Divine Perception Chapter 3452

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The terrifying and monstrous atmosphere swept across this piece of Great Desolate Universe World, making Ye Han’s complexion greatly changed.

The creatures sleeping in this Great Desolate universe have not yet appeared, but the terrifying aura has made Ye Han extremely frightened, as if he could be directly obliterated.

“Hmph, congratulations, for successfully awakening this group of ancient creatures living in this Great Desolate universe. Originally I wanted to keep you a whole corpse. Now it seems that even if the master can’t take action, you will skeleton doesn’t exist! “

Behind Ye Han, a white-clothed Lord Lanling appeared. At this moment, he looked at Ye Han jokingly, like a cat and a mouse, and got rid of the opponent. Now he is not in a hurry and enters this Great Desolate Universe. World, even with his current strength, dare not care.

Ye Han ignored Lanling, he knew that the Great Desolate universe was terrifying.

The horrible creatures that exist here are some powerful men whose strength surpasses between Heaven and Earth, who travel too far, and who accidentally left their lives here when exploring the mysteries of Heaven and Earth.

After their death, their bones remain in the depths of this Great Desolate universe, but under the warmth of this Great Desolate universe, even their bodies after death are more terrifying than they were before they were alive, and they have become another terrifying creature, especially It is the creatures that have survived countless epochs here, and their terrifying is even more indescribable.

In an instant, when Ye Han and Lanling God were watching the depths of this Great Desolate universe, a ten thousand zhang peak suddenly moved from the depths of this Great Desolate universe from far to near.

The appearance of this ten thousand zhang mountain is even more fierce.

When this mountain was approaching, Ye Han suddenly found out with horror, what kind of mountain it was, it was an ancient giant ape that shook the world, and the eyes of this ancient giant ape were as big as two football fields, scarlet, It is like two scarlet suns, and its body has been highly decomposed, and the stench is soaring.

It stepped out each step, making this piece of Great Desolate Universe World tremble.

And around it, there are many kinds of strange creatures as high as ten zhang and hunted zhang.

In the depths of this universe, it seems to be a gathering of many world species in this universe, and it is as if the depths of this universe are the Burial Ground of many world’s strongest people!

“Hmph, it’s this guy again, this time the master will dominate you!” The Lanling God squinted at the ancient giant ape that appeared in front of him. When he first entered here, he also met this ancient giant. ape, he was almost trampled to death by this ancient giant ape.


In an instant, the ancient giant ape, which was still outside of several tens of thousands of li, raised its arms high, like a towering ancient tree sweeping across the universe, directly moved towards Ye Han and Lanling God. The location crit down.

At that moment, Ye Han instantly felt the endless crisis of life and death moved towards him landing, and his body moved towards the back madly.

The horror of this ancient giant ape, even if he turns on 9 times the battle strength, I am afraid it will be difficult to defeat.

But Ye Han retreated, but Lanling God did not retreat at all. Although he looked like a trivial ant in front of this ancient giant ape of ten thousand zhang, the power erupting from him was no weaker than this ancient giant ape. .

“Hmph, in this Universe World for countless years, your walking corpse should be completely annihilated!”

The Lord of Lanling took a step slowly, and then saw him soaring into the sky. The body that looked like a trivial ant directly knocked the arm of the ancient giant ape like a towering tree into the sky, forcing the ancient giant. Ape took 4 or 5 steps back. With each step back, not only the Universe World trembled, but also many ancient creatures that followed it were trampled to death.

Ye Han’s expression is shocked. It seems that the Lanling God who fought with him in the 9th Li world has not yet used true strength.

However, at this moment, Lanling God is confronting the terrifying ancient giant ape, which is a good opportunity for Ye Han to escape. No matter who lives or dies between them, it is beneficial to Ye Han.


Ye Han directly turned into a black light moved towards this Great Desolate. The depths of the universe burst away, Ye Han could not go back the same way. Once Lanling gave up the ancient giant ape and chased him back, even if Ye Han go up to Heaven or down to Hades can’t escape.

Now that there are such powerful creatures in the Great Desolate universe, it happens to be able to block Lanling for some time.

“Hmph, idiot!” Lanling God did not care about Ye Han. The Great Desolate universe is extremely dangerous. This ancient giant ape has only just begun, and even more powerful guys have not yet appeared. Ye Han has entered the depths of the Great Desolate universe. courting death.

In an instant, when Ye Han moved towards Great Desolate bursting away from the depths of the universe, those terrifying creatures that appeared with the ancient giant ape, like locusts hiding the sky and covering the earth, pounced on Ye Han. .

Although these terrifying creatures do not have the ancient giant ape terrifying, they are also extremely cruel and powerful.


Ye Han instantly turned on 9 times the battle strength, the battle strength soared, the sky coffin appeared behind Ye Han, the terrifying sky coffin was infinitely enlarged in this Great Desolate Universe World, and then the sky coffin was fiercely smashed down, it was like a locust Such terrifying creatures were immediately destroyed into 100 to 1000!

At the same time, Ye Han controlled the 10000 Jiejian in his other hand. The horrible white sword glow made this Great Desolate universe brighter. Under that sword, it also killed a lot. Powerful terrorist creature.

But even so, as far as I can see, there are still terrifying creatures in the sky moving towards Ye Han, and they can’t be killed simply with Ye Han’s strength. Once Ye Han is injured by these terrifying creatures, in this Great Desolate universe The consequences are serious.

Ye Han’s mind trembled. Facing such a terrifying Great Desolate universe, all he could do now was to escape, not only to escape from the pursuit of Lanling, but also to escape the dangers brought by this Great Desolate universe.

In an instant, Ye Han directly used Space Power to tear the space here and stepped in.

“Hmph, enter the depths of the Great Desolate universe, I see how you die!” Lanling God did not stop Ye Han, the terrifying creatures that exist in the depths of the Great Desolate universe will naturally help him to stop Ye Han, and even kill him instead Ye Han.

At the next moment, when Ye Han appeared again, he had left the terrifying area just now and appeared in a quiet universe deep in the Great Desolate universe.

Ye Han looked at the Great Desolate universe. He didn’t dare to take it carelessly. He once again used space power to move forward, counting millions li, 10,000,000 li, millions and millions li, Ye Han is getting farther and farther away from the Lord of Lanling. Only in this way, Ye Han could escape the chase of Lanling God.

However, in the depths of this Great Desolate universe, Ye Han did not dare to care. He is really terrifying here, and their arrival has awakened the ancient creatures sleeping in this universe. No one knows what the next moment will meet. What a terrible thing!

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