Lord of Lanling will Lead my army of 9 Lei world to conquer the god Demon Race again!”

“Hmph, this person killed me many gods in the world, and made my power in the world decline again and again. If the Lan Ling God invades the god Demon Race, my world must make the people of the god Demon Race pay a heavy price! “

Several tens of thousands of li’s eyes are cold and severe.

“He’s probably bode ill rather than well this time!” Zhu Divine King’s eyes were complicated. He admired Ye Han, but he finally realized that he was just a person from the god Demon Race, which made his heart carry one Anger and indescribable complex colors.

Hearing this, while You Ruo Shangshen’s complexion, his heart is also extremely worried about Ye Han.

Although the man in front of me is from the god Demon Race, if he dies, would she really want to see him?

“Big Brother…” Yun Lan’s face was full of reluctance. Although Ye Han was a member of the god Demon Race, she found that she still liked Ye Han and the young man who dared to stand up against Asura Race for her.

“In front of the real strength of Faith, your strength is too weak, and the strength I possess has surpassed this World. Now I want to know, in the face of such strength, do you feel despair?”

Above the sky, the Lanling Lord looked towards Ye Han with a sneer on his face beyond a thousand li, who had been seriously injured. Now it would be too easy for him to kill Ye Han.

Ye Han complexion is gloomy, Life Law surging within the body, gradually repairing his injury, but Ye Han knows very well that today, even with his many means, facing the desperately powerful Lanling, He has no chance of winning at all.

However, even if there is no chance of winning, Ye Han will not be obediently surrender.


Ye Han is holding the 10000 Tribulation Sword aloft, and his aura rises step by step. At this moment, Ye Han has completely erupted in the 9th Change of Zhu Shen.

He directly increased his battle strength to 9 times, although Ye Han knew that even at 9 times battle strength, he still could not compete with the strength of faith controlled by Lanling God.

“Hmph, the god Demon Race’s rejection of 9 days of inheritance martial arts is really extraordinary, but today you are facing the master. It seems that you are destined to abandon the 9 days of the same.”

Lanling God sneered, and then he suddenly moved towards Ye Han with a crit. At this time, the power controlled by Lanling God became extremely violent, full of infinite power to destroy the world. If we say that Lanling God just now It just made Ye Han feel desperate, but this time he wanted Ye Han’s life.

Under his own hands, the Lord Lanling does not believe that Ye Han has a chance to survive today. Now he can make the entire 9 Lei world his own realm world in a single thought. Can Ye Han escape? Can only be ruthlessly obliterated by him.

With the addition of 9 times battle strength, Ye Han’s strength has increased to an unprecedented level of intrepidity. Such strength makes him feel that he is not far from the Lord of Lanling.

“Destroying Heaven!”

Ye Han’s voice resounded ten thousand li away, and when he performed Sky Destruction Slash with 9 times the battle strength, he easily split a void crack in this area of ​​the world.

Seeing this scene, the Lord Lanling looked surprised. He said with a sneer; “Even if such a powerful force is not as strong as the strength of Faith of the master, it is equivalent to 5% of the strength of Faith. If I give you some more Time, I am afraid that it can reach the same height as the master, but unfortunately, the master will not give you the opportunity to return in a swirl of dust.”

“Go to hell, after you die, when the master integrates the power of 9 Li world, he will take your corpse into the god Demon Race, let those close to you accompany you to hell, and completely step on the god Demon Race Underfoot, the things that were not successful in the previous era will be realized in the hands of this master, the god and demon clansman, will definitely be enslaved by my 9th world!”

The cold voice spread throughout Heaven and Earth, and the fist that hit Ye Han in that realm of the world was like a mountain that the world looked up to.

“If you don’t want to die, go quickly!” The 4 Great Gods looked shocked and hurriedly fled to a farther place, because they knew the force that was about to collide, and I was afraid that they could even kill them.

one after another silhouette went crazy above the sky, and instantly retreated to the sky 5 million li away. Here, they could only vaguely see a sword light flashing across the distant horizon.

Ye Han slashed shatter void, and these two world-destroying powers crashed together in an instant.

This piece of Heaven and Earth was once again destroyed by horror. That crazy vibrating force spread millions li, ruthlessly destroying everything in this piece of Heaven and Earth, even the royal court of the holy feather clan was annihilated. !

However, under the impact of these forces, the domain controlled by Lanling God finally cracked a gap. This piece of between Heaven and Earth is full of one after another world. The cracks are spreading, making this World like a spider web about to break. general.

At this moment, under a fist with Lan Ling, Ye Han only felt that his soul was about to be shaken away, and he vaguely felt that his soul had been separated from his body.

5 The dirt is shattered, and even Ye Han’s dantian and Sea of ​​Consciousness have horrible cracks.

With 9 times the battle strength, Ye Han still looked so weak in the face of the Lord of Lanling, even on the verge of death.


Such thoughts flashed in Ye Han’s mind. At this moment, a gap had emerged in the domain controlled by Lan Ling. This was Ye Han’s only chance to escape.

In an instant, Ye Han used Space Power to directly tear the void and escaped in. When Ye Han reappears, he had already escaped from the domain controlled by Lanling God.

“Lanling, if you dare to move someone beside me, Ye Han, I will crush your body for 10000 paragraphs in the future!”

Ye Han’s face was like ice, and his voice was still echoing between Heaven and Earth. He had escaped into a crack in the world!

“Hmph, it seems that you also want to be a bereaved dog, but did you escape?” Lan Ling’s face was cold!

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