Divine Perception Chapter 3454

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The arrival of 5 extremely terrifying creatures, their overwhelming aura awakened a sleeping here, and more terrifying existence.

The moment this aura appeared, even the face of the Lord Lanling changed!

Then under Ye Han’s horrified gaze, the mountain range creeping in this universe trembled, and it slowly moved!

This mountain range spreads over ten thousand li and is extremely huge, as if it is going to traverse the entire universe, so that people can’t see the end at all.

The five terrifying and huge creatures are like the gap between a baby and an adult when compared with the’mountain range’ that creeps in this universe.

“This is… the ancient dragon corpse!” Lanling’s face changed. He once lived in this Great Desolate universe. He knew what the most powerful existence in this Great Desolate universe was, it was this ancient dragon corpse.

When the Lord of Lanling entered the Great Desolate Universe and saw a young dragon corpse in its infancy, the other party was completely feeding on the terrifying creatures in this Great Desolate Universe World. In this Great Desolate Universe World, they were standing there. The top of the food chain, and there are no natural enemies.

Ye Han’s heart trembled. He thought it was just a mountain range creeping in this universe. Unexpectedly, it was such a terrifying existence!

At this moment, even the 5 terrifying creatures trembled, but they did not dare to leave at all, or even dare to contend with this breath even more powerful than them!


A shocking sound, like the sound of dragon’s roar resounding through the entire Great Desolate universe, the ancient dragon corpse that has gradually moved has brought infinite pressure to the entire Great Desolate universe. At this moment, I always feel the horror of the ancient dragon corpse breath. The creatures are shiver coldly.

As for Ye Han, he was even more horrified. Facing such terrifying existence, he is like an ant that can be trampled to death at any time. The pressure brought by this ancient dragon corpse is unprecedented for Ye Han.

At this moment, even Lanling God’s face became serious, even if he had completely controlled the strength of Faith, he felt a threatening aura on the body of this ancient dragon corpse.


In an instant, the ancient dragon corpse’s body shook, and a head that was huge enough to occupy half of the universe was pressed from a distant universe, and it opened its mouth to bite the 5 terrifying creatures.

Compared with this huge head, those 5 terrifying creatures are not worth mentioning. The one with no difficulty was swallowed alive by the ancient dragon corpse.

This scene brought Ye Han a powerful shock to the heart.

Compared with the Great Desolate universe, any dangerous place in the world is insignificant. This Great Desolate universe is the most dangerous, terrifying, and desperate place.

In an instant, Taikoo dragon corpse’s sun-like eyes looked straight at Ye Han and Lanling God.

Its gentle breath is to hang a storm of destruction in this universe, to wipe out Ye Han and Lanling God, as if Ye Han and Lanling God are two tiny ants like ants, not at all. It’s worth eating in general.

“Hmph, dare to attack this master!” Lanling God’s face was cold, and the strength of Faith was like a volcanic eruption. The infinite power of faith spread all over the surrounding universe in an instant, contending with the terrifying storm of destruction.


A mouthful of blood spit out from Ye Han’s mouth, and the Lord of Lanling clashed with the ancient dragon corpse, but this breath hurt him.

Before he could think about it, Ye Han hurriedly used space power to escape.

The ancient dragon corpse is so terrifying, and the Lanling God is fighting against it. Ye Han now doesn’t want to know who is stronger. Now Ye Han’s only thought is to escape. The farther you escape, the better.

Once the ancient dragon corpse is angered by the Lord of Lanling, with its terrifying, I am afraid it can destroy half of the terrifying creatures of the universe!


The strength of Faith contends with the storm of destruction, sweeping in this Great Desolate universe one after another The wave that will destroy the entire universe continues to spread out in this universe.

In an instant, as the Lanling God and the Primordial Dragon Corpse clash, with them as the center, under the wave of destruction swept away, this Great Desolate Universe killed many terrifying creatures!

At this moment, Ye Han just walked out of another piece of in the sky. Every time Ye Han uses space power, he is several million li away, but even here, he can still feel the terrifying aura sweeping over him. As if to obliterate him.

“Not good !”

Ye Han complexion greatly changed. He hurriedly used Space Power again to continue his escape. The destruction aura of the battle between Lanling God and Taikoo dragon corpse had spread here. If Ye Han stayed in this area, even he would be obliterated.

Soon, Ye Han used Space Power more than ten times in a row and escaped into the universe beyond millions and millions li. Only then did he feel the wave of destruction gradually weakening.

“Good terrifying existence, I don’t know if I enter the realm of 10000 ancestors, will I be able to suppress this terrifying ancient dragon corpse?” Ye Han walked out of a cosmic space pale in succession.

However, the battle between the Lanling God and the Primordial Dragon Corpse has caused the terrifying creatures in this universe to feel the crisis and are fleeing in 4 places. The moment Ye Han just appeared, he saw a huge flying above his head. monster.

It was a roc covering several million li under its wings. It was extremely terrifying, and it was the same as the ancient giant ape, but now the ancient dragon corpse was awakened, even if it had to escape.


Suddenly, just as Ye Han’s heart was terrified, a terrifying huge monster suddenly appeared behind him. One foot of it stepped on it, making Ye Han feel that the entire universe was moving towards him.

At this moment, Ye Han stretched his speed to the limit, and escaped dangerously and dangerously from under the soles of his feet like a giant mountain.

However, just after Ye Han escaped the disaster, a huge fist also moved towards Ye Han came down in a flash, leaving Ye Han nowhere to escape.

“Damn it!” Ye Han was horrified, and could only mobilize the battle strength of his body to receive a punch to this terrifying creature.


Ka ka ka ka!

In an instant, when Ye Han’s trivial ant’s fist collided with the terrifying creature, his bones almost burst apart, and ten thousand li exploded in this universe. With just one blow, Ye Han did it. I feel like I walked in front of the gates of hell!

Before I could think about it, when the terrifying creature was about to attack Ye Han again, Ye Han’s body suddenly divided to 1, 9 Ye Han, plus the deity, a total of ten Ye Han moved towards this universe all directions burst shot Away.

Ten Ye Han appeared at the same time, which made the terrifying creature only target one of them!

At this time, the deity of Ye Han also used Space Power again to tear the void apart and fled in an instant.

However, although Ye Han escaped again in such a desperate situation, one of his Avatars was destroyed by the terrifying creature!

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