Divine Perception Chapter 3455

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An Avatar was destroyed by that powerful terrifying creature, making Ye Han feel as if his mind was pierced by a sharp sword. Even if he had escaped into the torn void, Ye Han vomited blood.

The pain of Avatar being destroyed, Ye Han felt once when he entered within reincarnation in the hell world, and now, he felt the horror again.

Avatar was killed, the sense of despair on the verge of death, as the deity, Ye Han can also feel it, he feels like he has died once.

Nine Avatars, one Avatar was destroyed, Ye Han still has 9 Avatars left. This situation is undoubtedly more dangerous for Ye Han in this terrifying Great Desolate universe.


In another cosmic void, Ye Han’s silhouette resurfaced, his face was pale to the extreme, and blood flowed from the corner of his mouth again.

But after appearing, Ye Han immediately returned the other 8 Avatar summons. In this terrifying Great Desolate universe, if Avatar encounters other terrifying creatures outside, it is absolutely dangerous.

“You have to run away!”

After Ye Han recalled the other 8 Avatars, he immediately continued to flee. Whether it was the Lord of Lanling or the Great Desolate Universe, he was too terrifying. If he is unlucky, Ye Han will be killed all the time.

10,000,000 li 、millions and millions li ………

Ye Han doesn’t know how long he flees, but Space Power Ye Han has used it 100 times.

But this terrifying Great Desolate universe is much larger than the world of Gods and Demons and even 9 Lei world. The area of ​​the world of Gods and Demons and 9 Lei world is like one hair from nine oxen, regardless of Ye Han. No matter how far the Great Desolate universe has escaped, it has never touched the edge of the Great Desolate universe.

Ye Han stopped again and fleeing for so long. He continued to use Space Power and made Ye Han feel very weak. Although Life Law has recovered from Ye Han’s injury, he is very nervous in this Great Desolate Universe World. He also felt very tired.

“I don’t know if the bastard of Lanling died in the hands of the ancient dragon corpse?”

Ye Han moved towards took a look in the dim universe behind him, the ancient dragon corpse is extremely terrifying, although Lanling is also extremely terrifying, but the two tigers fight, there must be a wound, Ye Han naturally hopes that Lanling will die in that ancient dragon corpse’s hands.

As long as Lanling dies, Ye Han only needs to face these terrifying cosmic creatures in the Great Desolate Universe. At the same time, Lanling is dead, the Continent of Gods and Demons can be calm, otherwise the abnormal power of Lanling will enter the Continent of Gods and Demons. , For the entire continent of Gods and Demons, it will be an extinct crisis.

But after escaping here, although Ye Han could still feel the terrifying danger in this universe, the terrifying creatures Ye Han did not continue to feel their existence, although these terrifying creatures might be sleeping.

But even so, Ye Han can temporarily get rid of these dangers lurking in the dark as long as they don’t alarm them.

Immediately, Ye Han continued to use Space Power to move forward. He had to continue to flee. Only by crossing this Great Desolate universe and escaping from this Great Desolate universe, could Ye Han be truly free from danger.

Time gradually passed in the fleeing like Ye Han, maybe one day passed, maybe ten days passed, as if a long time passed.

Although Ye Han also encountered some terrifying creatures haunting this universe during this flight.

However, after learning from the past, and with the help of Space Power, Ye Han avoided these crises dangerously and dangerously. Every time those terrorist creatures appeared, Ye Han would use Space Power to tear apart the universe and hide in the void.

On this day, when Ye Han once again walked out of a torn universe in the sky, he suddenly realized that the universe ahead had become a little different.

On the horizon of the dim universe, rays of light faintly leaped like pale blue.

“what is that?”

Ye Han’s eyes flashes through a bright light, and he burst out. Then when Ye Han approached the pale blue rays of light, he suddenly realized that the pale blue rays of light turned out to be a river flowing with blue liquid. .

This river is like a heavenly river, flowing in this Great Desolate universe. I don’t know how wide or how long it is!

The pale blue liquid surging like sea water in the ocean, so that the surrounding universe was stained with blue light!

“Is this the river of the universe!”

Ye Han’s heart is shaken. It is rumored that the river of the universe is the end of the universe. The river of the universe can breed myriad worlds. The existence of every world in the universe is related to the river of the universe.

It is precisely because of the existence of the cosmic river in the universe that every world can operate normally!

Its existence can be said to be the mother river of All Heavens Myriad Realms!


Twilight, when Ye Han was stunned by the boundless blue river of the universe, a terrifying sound that seemed to shake the entire universe suddenly exploded. This terrifying sound carried infinite hostility.

In an instant, just as Ye Han was shocked, the sound of one after another roar was transmitted through the Universe World around the blue river.

The next moment, each and everyone, the terrifying huge monster appeared in the Universe World behind Ye Han, and the number was 1000 to 10000, filling the Universe World within Ye Han’s line of sight, and spreading violent forces that would destroy the entire universe. come.

After seeing this scene, Ye Han was so scared that the horror creatures of 1000 to 10000 appeared collectively, making Ye Han as if facing the end of the world.

These cosmic creatures appearing in groups are like the Guardian of this cosmic river. At the moment Ye Han approaches this cosmic river, they will be torn to pieces by their group of Guardian.

Flee, the farther you can escape, the better!

This thought fell in Ye Han’s mind, and he hurriedly moved towards the cosmic river in front of him and shot it in.

Although Ye Han is also very afraid of the mysterious river of universe, but now he has no retreat. Only by entering this river of universe can there be a glimmer of survival!

Next moment, just as Ye Han left, a ten thousand zhang terrifying creature had already landed where Ye Han stood just now. If Ye Han hadn’t escaped fast, I’m afraid he has been given away by this terrifying creature. Stepped into mashed meat!

It’s just that when Ye Han entered the sky above this cosmic river, he was a little horrified that above this cosmic river, there seemed to be an invisible oppressive force, prohibiting any creatures from entering this area. Generally, once you enter it, you will be suppressed by terror.

In an instant, when this oppressive force enveloped Ye Han, Ye Han did not have any resistance and fell directly into the blue river of the universe!

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