Divine Perception Chapter 3451

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In the battlefield of destroying heaven extinguishing earth, as Ye Han escaped from the field controlled by Lanling and entered the world crack, the silhouette of the Lord of Lanling disappeared from this battlefield of destruction.

Ye Han wanted to escape, how could the Lord Lanling agree? He was besieged by Ye Han and the four gods, escaped into the world crack, and experienced countless crises in the boundless Great Desolate universe, almost Can’t come back alive.

“That guy escaped!”

“Hmph, will he have a chance to escape under the hand of Lanling God? Lanling God will definitely kill him!”

“Yes, the Lord of Lanling already has the strength to contend with the two worlds. Even if the young god Demon Race is strong, he cannot escape, and will only die in the hands of the Lord of Lanling.”

A few million li between Heaven and Earth, one after another cold voice resounded through Heaven and Earth.

“I hope Lan Ling can kill him. This damn god Demon Race young man is too dangerous and has endless potential. Once he is given the opportunity to return in a swirl of dust, no one knows how powerful he will become!”

The expression of the 4 Great God is tense. Although the Lord Lanling will find them to settle accounts, after all, the Lord Lanling is a person of the 9th Li world, but Ye Han is different.

“Youruo elder sister…” Yun Lan’s heart trembled. Although Ye Han escaped, would he have a chance to escape under the hand of Lanling God?

Youruo God’s expression is miserable. On the one hand, she wants the man who deceived her to die in the hands of the Lord of Lanling, and on the other hand, she also hopes that Ye Han can escape this catastrophe.

Now Youruo God discovered that the person she liked was no longer the 1000 God on the Cliff, but Ye Han. Even if he was the god demon clansman, she could not really hate him!

After Ye Han escaped into the cracks in the world, he directly used Space Power to escape continuously in this endless dark Universe World.

Facing such a powerful Lanling, if Ye Han didn’t want to escape, he could only let Lanling kill him.

Ye Han had to choose to escape. Once he died in the hands of the Lord of Lanling, when the Lord of Lanling entered the land of the gods and demons, no one would be able to compete with the land of Lanling. When the time comes, the entire Yeshen Temple would be in Lanling for an instant destruction.

So now Ye Han can only put hope on himself. In the two worlds now, only he will have the opportunity to compete with the Lanling God in the future.

Although defeated by Lanling this time, Ye Han is not without a chance. Once Ye Han enters the realm of the legendary 10000 ancestor, he can compete with the Lord of Lanling.

“Hmph, the dog of the bereavement, I want to escape in the hands of the master, don’t dream!”

In an instant, in this endless Dark World, the cold voice of the Lord Lanling made this endless dark Universe World turbulent.

“Damn guy!”

Ye Han’s face was extremely ugly. He could already feel that the Lord of Lanling was approaching him. Once he was overtaken by the Lord of Lanling, he would definitely die. It was absolutely impossible to have a second chance to escape.

After feeling this, Ye Han can only use Space Power continuously, tearing the space away. Every time Space Power is used, it is millions li. In this endless dark universe, Ye Han can only choose to always Escape.

Although he also knew that this dark universe was filled with many unknown dangers, Ye Han had no other choice now!

“Hmph, from Space Power, but unfortunately, you still have no chance to escape in this dark Universe World!”

The words fell, just as Ye Han was about to continue using Space Power to tear this dark universe and escape, a Destruction Strength suddenly blasted over in the distant dark universe behind Ye Han.

At this moment, this dark universe was frantically turbulent, and Ye Han, who was locked by this Destruction Strength, felt as if he was being stared at by the terrifying creatures in the universe.

Just as Ye Han stepped into it, the devastating force immediately hit Ye Han and vomited blood, and the space there was distorted. The injury repaired by Life Law after the original serious injury made Ye Han only feel the whole body. It’s going to explode in general.

But even so, Ye Han still escaped the disaster dangerously and dangerously.

“Hmph, an arrow at the end of its flight. Under the Lord’s pursuit, where can you escape in this dark universe? Great Desolate universe? Even there, from the creatures in the Great Desolate universe Can kill you.”

The sneer of Lanling God spread throughout this dark Universe World, Ye Han could feel that his body had always been locked by Lanling God, as if he could not escape the chase of Lanling God in any place. same.

Soon, under Ye Han’s frantic escape, the dark Universe World in front of him suddenly became dim, like the Universe World at dusk, with many unknown meteorites suspended.

At the same time, Ye Han can also feel that extremely fierce and ancient power is constantly emanating from the Universe World in the evening.

The Great Desolate universe, this is the deepest place in the Universe World. There is no living thing, but it is full of many unknown dangers. The Lord of Lanling fled to this place and experienced nine deaths and still alive here. , If the Lord of Lanling broke and then Li fully controlled the strength of Faith, he would not be able to leave here alive.

“Clansman, stop, go further, the Great Desolate universe. Once you enter there, you still cannot escape!”

However, after the words of the Lord of Lanling came, Ye Han entered the Universe World like dusk without any hesitation.

Although the Great Desolate universe is the most dangerous place in the Universe World, as far as Ye Han is concerned, the danger brought by the Great Desolate universe is completely inferior to Lanling God.

“Hmph, act recklessly, even if you enter the Great Desolate universe, the master of the universe will kill you!” The Lanling God in white clothes also appeared on the edge of the Great Desolate universe, watching Ye Han escape into this piece. dangerous land, he also stepped out and entered the Great Desolate Universe World.

For this, he is more familiar than Ye Han!


Suddenly, right after Ye Han and Lanling God entered this Great Desolate Universe World, a voice filled with infinite ferocity instantly spread throughout the universe.

Suddenly, as this voice came out, it was as if many sleeping ancient ominous beasts were awakened. This piece of Universe World, one after another monstrous breath continued to erupt, making it suspended in this Great Desolate universe. The meteorites in have all turned into nothingness.

“Not good !”

Ye Han’s face changed wildly, and he hurriedly stopped. This one after another monstrous breath came, making Ye Han feel like his body was going to be wiped out. Only these breaths made Ye Han extremely frightened. The appearance of the terrifying creatures sleeping in this Space, Time, Vast, Desolate world, even with the strength of Lanling, I am afraid that you will be afraid!

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