Divine Perception Chapter 3456

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9 Li world, outside the court of Divine Race.

4 The great God came like Deity, and it has been a month since Ye Han and the Lanling God battled.

This month, 9 Lebanon world can be described as extremely shocking.

Whether it is the identity of the Ye Han god Demon Race, or the strength of the Supreme Lord of Lanling, the 9 Lei world is extremely boiling and shaking.

However, after Ye Han and the Lanling God fled, the Lanling God went to chase and kill Ye Han. He hasn’t appeared for a month. Now no one knows whether the Lanling God killed Ye Han?

And where is the Lord of Lanling now? No one knows either.

Of course, for the four gods, they naturally hope that Ye Han and the Lanling God will be perish together. In this way, their status in the 4 Lebanon world will be assured.

In this month, the four great gods have recovered completely. After waiting for the Lanling Lord to show no results, the four great gods are ready to take action on the Divine Race.

Although Zhu Divine Race did not know the identity of Ye Han god Demon Race before, Zhu Divine Race was created by Ye Han, and the four gods naturally wanted to destroy Zhu Divine Race.

Moreover, there is still a Youruo God in Zhu Divine Race. For this Ye Han woman, the four gods naturally don’t want her to live.

even more how the two gods of the holy feather and the dark god were forced by Ye Han to give the two humans and modesty to You Ruo God and Yun Lan. This kind of extraordinary shame and humiliation can’t be recovered from Ye Han, so naturally they will Counted on the heads of Youruo Shangshen.

“Mistress, the four gods are here!”

Zhu Divine King has a complicated complexion. Now, although the Divine Race does not have Ye Han, they are still a powerful upper clan, and the Divine King still treats Youruo God as the Mistress of the Divine Race.

Right now the four great gods are coming, and the entire Divine Race knows that they are here to do and so on, to destroy Divine Race, a shame, and everyone related to Ye Han will be destroyed by them.

Youruo is indifferent to Divine Eyes; “surrender, this is the only hope that Divine Race can survive, rest assured, with the greed of the four gods and the powerful force of Divine Race, they will definitely not refuse.”

Hearing this, Zhu Divine King said with an ugly face; “But Mistress, what about you? 4 The Lord this time made it clear that it was also directed at you.”

“If this is the destined result, then you can only face it.” Youruo God said indifferently. She has thought a lot this month, regret it? She doesn’t regret it, even though the man lied to her, but she really doesn’t regret it now, because she really loves and can’t hate it!

“Youruo elder sister, count me as one in front of them!” Yun Lan walked up firmly.

Seeing this, Youruo gave a sad smile; “Silly girl!”

“They won’t let me go!” Yun Lan shook the head.

“Hehe, then my two sisters will go out together to meet them. For that liar, we can only face any result by ourselves!”

Outside the court of Divine Race, the four gods stand in the void with cold faces. In this area between Heaven and Earth, there are also many silhouettes.

At this time, three silhouettes slowly walked out of the court of Divine Race.

“Zhu Divine King has come out, and you and the others!”

“Now that the four gods settle accounts, Divine Race is over.”

4 The Lord is coldly smiled, and I saw the Lord Holy Feather saying coldly; “Divine Race, you can think about it clearly, but the Lord has no patience and you continue to consume it.”

Hearing this, Zhu Divine King looked sad, he lowered his head and said; “I am willing to acknowledge allegiance to Divine Race!”

“Hmph, very good.” Holy Feather God coldly said; “Since you were also deceived by the people of the god Demon Race before this, the four gods withhold investigating the crime of colluding with the god Demon Race will be condemned from today. Divine Race is fully disintegrated and integrated into the 4 great clans. However, Divine Race colluded with clansman. These big sins can be forgiven, but these two clansman women are 4 dead!”

In an instant, the four great gods stared coldly at Youruo Shangshen and Yun Lan.

Seeing this, Zhu Divine King sighed in his heart, but in the face of this situation, he was helpless, even if the power of the entire Divine Race was assembled, he couldn’t compete with the four gods.

“Hmph, kill if you want to kill, why bother to find such a just and honorable reason for yourself. Compared with the man of the god Demon Race, the four of you are really hypocritical and thorough!” Youruo God said indifferently.

“Courting death!” The killing intent of the 4 Great Gods shocked the sky, and the terrifying coercion between Heaven and Earth immediately moved towards Youruo Shangshen and Yun Lan came down.

Regarding the God Youruo and Yun Lan, they will naturally not let go, especially the two gods of the Holy Feather and the Dark God. They were once persecuted by Ye Han to personally apologize to the God Youruo and Yun Lan. Such humiliation, not killing is not enough to calm the anger in the heart.

Seeing this scene, You Ruo Shangshen and Yun Lan looked calm. Ever since Ye Han fled under the chase of the Lanling God, they have been prepared to face this ending.

Because they all know that the four gods will not let them go!

“Hmph, courting death, who do you want to kill?”

In the twilight, just when the 4 Great Gods were preparing to smash the two of Youruo God and Yun Lan, a sneer was suddenly passed on between Heaven and Earth.

Hearing this, the eyes of the 4 Great God moved towards this emptiness like a sword.

“Who is it?” The expressions of the people in this piece of between Heaven and Earth were shocked. The four heavens mainly killed people. Who would dare to stop it?

But just under their gaze, a white snow-like silhouette walked out of a torn piece of in the sky. His face was a little pale and looked a little embarrassed, but the pressure on his body was invisible. , Shocked the four gods!

“It’s the Lord of Lanling. The Lord of Lanling has appeared. Did he kill the young man of Demon Race?” The people between Heaven and Earth are excited. Now there is a terrifying existence in the 9 Li world, who dares to come to 9 Li world. Mess?

“Lanling!” Youruo Shangshen and Yun Lan complexion slightly changed, did he kill that man?

“See the master!” In an instant, the people in this piece of between Heaven and Earth all knelt together, even if the four great gods are all bowing and saluting, although they are a little reluctant, the horror of Lanling makes them think about it now. Trembling.

The Lord of Lanling looked directly at the four gods and asked with a sneer: “Who has the final say in the next 4 worlds of Lebanon?”

Hearing this, the complexion stiffened of the 4 Great Gods, said in unison; “The next 9 Li worlds will be respected by the Lanling God!”

“The truth?” Lanling God continued to sneer.

4 The Great God’s expression trembled; “We dare not say half a word!”

“It’s so good!” The Lord of Lanling laughed gradually, and the impudent laughter gradually shook the sky, making the entire world tremble. For this day, he has been waiting for a long time!

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