Divine Perception Chapter 3453

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In this way, Ye Han has been using space power to continuously move forward in this Great Desolate Universe World. This Great Desolate Universe seems to be boundless. I don’t know how long it has passed. In Ye Han’s sight, he saw a stretch of The mountain range of how many ten thousand li is suspended in the universe within his sight.

This mountain range is so huge that it is out of sight. Such a huge mountain range is hard to see in the Great Desolate universe.

After all, the creatures living in this Great Desolate universe are extremely abnormal, and they can destroy 10000 things by shaking their bodies.

Ye Han stopped and looked at this huge mountain range. He soon saw a huge meteorite suspended in this Great Desolate Universe World.

After seeing this, Ye Han landed directly on the huge meteorite, and continuously used Space Power to escape millions and millions li all the way, making Ye Han feel very tired.

And Ye Han doesn’t even know where the edge of the Great Desolate universe is? Can such an aimless escape really escape Lanling’s pursuit?

But as Ye Han was thinking about these things, he suddenly felt the meteorite under his feet tremble slightly.

Then a strong sense of crisis struck Ye Han, making Ye Han’s soul alive.

A giant claws came fiercely from the edge of the meteorite, and Ye Han, who was too late to escape, directly forcibly suffered the terrifying crit!

That slap almost smashed Ye Han’s bones.

When the huge palm left, Ye Han staggered to stand up and fled to the distance. Then when he turned to look around, he saw that the meteorite that Ye Han was standing on actually moved, and the four-leg sharp claw slowly moved from the meteorite. deep.

A huge head was also stretched out from it, and those eye-catching eyes were extremely cruel and fierce.

Where is this meteorite! It was a terrifying creature similar to a giant tortoise. Ye Han was almost slapped to death by his slap just now.

Ye Han didn’t dare to stay, and hurriedly tore through the space. This Great Desolate universe is always in danger. He was lucky just now. Once he slapped a terrifying creature like that ancient giant ape, he could definitely ask for Ye Han’s. life.

However, just when Ye Han was about to escape into the space and leave here, the terrifying creature that resembled a giant tortoise swept towards Ye Han with its claws, making the torn void become extremely distorted. Ye Han, who was forced to escape into it, had to retreat and face the terrifying blow head-on!

Ye Han turned on 9 times the battle strength again. In this Great Desolate Universe World, facing the horror creatures that exist here, even if it is not the highest horror creatures, Ye Han’s 9 times battle strength seems a bit weak.


At the moment when the 9 times battle strength was turned on, Ye Han directly moved towards the giant claws and chopped it over.

At the next moment, the collision of gold and iron resounded through this Great Desolate universe, and Ye Han’s body was shaken back several hundred li.

And the terrifying creature that resembled a giant tortoise was also shaken back, but it was unscathed. Ye Han’s 10000 robbery sword plus 9 times the battle strength did not leave any trace on the terrifying creature’s sharp claw.

Ye Han’s face was terrified. Even though this terrifying creature resembling a giant tortoise is not as powerful as the ancient giant ape, it is definitely not far away. In the face of such terrifying existence, Ye Han can only run away now. Once he waits, he will attract a stronger creature. As a cosmic creature, Ye Han definitely has no chance to escape.

“Hmph, even with a weak ant like you, dare to enter the depths of the Great Desolate universe, the guy courting death!”

Suddenly, an icy laughter spread throughout the Great Desolate Universe World. Just as Ye Han chose to escape, the Lord of Lanling appeared like a tarsal maggot.

Seeing the appearance of the Lord of Lanling, Ye Han’s face was cold, and the opponent could catch up so quickly, indicating that the terrifying ancient giant ape had been killed by him!

With such terrifying power, Ye Han’s heart inevitably gave birth to a sense of powerlessness.

The Lord of Lanling will be the most powerful opponent he has encountered in this world. If he can’t kill him, Ye Han can only be killed by him.

“Do you want to continue to escape? I really want to see when you, the bereaved dog, can escape?” Lanling God looked towards Ye Han with a joking expression. He enjoyed the process of chasing Ye Han like this, along the way. Let Ye Han continue to feel desperate and finally killed him!

Seeing that I was ignored, the terrifying creature that resembled a giant tortoise opened its mouth and moved towards Lanling God bit it down.

“Hmph, go to the master!” The Lord Lanling slapped out directly, and the extremely terrifying power fell on the head of the giant tortoise. When he was about to flew away, the opponent cried out in pain.

The power that Lanling God possesses is already as powerful as Ye Han’s 10000 calamity sword plus 9 times the battle strength can’t make the giant tortoise feel pain, and Lanling God can slap the opponent away with a single slap.

“How, can you feel the gap with this master now?” Lanling God looked at Ye Han said with a smile jokingly.

“Hmph, in my Ye Han’s dictionary, even if there is a gap, I will eventually surpass it. Lanling, I want to play cat and mouse, be careful of fire and self-immolation!” Ye Han’s eyes were cold.

“Hmph, do you think you have a chance to counterattack this mouse?” Lanling God coldly smiled.


In the distant Universe World, the giant tortoise that was slapped by the Lord of Lanling roar towards the sky, the terrifying anger seemed to destroy the universe, the trembling breath in the universe was like a mountain river erupting, this sound that shook the entire universe , As if in summon.

After this heaven-shaking, earth-shattering roar sounded through the universe, in this Great Desolate Universe World, one after another amazing roar immediately sounded.

One after another The heaven-shaking, earth-shattering aura of destroying the entire universe also swept from the Universe World far away.

Feeling this, Ye Han’s eyes jumped. He doesn’t have the perverted strength of Lanling God. Once a more powerful horror creature comes, he will undoubtedly die.

In an instant, each and everyone huge monster suddenly appeared in the sight of Ye Han and Lanling God, the aura on their bodies was shocking.

Five terrifying creatures appeared in this universe, and the terrifying aura on them was not much weaker than the ancient giant ape that Ye Han at first saw.

Even one of the terrifying creatures that resemble giant tortoises possesses the same powerful aura as the ancient giant ape.

Lanling God’s eyes narrowed, such a terrifying lineup, even he had to take it seriously.


However, just as these 5 extremely terrifying and huge creatures descended on this universe, a more fierce aura was suddenly released from this universe!

It was as if the arrival of this group of terrifying creatures awakened a sleeping king.

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